Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Morgan Analyzes a Dollar Collapse, ROLLOVER 1981

Radiation at No. 2 spent fuel pool millions of times above normal & thousands of times higher than troubled No. 4 pool


  1. genesis song; this is the world we live in keep on living in making wrong disicions in people living in superman where are you now. this is the time people to make it right. there is no other pill to take so swallow one that makes you ill. rage against machine song. if i could give my opinion it would be to get with loved ones and hold on tight to good things but also use some vandalize so we can stick it to em'. UH. Show em'. we now see the day is coming. I hope not to waste any time but I still know my purpose is to stop rich people. form the lines, dig the holes, gather together. this is the battle of los angelas. Taking a new style here folks.

    - Sam

  2. me love genesis song land of confusion, confusion like sam is confusion in head, sam take pill now, crazy later us love to give sam the crazy pill, hold tight to dollars now and keep safe away, stick it to sam the mamm no waste time for food eat food good, dig holes for food plants, battle for the usa soon taking style here now folks sam is the new don the magic wand

    crazy sam

  3. Where oh where are all the Obama lovers now?

    They dwindle; and like little rats with the light shone on them; scurry away into the

    He has finished the deal with Soros and together, they have sold this country to the devil

  4. Obama ..."sold this country to the devil"

    Wake Up 7.06!
    Stop playing political games on behalf of the elites 2 party same- same party system!

    Obama has a human right to sell himself and his skill at reading a telepromter to any one he pleases who is willing to pay.

    Are you opposed to free enterprise and capitalism or something ?

    That national sell out Is not news ,except to you , it happened a long time ago already .

    Like when fully formalized as contract law of the land in 1913 ,when the USAs sovereign nations money making and national credit creation powers were completely privatized.

    Only a socialist would want to deprive private banking of that right of free enterprise !

    But ,the 1913 contract and amendments
    says regular dividend payments still have to be made as they were under Bush ,when he made the current bi-partisan agreed socialization of losses and bailout arrangements for ensuring future payments on massive national debt creation Before leaving office .

    President Bush was doing his national contract duty as Obama sock puppet does now in his turn .

    That’s the contract with the bankster and their frderal bank , all freely entered into in 1913.
    And everybody knows America is governed by the rule of law.
    With contract and property law as the constitutional basis of individual freedom to make a profit.

    Soros is just an ideological political correctness sheriff of the "liberal left" acting for the Satanist usury worshipers who are licenced to print their own profits by issuing credit debt paper in the name of the USA .
    The Fed too is after all a constitutional person fully certified with quaranteed human rights , as fully certified under civil right amendments to the constitution ,as freely interpreted by the Supreme Courts of the land.

    Soros is a cosmopolitan billionaire who lives in the city of London or some other home base country of the international money elite ,who thinks he can dictate to all counties including the USA about the need for democratic free trade and the human rights of capital. A political handler and “humanitarian” international currency deal vulture just making sure the latest deal manager /frontman from the American 'left' sticks to the bailout deal arranged by the last 'right" fiscal conservative manager ,Bush .
    Who wasn’t too bad at all in his own right at acting under instruction of his own handlers, Greenspan/Bernanke and hit man bazooka Paulson at creating National debt"incomes ,especially from Treasury bills for war deficits and other insane spending for the benefit of the patriotic international bondholders, thereby ensuring that even more future national government tax revenues are handed over directly to the bondholder and banksters.
    In the American way.

    Don’t you know that Barbara Bush long ago pointed out that Obama should be respected as your President.
    And have you no respect for his handler Soros?

    Who knows like that other elite billionare Murdoch he may even be a nationalised AmeriKan elite now ?

  5. Morgan Was just saying last month about how silver was about to pull back to 25 . And all this "valuable info All yours For only $8000 a year cost of his news letter . Not only am i glad i never wasted that money on the news letter or sold my silver but i would have missed this huge run up . HI HO SILVER


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