Monday, March 14, 2011

Japans Radiation Can Travel To US West Coast

iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets, 130 mg (14 Tablets)


  1. He compares this "meltdown" to 3 Mile Island - did anyone bother to tell this expert that noone got seriously injured at 3 Mile? Why doesn't he tell the world that these state of the art reactors are designed to contain 7,000
    degress Celsius and that fused rods can obtain max. temps of 3,400 degress?

    Obama meanwhile sneaked a little talk in today between golf games about what?

    The need for GUN CONTROL in light of the Tuscon incident

    Also meanwhile, this site should be engaged in a very frank discussion of the real meltdown


  2. its fox news. listen to it, and know the truth is opposite of whatever they say.

    This entire situation is highly unlikly to affect many in japan. To panic here is just straight stupid. The actual tsunami is way more deadly than radioactive releases. We have a handful dealing with radiation poisoning right now, about 10,000 dead because of the tsunami, not radiation. just look at the scale. 10,000 to about 10 or 20.

  3. The very real situation of a melt down leaves those near the meltdown in some harms way. But if another earthquake comes and another tsunami comes, it will still kill and affect more people than a full meltdown would.

    Its not like we dropping bombs of radioactive material that will create a mushroom cloud miles into the sky and then blow over here to the US.

    Come on get real.

    This if anything is just a wake up call, to not living off of precious energy that is so not needed. We just think we need it. The whole needs a big reshuffle.

  4. Dear Reshuffle, If it's so, like not even needed like maybe you'll tell us how your day started out today?

    Slept in a comfy, cushy, bed I'll bet - ever wonder how all that steel, all that foam, all those lines, all that nice wood got there?

    Energy Reshuffle, energy - you gotta cut the tree, you gotta get it out of the woods, you gotta get it milled, you gotta get it dried, you gotta get it machined, you gotta get it mated with the other components, you gotta get it to the wholesaler who then gets it to the retailer who thens has to get it to you.

    Would you like me to start in on the box springs and metal frame? No? How about that cushy foam pad? No ? How 'bout that 24 count fine linen? No? How 'bout that posh designer pillow - think it just fell outa the sky and on your bed.

    All that and your cute little manicured feet ain't even hit the carpet ( you talk about energy useage look that one up)to go into your master bathroom that has more amenities in 100 square feet of space than Cleopatras entire residence had.

    It takes energy baby !

    LOTS OF IT !

    If this nauseats you, might I suggest the Congo ? They still like good ole humanpower there ( course you gotta wipe your ass with yer hand 'cause they ain;t got no toliet paper) there's that whole damn energy thing again!

    Time to get fucking real

  5. Things like that wouldnt be an issue if there werent so many damn people who also want carpet and beds.

    We're told to like beds. In the congo, they dont have beds and they live way more stress free than we do.

    Now if only i can find a girl willing to live like that, i would be soo down.

    I also agree its time to get fucking real.

    Im enjoying my bed and silkly sheets until i no longer can. but whoa. it vile isnt it.

  6. If you call average life expectancy of 42 more stress free, then yeah man - they got it goin' on


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