Friday, March 4, 2011

Next Phase of the Economic Attack on America: Steal the Gold

Have you seen the guys standing out in the cold waving the signs “We Buy Gold” outside of storefronts? They seem to be everywhere around the Midwest. I’ve talked to the buyers behind the desks inside the warm shops. None of those stores sell gold back to the public. The men never have a problem telling me they send all the gold they buy to a larger buyer who melts it all down before selling it again to an even bigger buyer. Past that, though, the men really don’t know if the gold even stays in the USA or it’s shipped overseas. Maybe it’s used to make jewelry in India or it comes out of a vending machine in a 5-star hotel in Dubai or it sits in a vault in China.
I don’t blame the poor guy out in the cold who waves the sign (some of them get “paid” in cigarettes and coffee like we’re already in a 3rd world nation –I kid you not). It would be easy to blame the guy I can see behind the desk who sucks every scrap of gold from the people in the local community while paying below spot price, but he isn’t responsible for creating the current situation. I can put some blame on our domestic leaders in government and business who consciously put policies in place which were designed to destroy the economies of those local communities.
It’s clear this situation was planned to yoke an entire class of people to a wagon and transfer their wealth. Did those people buck very much when the yoke was first put across the backs of their necks? Not at all. In fact, some of my readers would lay all the blame squarely at the feet of those lowest citizens. But, how the blame game will change as the yoking of necks moves up the social ladder in the years ahead. A shrinking economy, taxes, debt, and hyperinflation all have a way of bringing the mighty [of middle-class-weight] down low as well.
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  1. What a bunch of baloney. The buyers of gold are stealing from the communities? What do you expect when demand is up so much? If there really is such a shortage, then it has to come from somewhere. This person paints an intentionally stark scene, where the destitute are working for cigarettes buying gold. So far I have not seen it, but maybe somewhere in anywhere USA someone talked a homeless person into standing outside of a store.

  2. 8:30 I agree. Who gives a rat`s arse where the gold comes from-or goes, for that matter. This gets down to a situation of results right here and right now.If it means being able to go home with a bag of groceries in the next 1/2 hour or stand in line at the food bank for the next 2 hours waiting for uncertainties, I know I`d be flogging anything of value on the spot. Trust me, folks; this is all going to come to our towns very soon-food riots, crime, the whole works! Listen to people such as Celente,Max Keiser, Schiff, etc. These guys have it nailed for sure...

  3. I personally bought 6 oz of gold from a young kid that inherited it from his ready? $1200 CASH, for it all. He said he wanted it for a car. I just threw a number out and he didn't hesitate.

  4. gold standard?
    America would have to develope a Tungsten based money standard of value first.

  5. 10:49 Smile and laugh now. I've learned in 61 years that Karma is real. Take advantage of someone for $1.00 and lose $3.00. Really help someone with a $1.00 and $3.00 will find you. Let us know how taking advantage of that young uninformed kid work's out for you. Really.

  6. I tell you way this country falling apart, it"s because people like 10:49 !!

  7. Many many people are like the young kid in 10:49's post. Look at the junk including their food that they are buying. I guess that means there is a lot of bad karma piling up on someone or some group including US and other Coporations.

    Of course the young kid is so brainwashed into buying that car that he does not even know the value of the gold in his hand. You could say his own stupidity is in part the cause of him losing value that he does not appreciate. How many Americans also are that brainwashed?

  8. 10:49 - You may have provided this kid his greatest lesson in life

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

  9. 6:20 I did NOTHING wrong. The kid knew exactly what he had, but since he got it for FREE, he could care less what he got. As 7:20 states he learned a lesson. I probably helped him out in life, how many lessons have you learned?

  10. I've learned that if you wipe your ass with your hand it stinks

  11. 10:49 assumes that the gold was real. Maybe HE is the one who was taught a lesson? Sometimes if a deal sounds too good to be true... it is.

  12. 11:10 ITS REAL I HAVE BEEN COLLECTING SINCE 1979 are you 12? Or jealous, you can't find a deal.

  13. @6:20: Hi I am here for the car and a its 2009?

    Seller: Yes it has 12k miles on it I will sell it for $2000. I really need the money.

    6:20: Wait, its worth much more.

    Seller: You mean you want to give me more?

    6:20: Absolutely, here's another $8,000! I feel much better now.

    Dumb dork.

  14. There is no such thing as karma. If there was, the banks, the corporations and politicians would all have been brought low a long time ago. In life the cheaters always, ALWAYS finish ahead of the rest of us. That's the true life lesson.

    Plus he didn't do anything wrong anyway. Selling is all about the market. What someone is willing to pay. I would have given the kid maybe $100 an oz. myself if I know he has no buyers.

    Everyone on this site always claims the FRNs are of no value, so what does it matter what someone sold their gold for? The kid used that money to buy a car, which has value. The poster got the gold, which has value. The FRNs are meaningless, everyone here claims don't sell but then they always assign value using the FRNs!!!

  15. LOL 12:03, you sound like a real jerk. In life cheaters always finish first???

    The kid was probably all of 16 years old. He had no idea about what the current value of gold is.

    We live in a world of greedy opportunists and con artists. They grow up to be bankers or judges, if they are lucky!

  16. This is old news to me. I play poker with a coin shop owner who buys gold jewelry, etc. and sells it to a smelter in Chicago. I asked him if he gets it back so he can sell it back to us local investors. Nope it all gets shipped straight to China, and that's a one way flight folks, no return ticket, never coming back, get it! AMERICA IS BEING PILLAGED! Sure there aren't bare-chested barbarians riding horses through the city burning, looting, and raping, but it's still happening 21st century style...with a PC and blackberry.

  17. That's funny, because I thought it was the US that had been pillaging the world up to this point, you know of oil, land, and other valuable resources. So you're saying it's coming back to bite us in the ass? Karma is a bitch.

  18. With over 100 instances of war or military intervention, I would hope it was for something, if not a little precious oil or cheap labor (just another resource in the eyes of capitalist pigs). Long live pillaging in the name of freedom.

    Law of Nature:

    Newton's Third Law of Physics: "For every Action, there is an equal and opposite Reaction."

  19. Since World War II, the United States actually dropped bombs on 23 countries. These include: China 1945-46, Korea 1950-53, China 1950-53, Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-60, Guatemala 1960, Congo 1964, Peru 1965, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69, Grenada 1983, Lebanon 1984, Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s, Nicaragua 1980s, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991-1999, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, and Yugoslavia 1999.

    Post World War II, the United States has also assisted in over 20 different coups throughout the world, and the CIA was responsible for half a dozen assassinations of political heads of state.

    The following is a comprehensive summary of the imperialist strategy of the United States over the span of the past century:


    [edit: Iraq to present, afghanistan to present, ...who is next?]

  21. 1:14 I'm going to hold class in GOLD prices before I sell anything then educate individuals on how they deal in daily life. Are you a mental midget? That's like buying a 50k painting for a .50 at a garage sale, should I go back and tell him I made a mistake and here's the other 49k? Are you for REAL?

  22. Crap!
    Their is no morality or honor amongst theives.
    And LOL 2.58 .
    Exploiting the rest of the world and Empire resources wars bombing has nothing to do with it.

    The high standard of living in America is solely due to the American working peoples high labour productivity in de-industrialized America supplying services for each other .
    American workers labour productivity is legendary!
    So productive now ,that only a small number of industrial commodity producing unionized productive workers are required.
    This is because Americas own internal consumption , not production of new commodity wealth counts for 72% of US GD"P'.
    So thats the real economy why america consumers can now consume 30 % of the worlds natural resource and energy product and cheap 'free trade"labor bonus goodies from China as well ,All thanks to the great American innovative invention of the oil backed dollar hegemony system a great tool for world peace not for trade wars and bombings of poor third world people.
    Every American economist now knows that spending and consuming wealth is productive spending , real wealth saving,value adding wealth creation for all Americans.
    (True,2.58 , except for the defict spending government funded military ,wars and wealth consuming Military Industrial complex ,but even this spending and blowing up of wealth only adds to the GD'P" ,or money circulation figures ,too)

    And that consumption by consumers fueled by Ponzi finance sector fractional reserve banking financed credit supply services adds to GD'P' as well.

    This is all due and made possible by the labor productivity in the clever use of computer technology by all American bankers ,including by Benny and the inkjets , in digitally creating money and productive debts to capital "out of fresh air".
    They deserve all the bonuses they can get as they are financed easily by a grateful governments bailouts.

    Not to mention the great super -productivity of the workers working overtime at Americas new means of wealth production the $ printing presses.

    American innovation and worker productivity at its finest is still enriching America !

  23. Jeezuz Christ, if this piece was about the spot price of cauliflour on the street, and not about gold, there wouldn`t be a single contribution here. You guys are imitating Pavlov`s dog to a tee. lol

  24. On the price of Cauliflower and gold.

    It is a common naïve belief in everyday capitalism ,that all profits are created not in equal exchanges of values in the markets ,but by the sellers adding on the profit on top of to the real value of the product in trade .

    By the mutual cheating and robbery of each other in price for profit and the devil only catches the hindmost or the last fool.

    The buyer as the source of profit.

    Thus in observing the practice, the appearance of a mutual robbery system, it appears as the common morality of capitalist society, robbery as necessary and normal for the survival of the individual in a competitive society of mutual thieves.

    This theory of price is a handy way of avoiding labor theories of value and profit creation as asserted by Adam smith, Ricardo and later by Marx and other economists.

    Economic analysis that show profits are actually gained by exploiting workers for surplus value in the production process, even while selling things at their value. Where profits are realized as cash.
    As the price or value of the industrial commodity at sale ,already includes the profit, the extra value exploited or added by wage workers paid in wages less than the value they actually create.
    If things did not sell at their real value, but by the seller adding on an extra profits at every sale ,this mutual cheating theory of price as value is only a recipe for instability and a continual wild price inflation in cauliflower and gold.

  25. 10:49 “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him.”


  26. "American innovation and worker productivity at its finest is still enriching America !"

    Who, the top 3% in the country? Or the top 1%?

    Let's not forget: the wealthiest 1 percent of families owns roughly 42% of the nation's net worth. The bottom 80% owns 7% of the wealth. These are the workers that do all the real work that people have been brainwashed to treat indignantly because they are not "smart enough" to climb up the ladder of wealth. But if they all did, who would do the work and create the wealth?

    It's a real shame this house of cards is falling down.

  27. Does anyone wonder why our culture and educational system churns out worker bee, so-called "sheeple" people?

  28. Here's a sad statistic:

    "If we break the data down further we will find that 93 percent of all financial wealth is controlled by the top 10 percent of the country. That is why these people are cheering their one cent share increase while layoffs keep on improving the bottom line. But what bottom line are we talking about here? The Wall Street crowd would like you to believe that all is now good that the stock market has rallied 60+ percent. Of course they are happy because they control most of this wealth. Yet the typical American still has negative views on the economy because they actually have to work to earn a living"

    from Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S. – How Average Americans are Lured into Debt Servitude by Promises of Mega Wealth (2009)

  29. 10:18 - So it seems you feel 10:49 business deal created excessive profit and thus evil in nature. 10:49 now can look forward to pain and misery because you determined the transactions moral value. In life I have conducted many transaction with individual ranging from flooring to silver and sometimes the seller for reasons such as expediency just wish to sell and be done. It is up to each party to understand the value of the transaction and negotiate accordingly. I’m current not in pain and sleep comfortable knowing the seller was happy with his end of the deal. Your truth is not necessarily my truth

  30. WOW - after all that bull - I mean humanshit

    My hand still stinks !

    No difference yum yums you may as well be watching Idol

  31. 10:18 are you mentally challenged? A buy and seller agree on a price then sell it. Should one buyer break off the deal and state you need more money? What does pain have to do with selling an item? Should you be discussing with Buddha before each transaction? Should each party go to a therapist before any transaction is done before they sell anything? Are you fucking retarded?

  32. 6:54 nice gibberish. Are you done playing with your feces?

    The truth about the transaction way above is that none of know what was going on in the mind of the young seller. Maybe he really knew he could have gone to another buyer and got 10,000 dollars instead of 1200 (ha ha I doubt it!), or maybe he had no clue because he was so young and just really needed the money. While it still may not be morally wrong to take the gold, gloating about how you hoodwinked this kids gold for a fraction of the value raises an eyebrow, regardless of how much pontificating is made about transactions and value.

  33. And while you were busy figuring out that monumental, global changing, life altering event


    What a croc of shit ! Like the poster said - no diff between you and the Sheep watching idol


  34. I'm sorry, did you have something meaningful to say? Because it sure wasn't present anywhere in the last post. Sounds like you have more in common with simple farm animals than I.

  35. EXACTLY !!!




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