Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can't Buy Silver? Try This

The Simple Reason The Mideast Is Doomed To Uprising After Uprising After Uprising 


  1. Your right, I'd sooner spend my time bitching about anything and everything - much more productive.
    Where the hell is my check? Those bastards are late again! Sonsabitches! I'm callin' my damn caseworker an get this straightened right out!
    I'm callin' her on my free cell phone that I qualified for - 70 minutes free every month; I have 2 access cards and my case worker says that if me and my girlfriend have another baby by '12 - we can get a 3rd, along with our monthly housing allotment.
    Save? Work? Think? What the hell for !
    I'm an American - Obama is taking care of me!

  2. hahahaha. thats funny shit.

    thats why have gold... so u dont have to deal with pennies and nickle, fuckin eh, 100dollar bills can be a bit much to handle.

    and anything less than 100k of anything is not going to help you get ahead of inflation. haha.

    100k$ in pennies.

  3. and if u cant get into silver at $20/ozsilver 1400/ozgold your messed up.. i dont get it?

    And the only way to get .03 for a penny is to melt it. and unless your going to jhave asmelter, its only worth 1 penny.

  4. SO... can you eat your gold and silver and niclkes and pennies??? HMMMMM!!!!

    Why not buy food? Buy food and necessities and store them. If things get really bad you will have something to eat. If things don't get really bad you will have something to eat! Sounds like a win/win to me.

  5. chinese farmers have saved copper from a some years ago, 4.50lb now good deal.


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