Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mad Max Or Financial Meltdown?

Martin Armstrong's New Essay:
Well worth reading and understanding the implications of what he has to say.


Mr. Armstrong like many others sees financial meltdown in our near future. What his models can't tell us is where we go from there.

I would suggest listening to this from Bix Weir:

I would also suggest tuning into what FOFOA has to say as regards Freegold: Here..
I would also suggest you tune into Jim "Santa" Sinclair:

A helping of Jim Willie would not go astray.

Richard Russell of Dow Theory letters: Here...

There are many others who are willing to put their reputations on the line. Some for money others for the greater good. The bottom line is we are in uncharted territory if the Dollar collapses or at least is no longer the worlds reserve currency.

There are many theories of what could happen or should happen all the way from a brave new world to hunting each other for food. See "THE ROAD" (TRAILER) for that particularly depressing thought. On second thoughts don't. I only managed to get 3/4's of the way through that miserable movie. It was just too depressing.

Best case scenario is Bix Weir/ FOFOA and worst case is "The Road". A controlled collapse by the good guys hurting many people but with a return to sound fiscal policy or worse than the dark ages.
What to take away from all this is we may muddle through, there might be a rapture leaving all the bankers here to fend off demons or we may simply have to start a new monetary system that everyone understands and can trust. We don't know.

But you can make some preparations if you see financial collapse in our future. Think "Mad Max" and "Bartertown" and you should be OK.
What do people want and what do people need?
The basics: Food, Water, Shelter and Self Defense.
Luxuries: Booze, smokes and toilet paper. 

If it's Hyper Inflation, Stagflation get them now before the prices goes up.
If it's Hyper Deflation get them now while you still can.

The message is get what you can now. 

"Last Man On Earth"


  1. Who run bartertown? Master-Blaster!

    "Two days ago, I saw a rig that would haul that wanna get outta here, talk to me".

    (I've carried a picture of 'Mad Max' in my wallet
    for many years-25 or more.

  2. The chickens are coming home to roost at the state level. I read that Texas may fire up to 100,000 teachers. Here in PA the Republican governor is talking about cutting education funding by 30-50%.

    That means tens of thousands of middle class folks will not be able to pay their bills or their mortgage, no one else will be able to buy their house, the banks will be hit with another wave of foreclosures and lost revenue. And since there are no jobs, all those people will apply for unemployment, welfare, food stamps, heating assistance, etc.--and find out the state has no money for that either.

    The next step will be a bunch of really angry people living in tent cities, or in their cars, and any spark could set off a revolution. In Tunisia and Egypt, the spark was an harassed vegetable vendor who set himself on fire. I think in the U.S. it will take even less.

  3. Good article, except for the part about The Road. This movie was more far flung than anything Disney could have made.

    Listen to this. There has never, NEVER, been a time in humanity where anyone has hunted other people for food. It has NEVER happened. But today we are being taught by the same sickos that helped deliver us into this mess that this will be the case.

    We have of course ate dead bodies to survive, but never killed people for food. They just want you to think like that so you'll cling to the system they provided for you... if enough can keep clinging then it might make it through. But if people weren't scared of this coming crash then those human hating parasites will be out of business.

    And mankind will work together in the same way we are designed to. Sure the druggies, rapists, greedy, and such will be there to try and kill others for what they have, but they won't be there to kill them for food.

    I can't believe how many people unthinkingly fall into such propaganda. It's disturbing to witness Hollywood controlling minds more than the politicos, bankers, "educators", and priests ever dreamed possible. They don't even need to make threats!

    Look into Coevolution, which has largely squashed Darwin's misinterpreted Natural Selection. They've shown that nature does not work against itself, but with. Aggressive members of the human species only function better in an economic manner (or in prison) - dog eats dog, but work well nowhere else.

    The Collective Unconscious theory is another dissapointing reality to the Progressives and Elites that was marginalized so we could remain weakened as individuals by giving our power to one of many group identities. Reality is that there is no separation between us, we do have a soul and belong to a larger soul, and only those who are spiritually disconnected enjoy causing suffering. This means only the mentally imbalanced could, without needing, kill another person or even animal. But naturally, if we haven't been pulled away from our roots by too much, we would die for strangers if it came down to it (without stipulations attached).

    Also, many verified experiments in Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory give testimony to what the great Yogis, Buddhists, and Saints taught us in history. The physical reality and basic matter we're guiled into viewing as the ultimate reality is in fact nothing but a transitory establishment which is subject to altering laws and energies which come and go and have yet to be discovered. This means we can't go backwards but can only evolve forward once the cosmic intelligence feels it's time to morph in some way. And this isn't saying progress is linear or based on technology. It's based on something far beyond anyone's imagination.

    2,000 years ago the atom was just a silly idea. But it still was an idea that assumed the atom must definitely be the fundamental of all reality. Now there are over 400 different particles known that are much smaller than the atom.

    500 years ago people didn't think anyone could solve the mystery of electrity. What the hell was electricity? Now entire cities are powered by it and has a fully comprehensible set of equations. (We still don't understand electricity though.)

    300 years back nobody knew what those twinkling "diamonds" in the night sky were either. About 150 years later nobody wondered what they were any longer.

    Remember, that tiny timespan of 2,000 years was but a slight creative burst of the Creator. That span as well occurs with each 300 trillion year cycle that plays out with the same karmic principles and resets itself over and over. This 300 trillion year cycle (the universe) is also just one out of infinite. These universes are also confined to the material planes and do not include those planes which are much more vast and filled with variations in the Astral World. The Astral World as well is but a limited Realm...

    Get what I'm saying? Cause I don't.

  4. 4:57 THE ROAD is a scenario that may or not happen. Don't get your panties in a bunch...a meteor can smash into this earth like it did years ago, leaving a couple of cockroaches alive. Don't be so certain about ANYTHING.

  5. It is all over but the crying for the US. And that makes me happy.... :)

  6. What do people need? The obvious which you stated, but more than anything else: Cooperation, the ability to communicate, trustworthy and verifiable information, destruction of the 'consumer' mentality and freedom from fear with room for the planning and work which addresses our problems (catastrophes, really), among other things. Working and responding TOGETHER will help us extricate ourselves from the grip of the madmen and their insane approach to life and living. Better hurry, not much time left.

  7. The first thing I did after watching The Road was buying more ammo.

  8. God 'o mighty! We're screwed!
    Watch at your own risk!!!
    - It's PEOPLE! -

  9. My brother just sent me this. Check it out: Is Michael Moore right? Is America NOT broke? Is it "awash with cash"??

  10. 2012, the year it all falls apart. Mobs, riots......and many deaths!

  11. News:
    Icelandic Men and Women have guts .

    Ireland to follow next?

    Iceland voted in a referendum to stand up for national independence against International banksters blackmail demands on its people to pay for international bankster bailouts.

    "Iceland rejects plan to pay back debt owed following Icesave bank crash
    Referendum results show 60% of voters against repayment plan for Britain and Netherlands.."

    Docile brainwashed by the ruling elite Americans, followers of the systems twin political parties are still kissing Elite ass by continuing with bailouts after socialising the past losses of its banksters , despite millions already unemployed and living on foodstamps .

  12. The Sharonsj SlayerApril 10, 2011 at 9:36 AM

    Sharonsj, you are such a HYPOCRITE!!! You can thank your leftist union buddies for the disaster in state finances. You now howl about all the teachers who will be fired yet it was the teacher and other public sector unions with their goddamn pension demands over the years that has set us up for The Coming Depression. Thanks again PROGRESSIVES!

  13. One Second After, World Made by Hand, (books) and Blindness (movie) give and excellent insight to human nature during a disaster. Whether it's man-made, biological, or natural, things get very ugly quickly!

    One thing Katrina taught us was in a emergency, it's everyone for themselves. We are nothing like the Japanese who were able to keep from trashing their country after the earthquake.

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