Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver Rises to 30-year High as Mints Start to Ration Coins

“We have sold everything we can produce in silver and have demand for at least twice that volume,” said David Madge, head of bullion sales at the Royal Canadian Mint, which produces the silver Maple Leaf coin. Silver coin sales at the US Mint and the Austrian Mint also hit record levels in January.
The surge of buying has both boosted silver prices and helped push the market into “backwardation” – an unusual condition in which forward prices are lower than prices for immediate delivery. While investors are buying, miners have been selling their future silver production to lock in gains, which has depressed long-dated futures prices.
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  1. I look at your information and read your site almost every day and I agree with you overall, if not on every detail.

    So my question is this? What do you think will be the final twig that breaks the camels back and how far away do you feel we are from that?

    6 months, a year, whatever you really think?

    I have prepared and stock piled and at somepoint am bugging out to the middle of nowhere as I can see mob rule and people going from place to place searching for food and taking it from those that have it.

    I know you dont have a crystal ball and whatever you might say is your best guess but it would help some of us preparing to have a rough timeline.


  2. We will defeat and beat these Warriors (bastards) who has boasted and bragged against us for nearly 40 years. Victory is at hand. I can see the enemy eyes. They knows that they are now finished. Ten years from now, this Army of Silver Bugs (A pain in the ass) that stood shoulder to shoulder will look back and sing out with glee and laughter and say "WE KICK THEIR ASS, WE KICK THEIR ASS, THANKS GOD ALMIGHTY, WE KICK THEIR ASS".

  3. 0815 - Stupid post. You don't seem to have a handle on written American English.

  4. I read so often that the collapse of the country is still years away. I just don't see it.

    The signs are still here, signs I have written about in the past in my city.

    - Massive industrial parks that once employed 4-5 thousand people are still vacant

    - 100 check stands at my local Fry's Electronics, half or more of them are mothballed

    - I shop at Sam's Club 2-3 times a week. The stores are still quiet, 5-7 of the 20 check out stations are generally manned, that means 15 are not. Food is what I found in most people's baskets, not electronics, not PC's, not big screen TV's.

    I live in a "Manufactured Home" community, for those who care to call me "ignorant trailer trash", save your keystrokes. When times were better and we had a neighbor die, his/her home was removed and in less than 5 days, a new home would be in it's place and a family would move in a week later. There is a vacant spot in this oh so rare "family friendly" community (there are 3 communities in my entire county that are family friendly) that has been available for at least 3 months. The local home builders may all be bankrupt, I know Fleetwood is history, they made homes and RV's and "toy trailers" and 5th wheel luxury trailers.

    - Business is up at the Thrift Stores and down at the malls.

    - Sales are up at auto parts stores and down on car lots. People are fixing their cars, rather than buy a new or used car.

    - It's still extremely difficult to obtain credit. What bank would finance a car for 5 years in this current economy?

    - No one is buying Savings Bonds. Why would they, when the current interest rate is ZERO as of Nov, 2010.

    I bought my silver at $18.00 and the current rate is $32.00.

    Egypt has now arrived in Madison and will spread far and wide.

    Food prices are up. About a month ago, 25 pounds of sugar was $24.00 at Sam's Club, that same bag is now $30.00

    Gas prices have gone up 10 cents in ONE WEEK.

    Me thinks our time is short.

  5. 8:19 You think I don't have any english skills, but I do have skills with my money. 2,618 oz of silver and 603 oz of gold. Hope that enough english for your stupid ass. Broke and stupid, watching everyone grammer, when you should be watching your broke ass accounts. (ROFL)

  6. Obviously 9:55 didn't read the story how someone with 750k of silver got beat and robbed probably for bragging about it.

    There's preppers and Preppers...Some stay quiet others talk about how they have the food, the camping equipment, the guns, the atv, the solar panels etc etc.

    Shhhhhh lil bear...Hush and stay quiet and what you have...Too easy to trace.

    Last before I go...I have a coworker who collected guns...Everyone that went to his house got a tour of his HUGE gun safe.

    Someone told someone who told someone...They cased his house and went in for FOUR HOURS.

    They brought and industrial dolly and took the safe...They had welding equipment and took all his guns.

    Every now and then when someone gets shot in Salinas Ca. they find one of his guns was used.

  7. Move the decimal point two digits to the left and you will be closer to the actual metal holdings of 9:55 AM, if not his total net worth.

    Only a fool would advertise.

  8. Noodles123: Yes, I read about the lost of $750K. I did not tell you the location of my PM. I spent 20 plus years in the military and I am waiting for to go PTSD on some sucker(s) that try any attempt to come near my fortified location. MAKE MY DAY

  9. Do you know why socialism will always lose in the end?

    Simple - In the natural world its survival of the fittest. If society breaks down who is better prepared the guy use to every government hand out who has no incentive to work because it does not help or hurt him to work.


    The redneck who has worked his butt off, hunts and is use to making his way in the world.

    Its the same reason US military equipment is better than any socialst produced military equipment. Work = getting ahead in the capitalist system.

    Working or not working means nothing in the socialist system.

  10. Socialism works, as Proof, the Green Bay Packers, a team owned by the people of Green Bay, won the superbowl, the only Socialized team in all of Sports.

  11. Yea, Survival is just a sport.... Your all brains and logic.

    Yea, If you loose in survival you just come back after pressing reset. It doesnt kill you or anything.. right..

  12. If work got people ahead we wouldn't be in this mess. Capitalism has failed entirely, on a global scale.

    Still the sheep bleet what their masters taught them.

  13. 9:00,

    I'd like to add two observations of my own to your list.

    - Movie theatres are empty. ALL blockbusters bomb out at the big screen as they just immediately come out to DVD. Even Avatar, probably the biggest movie since the Titanic, only stayed in theatres for about one month.

    - Youth no longer go to clubs and bars to drink and find dope. Instead they mostly go to someone's house and bring the beer and liquor from stores. Clubs in Scottsdale, AZ, several of them have just closed. Not that those places aren't sleeze pits to begin with, but then again alcohol consumption has increased regardless.

    Even older people now seem to be acting like teenagers within neighborhoods, doing things like smoking pot with their kids. (Depression!?)

    People everywhere I go also seem to look increasingly unhappy. Less smiles, "how are yous!" with enthusiasm by clerks and cashiers, and there seems to be more aggression on the roads.


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