Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wall Street Laughs At Main Street (Satire)


  1. We will see how prepared the bankers are if TSHTF. Those dumbasses can't change the oil in thier own car. They have NO real world skills.

    I'm one of the people that is hoping for the big collapse. sorry, but I am sick of the way things are here. I will work my whole life, and my retirement consists of a bullet. Their is no unions or pensions in my state, I hear of people working for 20 years and then getting 40 years worth of pension with free health care... WTF.

  2. 7:19 you're not alone.

    Anybody with a sober mind would pray for a collapse. If there won't be one then we will spiral steadily into poverty and dissolution.

    People in America are such a dump today. Sorry to say this. There are good family oriented types. But for the most part we are really sick in the head. Perhaps all of our brains went into our guts. Who knows?

    All my neighbors stay up almost every night past midnight drinking and smoking pot. Their children run around doing anything they want. Grown adults in their 30s and 40s who can't even raise their own children.

    Scary part is that I'm not even in California and these people are more upright that most others!

    Kids today can have anything they want. Computer games that allow one to virtually control nations, millions of video games and dozens of different systems, cell phones, etc. Is there anything left for the imagination?

    Yet, with all that, my nephew somehow walks around bored all day. He has so much that he can no longer find pleasure in anything. We have a nation full of drugged up teens and 20 somethings. Why? Because they are miserable due to their materialism!

    How many more movies can Hollywood pop out? Wow... a crap remake of Clash of the Titans. Whoopie... the Green Hornet is coming out. Yawn.

    The point is this. How much crap can a morbidly obese man eat before he finally has a stroke!?

    What is our limit?


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