Sunday, March 13, 2011

Martin Armstrong Released From Prison…

Multiple sources now report that Martin Armstrong was released from prison this week. I am glad he finally made it out and wish him the very best in the future.

Martin went through hell, was falsely imprisoned, and beaten nearly to death – an act witnessed by prison officials who took no action until the beating was over. I strongly condemn those who imprisoned and abused him. His was an example of how the money powers used their influence to capture the rule of law.

He needs time to improve his neglected health and hopefully we’ll be hearing from him soon. Thank you to all who supported him through his life altering ordeal. 

 Martin Armstrong Released From Prison (LINK)…


  1. Great to see an intelligent political prisoner finally released from his oppressors. I have long enjoyed his writings from prison and now, at last, he can prognosticate as a free man. I too hope we will hear from him soon. In the meantime I can't wait to see how tonight's Anonymous BOA leak pans out.

  2. there are alot of people in jail who are innocent. I had a doctor who was put in jail for three years, his crime? He cured cancer without chemo. He was lucky bc they wanted to keep him there for life, but some congress person finally got him out.

  3. Did you ever hear about the 5000 people that were in prison during Hurricane katrina? apparently a congress woman testified in front of congress that they were taken to a camp and all shot in the head and executed and thrown in a lake. They silenced her from speaking out against this nazi type of execution.

  4. I feel so bad for these people who are being falsely imprisoned. My holistic doctor in California was put in prison, and he was supposed to be in for life, but someone got him out. His crime? Curing Cancer without the cut, burn and poison chemo method! The woman who got him out was a politician that he cured of cancer. There are many doctors in jail who use alternative methods to cure cancer. they are being unjustly poisoned. We need to wake up and stop the madness.


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