Saturday, April 2, 2011

Food Commodities Rise Seen Swamping Consumers With Inflation

Coffee, sugar and cocoa prices will rise five- to 10-fold by 2014 because of shortages that will mean consumers getting “swamped” by food-price inflation, according to Superfund Financial.

A lack of farmland and rising costs means growers will fail to keep up with demand, said Aaron Smith, managing director of Superfund Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd. and Superfund USA Inc. Commodities account for about 40 percent of Superfund’s $1.25 billion assets under management. Smith correctly predicted record copper prices in November and a month later rightly anticipated that silver would outperform gold.

A United Nations index of world food prices jumped to a record last month, contributing to riots across northern Africa and the Middle East that already toppled leaders in Egypt and Tunisia. Global food security is threatened by “excessive price volatility and speculation,” farm ministers from 48 countries said in a joint statement after meeting in Berlin in January.

“There’s a tremendous shortage of food, there’s a tremendous shortage of arable land,” Smith said in interview in London. “Any kind of food products are going to increase.”

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  1. price increases is due to shortage of commodities on top of the FED printing money out of thin air. it is double whammy.

  2. The world will end in 2012.

  3. No, the world is ending now...I can`t make my 2 goddam pension cheques stretch to the end of the month-every month-because of this %&**%!!& asshole insanity inflation-and that`s up here in Canada!!

  4. Remember...none of this is Obama's fault.

    That's what the media says so it must be true. Oh wait, I forgot. The media doesn't report any of this. They only report good news all the time.

  5. to Anon @ 8:08,
    It's going to be a triple whammy!
    Add 'Loss of world reserve currency status for US$'.
    Get some gold while it's still "free".

  6. 9:26
    I feel for you. The retired people living on pension will suffer the most. Their purchasing power is reduce by inflation. It will get worst.

  7. i love this
    gold at the end of its run

    ok why?
    what jobs are coming that will stop hyperinflation
    also inflation is why food is going up
    money printing buy the trillions.
    once again they talk like the massive money printing the wars and the natureal disasters dont exsit and are coming to an end.
    this article has some facts like the day of the week .
    qe printing to infintey and beyond will push gold to 5000 the delsusion is how much time you have left before pop goes the weasel.
    and yes food will be expensive

  8. "A lack of farmland" is cited as a cause, how much farmland is sitting idle? Farmers are still being paid not to farm! We have become a nation lead by fools.
    Twenty-five to thirty-five percent of corn will be grown for ethanol, even the environmentalists are against it. Talk about the law of unintended consequences! Starvation the new norm; get used to it!!!

  9. Salaries have stagnated yet everything costs more. Inflation only helps the elite because they have it set up that when the dollar loses value they gain even more. They're the only ones to have it set up that way.

    Employers certainly don't believe anybody deserves or needs more money.

  10. We agree with the previous opinions. All we can do at this point is put our efforts into making better decisions and changes into effect in our lives now which will make the coming changes more tolerable. Examine everything you do whether it's energy, food, clothing, entertainment, etc. and consider what you would do if it was suddenly unavailable. Then start implementing changes slowly so you can get used to new ways. It will actually open your thinking and many new, useful ideas will come to you.
    If you don't know how to do basic repairs, sewing, cooking and preserving foods...LEARN now. There are lots of wonderful 'How to' and DIY (Do It Yourself) sites. Put 'How to...' and 'DIY' in your search box. You'll find lots of advice. "Mother Earth News" also has excellent articles as do the many survival and frugal/simple/cheapskate/penny pinchers sites. Use the time we have to educate yourself and others. No one knows exactly what is going to happen, but every bit of knowledge you gain can make you feel more secure and prepared.
    One last comment. I've seen numerous comments here about wiping out folks of certain ages or from certain generations, or with disabilites, etc. That line of thinking is suicidal. When will the 'group' you fall into be next on the chopping block? And some of the people you want to annihilate are the very ones who have priceless knowledge that will help us get through whatever comes. Many of them have already lived through desperate times. We have ALL contributed to the current mess. Accept responsibility for your part in it instead of searching for scape-goats, please.

  11. 10:10, one of the only smart comments I've seen on this site.

    I do though, disagree about the boomers being the ones who will be carrying everyone into the "new world". It is true a larger percentage of those 50 to 60 are far harder working and smarter than those younger, but we can't rely on their heavily programmed minds to be the base of a better foundation.

    This isn't to say those rejects on their cell phones 24/7 have any bright ideas, they generally have no thoughts at all about anything. However, there are those in the younger age group that have not succumbed to the mass hypnosis of the elites. If they hang in there, collect all the errors of todays systems and what works in them, they will be able to formulate a social structure that could be far greater than the Constitution.

    Also, with the children today, it would be best to have our reckoning now so they can see it happen and know our mistakes. Having strong willed, intelligent, and compassionate forerunners is how to prevent the posterity from straying into greed, lust, violence, and scheming... at least for a longer period of time.

    Most existence in this world is a sham, everyone gives focus to that which is unreal. So what would a society be like that cultivates only that which is real? Humanity has yet to begin.

  12. Well, there might be a bunch of smart young people somewhere, but where I live most of the people are quite stupid. They can't do math unless the computer or the cash register tells them how much change to make. They have no clue as to how they are being screwed by the powers that be--they are only interested in food, sex, and video games. If things fell apart, none of them would know how to survive.

    For the last two years I've seen inflation in everything, but the media pretty much ignores it. So I have been stocking up on food, liquor, water, and jewelry. My feeling is that things will only get worse but, if I'm wrong, I can still have a hell of a party.

  13. The ConservativeApril 5, 2011 at 3:51 PM

    Sharonsj - "...where I live most of the people are quite stupid". Sharon, STFU. You are a flaming, arrogant, liberal windbag.


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