Sunday, April 10, 2011

How Bad Is The US Debt? 389 Years To Pay It Off


  1. gold 10,000 sounds about right.

    one more thing all that currency we sold and paid is backed by nothing .

    we have 8000 tons of gold and gave them worthless paper.
    america is greatttt!!!!

  2. But of course americans own a lot of debt in that wothless Fed created paper too !
    As a result Anmerica is insolvent and not doing so great either!!!!

    You beleive that America and not the privately owned Fed bank still owns 8000 tons of gold and this will somehow save a bankrupt america.

    The Fed refuses Audit.

    Its books are "balanced"by counting Fiat paper entries of pawned dud mortgabed property sub prime debt at marked to fantasy asset value.
    And stuffed with government Treasury bills and other such inflation prone paper.
    Hey these Banksters still wear suits and ties.

    So I am sure its trustworthy.

    Hey these Banksters still wear respectable suits and ties and are not conspiracy theorists .

    Others( brainless conspiracy theorists ) beleive that this Gold 'asset" has been "leased" out years ago .

    And is also simply now paper IOUs marked to fantasy value .

    Still others beleive it has been replaced by Tungsten.

    But, best of luck with your faith and confidence in the integrity of american Banksters!

    On their own paper they themselves only say "in god we trust"
    Not "in gold we trust" .

    And they are after all well mannered enough not to print on their dollar paper 'there is an american sucker born every minute".

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  4. Only 389 years to go ?

    The damn bankster squids and their debts live on as long as vampires!

    America land of the living dead. Slaves to capital.

    A nation of Debt Zombies prepared to hand over their retirement savings and millions of their houses and to enslave their grand childens future wealth creation for hundreds of years to the Frankenstininian masters of usury at Wall St and the Fed.

    Not only are these American debt zombies addicted to credit like junkies for their consumer lifestyles and prepared to hand over the usual profits to capital ,but even prepared to pay for the socialization of the banksters past losses for decades to come as a National Debt of honour ,in a vain the hope of reviving a Ponzi economy and a fresh credit supply.

    The masters of usury on Wall St.GOLLUM SACH AND
    the Fed who created the ponzi American economy and like Frankenstein its Debt Peons, are no doubt following the path or plan predicted as inevitable by Marx ,not only the impoverishment of the working class, now a reality in the poorThird World where the majority of the industrial proletariat now exist ,but in the inevitable destruction of the middle class,to be cast down into the property less proletariat by the elite of capitalism.

    Marx believed like Adam Smith that new wealth in capitalism was created by wage workers in industrial production with profits realized at sale of the product .

    Marx also claimed that profits were realized ,but not created in the distribution or exchange of the product for equal value in money at sale of the products.

    As high wage Americans have proved that they are incapable of making a profit in manufacturing in a competitive world, capital has exported the commodity factories to the cheap labor third world .

    Since the collapse of the dollar hegemony credit supply system in 2008 Americans now create little industrial wealth goods they can exchange in trade with the rest of the world and the trade deficit bills for consumer products are mounting up.

    Services workers from parsons to fingernail painters can only exchange their services for money revenues ,wealth already created in industrial production .
    No matter how productive of profit and added value
    they imagine themselves to be.

    No wonder Americans are now Zombified dumbed down living unproductive lives ,whose main cultural values appear to be gossiping about the antics of the famous in Dancing With The Stars,or escapist survivalist dreams like winning Lotto or getting a go at being a famous star on American Idle or facebook

    Revolution to seize the means of production as Marx advised the exploited working class is futile as these middle class zombies are not working class ,but what Marx called the Petty Bourgeiosie , the fag end, hangers on of the big capitalist class!

    Besides , the means of creating industrial commodity wealth has mostly been exported to the Third World and the supposed new means of wealth creation is the creation of even more debt ‘Out of fresh air’, by the printing press, in order to expand the number of Debt Zombies owned by the Elite and their banksters forever.
    But so far only 389 years so they are still working on thatcomplete Zombiefication of America.

  5. 348
    take your meds

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  7. Det man sluttar och en vall jar 7 ar till med gangen blir forendrats! Oftergomliga stunder vakken till ar somnar jag med hyarta!

  8. If the US government allowed the taxed contributions of working people for social security to be replaced by IOUs against future government tax revenue incomes as a way of selling government Treasury bills to its bondholder friends and this was considered “normal” government financing for its deficit spending , as it did.

    Fraudelant debt paper being the norm of what was counted as government reserves.

    Then why would the government “regulators” have not permitted the Gold at the Fed to be leased out for rent incomes ,to allow the gold to be replaced by Fed and government guaranteed paper IOUs, in the same ‘normal” way of helping in the financing of its deficit financing of government spending debts?

    Bankrupt governments running Ponzis cannot be trusted as they do desperate things to save themselves.

    There is perhaps no government owned real gold now left at the Fed only IOUs?

    Audit and expose the criminality and fraud and then abolish the privately owned Fed.

    The american people should control its own money and any national credit supply that is based on the good name and national independence of a sovereign people.

  9. Were done like dinner


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