Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Entire U.S. Covered In Radiation?

CONCORD, N.H. — Health officials say tests have detected low levels of radioactivity from a stricken Japanese nuclear plant in snow samples in New Hampshire and air samples in Maine.
Health officials say the levels do not pose a threat to public health.
Dr. Josi Montero of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services says the amount of radiation detected in snow in Concord is at least 25 times below the level of concern, even for infants and pregnant women.Dr. Stephen Sears, acting director of Maine’s Center for Disease Control, told WMTW-TV that the level of radioactive iodine detected in air samples in Kittery, Augusta and Orono was much lower than naturally occurring radiation, which is found in sunlight and radon.
Vermont is expected to have test results by Tuesday.
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Radioactive Iodine-131 levels in PA & MA rainwater “exceed maximum contaminant level permitted in drinking water”

EPA plans to boost radioactivity safety limits up to 100,000-fold increase



  1. Pretty soon the O'tards will be easy targets as they start glowing in the dark.... but even with that the stupids will still vote for their communist messiah. Say good night socialists, the banker elites want you dead too.


  2. 8:10 -

    I think you're the one that's the tard. You should step off your computer screen for once and come back to real life.

    Why is this blamed on the bankers? Nobody put a gun against anyone and demanded they put themselves into debt, get a school grant, use credit cards, or sign a contract for a home they couldn't afford. NOBODY! They did it! They are to blame.

    Why do people in every era of man always find a scapegoat for all suffering and problems? In ancient China it was the Mongolians, in ancient Greece it was the Thracians, in the 1800s it was slavery, in the first half of the 20th century it was dictators, in the second half it was Communists, and now it is bankers.

    I wonder who will be blamed next for mankind's obsession with conquering the outside world and rejecting the cultivation of his inner being?

    (And how do you think the elites would survive what we don't?)

    Anyway -


    What a FUCKING JOKE!!! Do you people have any care about who wrote an article? So you just pull whatever sounds scary or negative and post it on this site which is supposed to be about the coming depression (or the current one)?

    You did this with the gulf, the gulf is fine. You're doing it now, and there is NOT ANY problem to begin with. The future of humanity with the internet will be mostly based in senseless stupidity being conjured up by thousands and read by millions.

    Anytime there will be an earthquake, it's HAAAAARPOONS. Anytime there are strange objects reported in the sky, it surely was a government missile used to secretly destroy brown people. Anytime there is a war or conflict it was the CIA feigning it. You see trains on a youtube video with a red neck commentator it's leading thousands into FEMA with some plastic containers to be used as coffins. Any journalist or writer that dies must have been assassinated.

    My gosh, get a life! The economy is destroyed, this is true. All of that other shit has no logical basis, no evidence (besides youtube videos or weirdo authors of articles), and just isn't happening.

    What happened to the SWINE Flu? Wasn't the government going to take over in 2009 according to Jones and Icke? Oh, no they must have informed enough people to make the government agents watching on the internet decide to change plans.

    Call it gamer over truthers, the government agents are watching you always.


    (And isn't strange no conspiracy theorist was able to predict the crumbling of the middle east?)

  3. 8:30 are you mentally unstably STUPID? The GULF is not fine at all! People are dying, there will be long term suffering that will continue for 10 years or longer. JAPAN will also be a long term disaster that will not be on mainstream news months from now. Thank GOD for blogs like this you idiotic SHILL

  4. The Japanese Crony Capitalist government with its close ties to the big corporations
    has abandoned its duty of care , to look after the common good ,the right to health , life and economic security of the Japanese people .

    It has left the control of solving the vast problems of this nuclear disaster in the hands of a privately owned Company .
    A company convicted in the past for improper safety controls over this nuclear technology pushed at Japan by the American nuclear industry as safe ,many decades ago.
    GM for example as supplier of the plant must have agreed to its crazy location where it was exposed to known earthquake and Tsunami risk and as the experts of the day must have told the Japanese it was safe .
    The Japanese would have been using GM maintenance manuals for the plant.
    In the event of one or more meltdown events should radiation and nuclear particles reach America by air or by sea or enter the American food chain they will also have an American company GM to blame. Not just the Tokyo power company as patsies.
    This nuclear technology was developed out of the US Military industrial complex as part of the bomb making program. The superpowers could have abolished nukes years ago had they wanted to, when they still had a monopoly, instead they keep them as ‘on the table” Empire threats to weaker third world countries. Third world countries from India to China ,Pakistan and even north Korea have been forced to develop their own nuclear bombs for their national defense.
    This Japanese Tokyo Power company appears to have been perhaps more interested in protecting its own company economic assets and share prices than in stopping the development of a worse meltdown crisis .
    Everything is done on a wing and a prayer.
    The President of the company has been missing in action “locked in his office” and not even attending major update crisis meetings or providing leadership after delegating or leaving control in the hands of his deputies. This is understandable because the presidents job description and DUTY is to look after the shareholders profit interests,not the national interest.
    But these vice presidents too are company men trained in economic management and day to day company operations ,but not trained in Nuclear Crisis management .
    They are the wrong men for the job.
    The company appears to think that the best it can do is let the situation fix itself, apart from pissing a bit or salt or fresh water on the plants from time to time to cool things down. But they are in a catch 22 the more they piss the more the contaminated water flows out into radioactive pools of water. That growing pools of contaminated water must now be removed and disposed of.
    But how and where ? They are to “hot” to handle too!
    Dump it all in the ocean for the fish to eat?

    The truth and facts of the situation ,as reported to government and the press are often contradictory on radiation levels ,whether or not the nuclear cores at the plant have exploded or are still inatact after a meltdown ,or if the main problems are caused by a “partial” (whatever that may mean) meltdown in spent fuel containers.
    Where the Pools of water are from or getting their radiation materials from is vague and unclear.
    The huge problem at the six reactor plant buildings at Fukushima are said to be being solved by 50 workers that are not even supplied with safety boots!

    But the Government as advised by the company assures the population of Tokyo is “safe”
    Yet the government itself now admits that the situation is “precarious” whatever that means.
    One day the Tokyo water is said to be unsafe for children to drink but then advises later it has become safe again.
    It is clear that the government acting on the company advice doesn’t have a clue about what to do.
    The sidelined county leader Kan ,who appears to think crisis control is management of political spin information at meetings with the press, has been overheard saying “what the hell is going on ”

  5. 8.39 please remember to send an Email copy of your post to comrade Sunstein if you expect payment as a blogging shill.
    Thank you friend of big brother for assuring us everything is perfectly OK in the best of all possible worlds except for a few economic problems of a collapsing economy caused by the greedy victims and not the greedy banksters or money printers at the Fed.
    Your right !
    The gulf is fine ,corexit was harmless and couldn’t harm a fly ,or a fish ,let alone an American and even if Plutonium drifted to America it too will prove to be safe enough to eat.
    Its True I agree :

    Conspiracy theorists and unreasonable dissidents are only out to scare everyone in order to undermine the stock exchange ,the strong American dollar, the housing bubble and benevolent leaders like sock puppet comrades of the Elite Bush and Obama .

    What about the Swine flu epidemic for example.
    A conspiracy theorist plot!
    Didn’t happen did it!!!

    You must have a faulty memory if you believe that it was the government itself and its agencies that declared a Flu epidemic threatening millions of people with mass or probable death.
    Unless the were vaccinated for the profits of big Pharma.
    All lies!
    These lying rumors of a Flu epidemic ,were only created on conspiracy theorist blogs like The Current Depression ,not by Big Brother, the Center for Disease Control ,the surgeon general , or now Big Sis at homeland security !

    Bwahahahahahaha! And
    To all that conspiract theory nonsence
    Your right!
    Next these anti-american will be trying to use reason to rehash 9.11 and government truthsaying science again .

    Bwahahahahahaha! Get a life!
    Big brother is innocent on 9.11 too and has our welfare at heart , always tells the truth and never creates harmful rumors, like those Marxist conspiracy theorist enemies of the American state and their deviant, sicko, truther allies !

  6. 8:39 is either a troll or a paid shill, or if not any of the above, an idiot.

  7. Is this what all the black plastic caskets around the US are for?

  8. To paid shill or idiot @ 8:39

    Check out your commie messiah president cause he's dropped 12 miles in the polls from the fiasco speech he gave on Libya. Pretty soon he will pass the worst president in history and on his way to poll hell. Now the US and Al-Queda are fighting together to defeat a two bit dictator hunkered down in a bunker.



    Site admin please indulge me as I post the link - thanks in advance

  9. unlike russia, they are being outfront with the information they can obtain at the site. I can assure you I will let you know when I start setting off detectors when I try to get into work.

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