Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get Ready: Food Prices To Double Or Triple OVERNIGHT

Get ready to pay double or even triple the price for fresh produce in the coming weeks after the worst freeze in 60 years damaged and wiped out entire crops in northern Mexico and the southwestern U.S.
The problem started less than a week ago, when our nation was focusing on the Superbowl and sheets of ice falling from Texas Stadium.
Farmers throughout northern Mexico and the Southwest experienced unprecedented crop losses.  Now devastation that seemed so far away, is hitting us in the pocketbooks.
"We've had to double and triple some prices and consumers come in and it's quite a shock to them," said Rusty Peake, GM of Food4Less in Southeast Portland.
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  1. Marc W. -- Los AngelesFebruary 12, 2011 at 12:00 PM


  2. I sure hope the retailers simply don't buy the stuff. 3 days ago I was in my market and they had broccoli "on sale" for $1.49 a pound. I simply will not pay $1.49. I have seen these ridiculous prices already and most of that produce will sit in the grocery store and ROT!

    What fool is going to pay $3.00 for a single red or yellow bell pepper?

    A couple months ago Target had various canned veggies on sale for $.49 each. I bought about 100 cans. Those exact same cans are now $1.49.

    I would suggest you all consider the old fashioned method of home canning. When and if you find a good price on things like Green Beans, buy as much as you can and bring it home an preserve it. It is not difficult to do! I have made strawberry jams, apple sauce and pasta sauce. Most of the stuff does not need pressure canning, only boiling in water with the bottle completely submerged.

  3. Importing our produce from Mexico under NAFTA was supposed keep prices low. I don't call low $3.00 a pound for tomatoes or produce grown with their tainted water. Fresh produce is already too highly priced-$1.89 a pound for apples grown in WA? Most produce at my local grocery store is priced so high now it sits and rots. Go ahead and raise prices because I won't pay the current prices. On a side note, I live in the avocado capital of the US and can't even find a local avocado to purchase. Ours come from Chili or Mexico. The profit margin must be higher.

  4. Please, stop complaining you US feminized, clueless sheep. Love the stupidity you sowed. The US is financially collapsing and everything you think you own will soon be gone. Have fun watching your mind-numbing TV sheep, until it's over (it's over, it's OVERRRRRR!!!!)

  5. On Monday, lettuce was $1.29 at my local store, stopped at another store on the way home today at it was $2.99, went back to my regular store and they had jacked it up to $1.99.

  6. It was about a month ago, when I turned on my TV just to see if it still worked. It's been off since.

    These days, all I care about are my girls.

    Emily is a fine woman, even if she's .223
    Rocky is still quite active at .45
    Becky is any man's pride and joy at .44

    They take good care of me.

    Here's a suggestion, don't toss those plastic or glass bottles. Every bottle I have, when empty, gets cleaned and filled with water from my 5-stage, reverse osmosis water filter. After that, they get stored away in a nice dark place. H2o, may be worth it's weight in gold in no time!

  7. 7:27 get rid of the plastic bottles, they are made in China, the gases from the plastic will KILL YOU

  8. what gets me with this short sighted consumer mindset is the farmland-here- has been covered with row houses and mini mall type buildings. grew up working those area's and best fertile land around my area, yeah, a citizen working on a farm...was the norm when I was young. and the local stores would by it, good system then. grow your own

  9. 8:12 Stick around - what goes around comes around. The SMALL farmer who knows how to take care of the land that takes care of him will be worth his weight in gold very soon.

    Can you believe these friggin' city dwelling numbskulls "storing" water in plastic bottles!
    A} Only an idiot would buy any foodstuff packaged in plastics ( especially liquids )
    B) A really big idiot wood try to "store" anything that wasn't at least sealed under pressure or vapo locked.

    In the country; we know these things and China never enters the conversation.

  10. 7:44 and 11:14
    Yeah sure, I have tap water in empty soda bottles (made of plastic ya know!), with 10 drops of Ed Goodloe's Stabilized Oxygen, stored at room temperature for 18 months now --
    content passes look, smell and taste test like on day one.

  11. All you have to do when the time comes with the water in plastic bottles is pour it out and heat it for a while. You can drink rain water if you do this.

    It's about killing any bacteria and neutralizing the acid (particularly rain). Some water would be too difficult to do this with, for example ocean water wouldn't work well. You'd need a stronger neutralizer before even daring to drink that.

    So why is the plastic so bad anyway? People drink tap water making up "purified" water. They rip themselves off by buying the watered bottle in the first place thinking it's fresh or cleaner. The truth is that the tap water is healthier than bottled water. All bottled water is just tap water or hose water that's become petrified to give it the unique taste.

    You can get water from the transpiration of plants and trees even if you don't have water stored. They say you need eight glasses of water a day. It's a lie made up by the bottle water companies. Reality is that you could go days just fine without water... unless you're doing strenuous activity or have been in the sun a while. If a woman's pregnant, somebody's sick, etc. these are reasons for one to drink extra water. But a couple sips here and there is all you need for a week.

    The ancient mesoamericans did just fine without water or air conditioning. We've only been scammed out of our resilience through fake science (medical, pharmaceutics, climate change). But we'll gain it back real soon.

  12. Let's assume the "plastic bottle water" will kill us as EA suggests. We still need water for bathing and laundry. I have drinking water stored and I have utility water stored.

    I will assume EA is correct when stating plastic bottles are made in China. I do have a hard time thinking this is true. Those bottles take up a lot of space on an ocean freighter with little profit to be gained.

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