Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Have Until July at Latest


  1. This guy use to scare the shit out of me. Every few months he comes out and says we have until X to prepare for a complete economic collapse. Then he goes on with why. Now its just funny/hilarous.

    Dont get me wrong here I believe we will have QE to infinity and eventually hyper inflation. Andf have been preparing for it.

    I would recommend reading Gordon T Long's work VS ruppert.


  2. I can't wait. I'm soooo excited for the day people will get to sleep in the bed they have made. And many will realize they have no bed.

    I am as ready as I can be.

    I just wonder if I will still have to go to work? Or want to?

  3. After TSHTF If we do go to work will they want to pay us in rocks because the dollar is gone?

    I'm not working for rocks and I believe neither will government workers who protect the cities....a few will work for rocks because they are just dumb unto death and that's how they will remain but countless others can tell the difference between real money and something useless like paper or rocks.

    In other words they either pay us in silver or something valuable that we can trade for food or live with the chaos in the cities that will ensue. We're talking sporadic electricity no truck shipment of food and the toilet smells like hell because there's no power to flush it.

    That's what is coming baby and even the O'tard socialists idiots who will be hungry as hell will finally put 2 and 2 together... Hey the welfare and socialism cards are out... no more freebies... Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!


  4. Oh and PS from 2:34

    The Air Conditioner/Heater, the Blackberry, the Android and the Ipad2 will be out of power and no internet either...

    Think 1819 baby... In 18:19 if you wanted food you planted a garden or raised a farm animal or else the other choice was that you died of severe hunger.

  5. 234 is a moron and has a power toilet, I flush mine, not hooked up to any electricity, in 234's socialist dreams he has a power toilet, lOL 234 is also too stupid to realize this country is not socialist, that is what his masters at limpballs and faux news tell him, actually we are a fascist country, look it up Moron!

  6. @3:14

    You can insult me all you want but your O-messiah won't be able to save you....

    After that we go into civil war, I will do whatever to protect myself from you before you come with a gun to try and steal my food. I am practicing for that day...

    Let us see if you can use your 2 cent insults to buy anything then.

    Maybe that little boy at MSNBC has all the answers....HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  7. Anon at 10:58,
    Right on the money. Ruppert has become a total joke. His life now revolves around his predictions for collapse on 'X'. What a tool.

    And yes, I also believe we are heading towards QE to infinity and hyperinflation.

    We'll survive, just like other countries that have experienced it.

  8. @401 I would never need a redneck loser like you for food or anything, I could buy and sell you, Way ahead of you, and always have been. Maybe that little kid and drug user limpballs can help you, but then again, Not! Limpballs the chickhawk got out of nam by using an anal wart as his excuse, he is as useless as you and your hicks are, go jesus fuck some more.

  9. ruppert is right on this one, time is short, prepare or perish!

  10. 3:14, I live on well/septic so I need electricity to pump the water into the house and into the toilet. So yes, you may need electricity for your toilet to refill with water. At least a generator.

  11. this shit is rediculous already 2 years putting a date
    on when "SHTF" and nothing!!!!!!!

  12. So after two years, don't you think that this time it just may be right? Japan and her industry is gone for a very long time and that is having a ripple effect all over the world. I think this earthquake and it's after effects are the final straw that breaks the camels back.

    More job losses world wide. Parts shortages for the cars already on the road.

    Worse yet, Japan will have to cash in those bonds they bought from us, so they can rebuild and we have no way to pay them back!

    My suggestion is you take every extra dollar you have and buy bulk foods and cases of bottled water for future use. Why would the employees of our country's electric power companies bother to go to work, if they know they will not get paid? Think the same about the water companies and the natural gas suppliers in your area.

    This ride is gonna be rough for a long time to come.

  13. He just moved...Yet he had time to hang up everything on the wall behind him to make your sub-conscience think that he is important! How much should I donate to someone wasting everyones time on this website? How about zero! There are "scammers" in every walk of life...I can't believe that someone is really trying to play this card for donations!

  14. I'm a long term doomer,,, I'm waaaay past the fear stage. I went through my prep stage and now I'm actually trying to get back to enjoying life. I could always prep more and more, but I had to say enough. I just splurged the other day on a $2000 lawn mower.Felt great

  15. You think guns and ammo are going to get you through any collapse? Yeah, it might protect you against a wild pack of dogs, or that rare occasion grandma is pushing her cart to close to your property line or digging in your trash and then BOOM you blow her away. I'll bet the neighborhood would really love that!

    Real survival or life skills trumps any Rambo-style macho talk on a blog any day.

  16. All toilets run on electricity because water is transported through cities and towns with pumps.

    Click more ads and party!

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  18. Michael Ruppert is a good man, his message is on the spot only prob is he underestimates the stupidity of people.

    Truth is we as Americans are soooo screwed financially but we close our eyes to the truth so everything continues on the road.

    He assumes that the Big Company books won't be cooked, that the Fed won't continue making air money and that people won't still take fake fiat paper money when they see the truth.

    Sad thing is they WILL...We all know people who "Don't care or want to know."

    There will be a crash and everyone will act all surprised but no date can be said...It's just a domino effect...So could be tommorow could be in 2 years...It actually depends when some large percentage of America "Wakes Up" say 30%.

    Still if even half of his predictions from his movie "Collapse" is correct we will see massive die off just because most fertilizers are petro based...Either due to scarcity, lack of credit to buy them or collapse of currency to trade for them...But that's all a short term long term...Meaning played out over several years.

    Americans think short term is a long time...5-10 years is nothing in the pages of history...We have to think of time like the Chinese..."I may not conquer you but my son's son will."

  19. You see fine erstwhile persons; this is precisely what really ails the usa - the 3:20's of the world who know absolutly nothing and are very proud to exhault it !

    All toilets run on electricity - oh brother - what a stupid frigging comment.

    Man - you city folk really blow my fucking mind
    you have absolutly NO fucking clue - to you milk
    comes in a gallon plastic jug produced by the milk goddess - nothing else is affected by your milk goddess; no feed, no transport, no pastueurization, no feedlots, no milk teats, no cow piss. no cow shit, no life, no death

    Just milk - it miraculously appears on the shelf of your open 24 hours or your screaming foul grocers shelf.

    Get fucking real

  20. @ 4:52 PM

    Yeah that's what happens when that poster @3:14 sits all day watching that little boy maddow on msnbc. In that world toilets don't need electricity. Just fill up the welfare and food stamp cards watch O-tards speeches of a future of taking things from other people without a day of work. Socialism will never work and the O-tards should have learned from the collapse of the USSR but since they are too lazy to read they won't find out until one day nothing happens when they swipe their freebie cards to get their socialist vanilla ice cream.

    The alternative is fascism but the O-tards are doing that at the airport so they can feel up 6 year olds at the security stop. Really sick people and their O-messiah has filled up DC with nothing but perverts, pedophiles and freaks...

    No wonder the economy is collapsing... The O-tard circus can't keep it together and their freak show circus clowns will all go down in flames...

  21. Wow 4:52 you blow my mind. What the hell are you ranting about anyway? You lost me at cows and milk. Well, dumbalicious, the majority of the worlds populations live in cities, therefore the majority of toilets must run on electricity. And while you are making stupid assumptions, you should know that my family has a ranch on 200 acres with some cows on it. We use well water and a septic system. And guess what else? Electricity!

    It's a simple statement and should only come off as controversial to only the most idiotic to say that the loss of electricity in the world will be a huge problem. It's common sense!

    Stop blabbing long enough to think and you might be able to process it all better.

  22. We'll never get anywhere - everyone is too busy battling amongst themselves. Find one commonality, just one (but there are many others) - Wall St. thieves, for instance. They're still taking our money and they're still roaming around out there hunting for more. I firmly believe that everyone understands deep within what has to be done.

  23. Yeah thats what I tried to say, but everyone is on this gun toting everyman for himself "I got mine" kick. We'll see how long that lasts.

  24. I make a lot of money on all you fools buying stupid stuff you dont need because Im predicting the end of the world! lol Send me money! It wont do you any good at the end of the world! lol But what good will it do me? Ok, you got me, Im full of shit and just want your money!

  25. Natural disasters have been happening since this planet was created.... I am glad for natural disasters. It just means that this planet is still alive and kicking. If all natural disasters suddenly stopped. I would grab a lawn chair, a bottle of whiskey and my family to watch the end of the world. Ol mother nature still has a few million years left in her....your lives are so short compared to the grand scheme of things in this universe. You will be dust in the wind when the SHTF. Chill....just be prepared and roll with the punches...."Everybody dies but not everybody "LIVES" "Be excellent to each other" (From Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) As cheesy at it may be it has a good message....Don't be an ASS**** and treat your fellow Human well... Natural disaster = population control... Mother earth shaking the fleas off


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