Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is The Birth Certificate Fake?

Don't Believe in HAARP? Here Is The Patent (Pdf) 


  1. Honest Abe freed the blacks.

    I bet he never imagined one bull shitting his way into the White House. LOL

  2. Wow sure hate to be the one whom released the .pdf !! Dead man walking !!

  3. This birth certificate talk is getting pretty old. I am no supporter of the administration, but the truth is, if you import any pdf to illustrator it is going to create multiple random layers with various parts separated. More speulative ranting from Alex Jones.

  4. The HAARP pdf is a bit hoaky as well. I loved the part in the birth certificate that says the street, "666 Muslim street."

    What a waste of time that shit is, and a big distraction.

    The truth is that Alex Jones and Icke had their Neocon rants shattered when Obama came in. Obama is a far flung Communist. He loves the Taliban, he hates Christianity, and hates the military.

    It's become too cliche now to just say there is no difference between the right and left. There is a fucking difference is people could come up with facts and understand how it actually works to devour the system.

    The right wing is just stationary. This means the members are devout to just keep the system the same the way it currently is. The left wing of a bipartisan system is the radical end. This means the radicals interject the "change" down the line which brings the system into further decay.

    The poison the radicals put in is not stopped by the "Conservative" base. Instead they just become reactionaries as they spend all of their material; websites, radios, TV shows, etc. ranting against the liberals and socialists. All the while anyone who genuinely wants to make a positive, honest change of the system to better all of us will be thrown into the anti American group.

    So most liberals and socialists (still devout to the democratic party that they hijacked) want to have a violent revolution where they can gain a Communist government. The patriotic Republican will not help matters by wasting time and energy trying to point this out or criticize the multitudes of Marxists. Time is going by and we continue to decay further mentally, spiritually, socially, and in physical discipline and health.

    Anyone have any solutions of making the world happier, more labor free, and charitable that doesn't involve posing as that only to trick the people long enough to establish Communism? If you talk about any of these solutions you'll be condemned by the right, but then again you've already rejected the violent, immature left.

    Get it?

  5. Why did take so long to produce a long form birth certificate ?

    Because,with the Republican tax cutter for the better off, the official pro business wing of politics,Bush and the Publicans were already discredited as fiscal conservatives
    by huge deficits and by the cost of endless losing wars for empire were mountng up and the stink of corruption even a degeneration into torture and obvious war criminal activities were obvious the final straw was the collapse of the financial system itself
    Before leaving office a financial coup was arranged by Bush in collusion with bazooka Paulson. Clearly the ‘right” republicans had lost all credibility and past their use by date.

    The ruling elite were determined to install a “left “Messiah” to manage the coup for
    te socialization of the losses of their finance sector and continue the ongoing bailouts.
    It was unclear at the time just how fast the economy might collapse. how fast unemployment might grow etc.
    As medical insurance in America is often connected with employment it was necessary to promise some sort of universal Medicare for those millions likely to lose their jobs.A “socialist ‘ was needed.

    Despite Obamas dubious and fabricated history and academic record as a CIA /FBI/COINTELPRO operator in the corrupt Black politics of Chigago ,someone especially from the ‘liberal” Kennedy wing of the Democrat Party was needed .
    Someone who could hook up a combination of liberals, especially women ,with
    anti war talk and get out the white welfare and black vote.
    Unionists in government employ, services workers provided the boots on the ground organizers. Even AIPAC and Israel and the Christian Zionists were pandered to in order to ensure an Obama victory.

    After Obama made a big show of bi-parizan support for the Bush/Paulson financial coup demonstrating his bona fides as an anti socialist even Wall st banksters were on side a $600 +election campaign was arranged complete with Messiah cult like expectations for hope and change in the establishments MSM

    Constitutional requirements were swept aside, both parties in congress ignored their constitutional duties. McCain had to face congressional hearings to prove he was constitutionally qualified Obamma strangely did not !
    (The suspicious White labor aristocracy voted for McCain anyway)

    The millionaire “socialist” witch Pelosi certified the Black face actor Obama and his birth certificate as fully Kosher for the Democrat party and aybody that objected or had questions was branded racist in the MSM. The birth certificate cover up by Pelosi was maintained even by the courts for 3 years ,keeping the dirt under the legal carpet.
    Until the demands for truth by a skeptical public could no longer be suppressed and Obama cracked .
    But only after spending at least a million dollars in courts preventing disclosure .

    Then somehow a long form birth certificate was conveniently found at hand after all.
    Silliness indeed , but on whose part ,how come it was not settled years ago?

    Well a Comander in chief with a CIA can achieve lots of things after two years on the job.
    But government and especially the CIA is well known for its blunders in cover-ups.

    An earlier photoshoped certificate showing that a zombies had a live birth posted online only invited ridicule and laughter. So naturally even the current scanned long form scanned copy is being questioned !

    Have you ever had a scanned or photocopied document recognized as authentic proof of ID or do you have to verify facts with the real original?
    It must be a joke with obscure layers ?

  6. AND, we still have NO CLUE, how a CIA agent
    could travel back and forth to a country Pakistan ,then on the no fly list with an American Passport,in order to arrange a bid of finance aid for his buddies in Al Ciada to fight the Ruskies in afghanistan

    Even of he held a second foreign citizens
    Passport, he could not have done so, if he were an American citizen obeying the law.

    Oliver North was busy elsewhere at the time with secret funding money and arms tranfers
    between nicaragua , israel, Iran and the CIA

    Ah, they were the days !

  7. What a complete and utter travesty - to have this sonofabitch running a country that was
    created by divine intervention on the backs of
    true patriots like Franklin and Madison that
    gave it their all for love of country

    Empty words they are now; to be just toyed with
    and attacked by warbles who have weaned on the
    once great experiment

    We are lost; on a great Sea with no worthy
    captain at the helm.

    We will drift aimlessly until the next great reckoning

  8. "a country that was
    created by divine intervention"

    + a few guns in the hands of slaveowners plotting a new round of land stealing off the indians.

    But,wat dat "supreme being" doing lately when you need her ?

    Sleeping it off since the creation?


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