Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Geithner has approved plans for (IMF) to absorb the Fed ???

There is word on the street that Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, has approved plans for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to absorb the Federal Reserve System with an eye to the IMF becoming a global central bank. A “basket of currencies” (which includes the Chinese renmenbi/yuan) is to be created to replace the dollar as the international currency of trade. Plans are for “the basket” to become America’s new currency.
Is it true? There’s no way to confirm the rumor. The same spark that lit the fire under the rumor also suggests it will not be long in coming. If true, I believe it is an act that borderlines Treason. I’m no lawyer, but it seems to this citizen of the United States that my Constitution (which defines government’s limitations) says the only authority for currency and coinage in this country is the United States Congress.
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  1. Go ahead, tell millions of armed Americans their hard earned dollars are worth nothing.

  2. americans your money is worth nothing thier.

    now beeches be happy slaves
    poppies poppies go to sleep
    most americans are to dum to realize theyve been sold out.
    now go to sleep under japans radiation cloud
    you free slave hahahhahhh

  3. Amerikkkans, your dollars are worth nothing, only you are too stupid to know it, or do anything about it, so shut up slave says the tsa

  4. Damn, now the Russian government sponsored trolls are posting comments. Is there no end??

  5. 6.53
    Your patriotism and defence of the dollar is admirable.

    But,was your last patriotic brainwashing/ conditioning session in the class of 1959?

    Now I know that you were told then, that America has always been at war with communist, Russian, Eurasia and always would be ,but this old groupthink ,patriotic conditioning is now somewhat dated.

    Some adjustments and updating in Americanism for your brain is required.

    You apparently have not heard yet that America won the old cold war by outspending the Russians on militarism, this indeed confirmed the power of the dollar and the printing press .

    So ,please report to your local homeland secutity department branch for the latest conditioning .

    This is now a very pleasant experience as there are touchy-feely TSA agents at the door and all that is required is an abandonment of any knowledge of old Newtonian physical laws that you were taught in the 50s ,so that you can clearly grasp the official conspiracy theories on the truth of 9.11 . And by watching a few episodes of Fox news ,your beleif or understanding that American fiat paper is strong forever will be again happily confirmed . Because it is clearly American super- fiat - cotton- Paper .

    Not at all worthless crap paper.

    And most importantly you will be taught about the new Empire war “on” terror against the third world peoples from Pakistan, to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in Libya will all be explained as necessary to maintain American freedom and American consumers right to cheap oil.

    Believe it or not Bin laden is not a Russian KGB agent but a genuine leader of ALCIADA "rebels" allied in Libya with America just as they were once Americas paid allies before, when they were fighting against the Russians in Afghanistan

    China is still enemy but Iran is enemy now too.

    But Russia is now our friend and partner in crime not the eternal enemy .

    Therefore there are no Russian trolls on the internet ,only ,or mostly US government trolls now trained and paid by Comrade Sunstein for the United Corporate State of Amrica.

  6. No, that's crazy Sam. He hasn't been on this site in a few months. Every now and then he gets carted off to the mental institution where he doesn't have internet access.

  7. "Go ahead, tell millions of armed Americans their hard earned dollars are worth nothing."

    Umm, I'm scratching my head at this one, not that I don't at most of the mindless comments on the internet regardless of what website or its material.

    Man, you like many other "patriots" are living in two worlds. America today has almost nothing in common with the America that you associate as the land of the free, "God's Country."

    Americans have been ass raped, they've enjoyed, they still enjoy it. Only a minority of sensible people are aware of what's going on. These are usually older people, some baby boomers, and perhaps the more Conservative youth who are in tune with reality. The far left doesn't count in this sense; the reason is because they like what's happening.

    Armed Americans? Who exactly are we going to go shoot up? Sure, I believe Americans should have guns in their homes to protect themselves and each other from criminals and such, but who exactly are you going to attack? What are the plans Stan? Can you name anybody in specific or is this enemy we need to shoot just a label for "devil" which you can't even identify yourself? Shoot a bunch of politicians? Then what? A new host of worthless idiots take their place? Kill bankers? Then what? Have a dictator rise up to power as he'll take us from broken scam economy in a decaying Democratic Republic with a brain dead, drugged up, obese population into a totalitarian regime that controls this idiotic group of neurotic dimwits?

    What the hell is this? This is so hopeless. If people aren't good intentioned patriots lacking in intellect like 5:35, then they are hopping aboard Communism. If not that then they are falling into the far flung Matrix conspiracies and turn a blind eye to the real world and the horrors that really do exist, real threats like the coming Kaliphate. But they insist on paying attention to irrational and vague rubbish like HAARP and FEMA (as death camps). The worse part is how they perceive themselves to be superior in knowledge but lack the ability to even question if what they are reading or watching is true. If it is speaking out against the US government then it must definitely be the TRUTH. Dogma is all that is.

    If people aren't falling into any kind of group at this point then they are happily killing brain cells, diminishing their consciousness, and desensitizing their spirits in front of the TV flooding their minds with elitist propaganda and programming. They are so stupid and lazy they could care less what their children are doing.

    USA = DEAD. Get over it.
    World = FUCKED, get ready for it.

  8. 6:09 I agree with you.

    Half of this country believes that Obama is the messiah even though this empty suit has never had a productive day in his life. He will lie and the MSM will report it as the gospel truth.

    We are doomed.

  9. well however it comes about they've said for along time that they'd like a new global currency. maybe they try, as a 1st step into it, a few regional currencies.


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