Monday, January 31, 2011

Worldwide Revolution


  1. walk like an egyptian

  2. Time for the elite to bend over and kiss their asses good-bye.

    Tunisia government collapses in revolt by the citizens.

    Egyptian government collapses (soon) in revolt by the citizens

    Next the Saudi government collapses in revolt by the citizens

    Lebanese government collapses in revolt by the citizens

    Syrian government collapses in revolt by the citizens

    Jordanian government collapses in revolt by the citizens

    People will say "it worked for (insert country here), it will work for us!

    The next coward dictator who tries to leave his country and take the gold with him, will be slaughtered before he gets to the airport.

    All of this will come to the USA and I strongly believe the American military will think they are doing the right thing by obeying orders, but those feelings of "doing the right thing" won't last long. All the American Elite have left to control us is the military and as soon as they understand that there is about 1 million armed up patriotic citizens to fight against, they will stand down and We the People, will take back our country.

  3. 2:44,

    All the elite have left to control us with is military? Are you aware that people in the USA watch more TV than ever before? EVER BEFORE. Do you not see the amount of alcoholics at stores on weekends loading their cars up with cases of beer. Now I see young people with liquor bottles in their hands during the weekdays!

    People are very clueless in the USA, Utterly Stupid Assholes. Our soldiers are nothing to even consider as being an obstruction to freedom.

    TV, drugs, Hollywood, Progressive politicians, excessive material entertainment, misery spreading due to pleasure seeking, people lacking discipline and duty, and a destruction of the family unit are the true reasons that the United States is dying (and clearly has no chance for a turn around).

    People still walk around today with the newly conformed mentality that the church and religion are the greatest controllers of man. I'm no Christian, I'm more of a three blooded mix between a Taoist, Pragmatist, and Conservative... but religion and military in America are no longer a source inflicting suffering and manipulation. Perhaps 60 or so years ago they had strength, but today people are really misdirected when they come to take a charge against soldiers/cops or the priests/Bible.

    The cause of human suffering has always been desire. And our desires today are beyond count. Children are more bored than ever, yet they have more to play with. So much for pleasure being the purpose in life... it is the opposite!

    The Liberal Ethos has spread like madness. Though, it would be unfair to label it liberalism as the cause of this. There are Conservatives after all who bring about worldly confusion by suggesting cheap salvation or patriotic submission out of fear and guilt rather than it being a way of life not for reward, but for virtue.

    But Hollywood has to keep those tens of thousands of movies coming each year. They've made so many movies even their newest film technologies can't save the biggest blockbusters from triteness. They wore out movies so badly people only watch them out of boredom! Robin Hood, Clash of the Titans... can anyone say these movies affected them at all like films from the 90s may have!? No, they are all just ho hum. Great line up of new shows came and went in 2010. Can't wait for 2011's headless writers and their ideas for reality shows.

    Human consciousness is being sucked dry. This world is screwed. But the American military has very little do with it.

    "Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call LA
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away.
    Any fucking time. Any fucking day.
    Learn to swim, I'll see you down in Arizona bay."

    Lyrics from a Tool song says it best. But I'd include a larger portion of the globe.

  4. My 83 year old mother is addicted to TV. As for me, I have a TV, but I never look at the damn thing.

    If you name your favorite TV show, I am sure I have never seen it. All I know about Charlie Sheen is he is one fucked up dude, who wants to live in a big house full of ugly-ass porn stars.

    Hollywood has not figured out how to produce a classic movie for a very long time. I don't go to the theater, I don't rent current movies. I do have a bunch of old classics and that's about it.

    Last year, my mother called me to bitch about Bristol Palin and how every week she would survive "Dancing with the Stars". I love my mom and politely listened to her complaints, not knowing a fucking thing what she was talking about!

    I keep hearing that it was only 2 or 3 percent of the population that actually kicked the hell out of the Red Coats in the Revolutionary War. I'll consider myself one of the 2-3 percent.

    I personally think that Hollywood died when Stanley Kubrick died. 43 years after "2001" people are still debating that film.

  5. and the worst part of it. It is that those that they are in charge of the economy they are in their huge house invulnerable that we can't do nothing to let our voice reach to them.


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