Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Questions for Bernanke

The Federal Reserve System is on the defensive. This has not happened before in my lifetime.
On Wednesday, April 28, Ben Bernanke will hold a press conference. This has never happened before. Journalists will be allowed to ask questions. It will be held at 2:15 in the afternoon, Eastern Daylight Time. The Bankrate site has set up a reminder program so that you won't miss it. It will be broadcast on their site.
We are beginning to see lists of questions that people would like to see asked. These tend to be hostile questions.
I have 16 questions. I hope at least one of them gets asked and answered.
Here is what the session will not be. It will not be open to all journalists.
Each journalist will not submit one 3x5 card with his question.
Bernanke will not shuffle the cards and answer them in order for the duration of the session.
When he submits to that sort of inquiry, I will be impressed. Not until then.
Here are my questions.
For two years, Bernanke spoke about a proposed exit strategy. The monetary base has soared. This is the FED's balance sheet. Nothing like this had ever taken place in the era of the FED, not even in World War II. The exit strategy is the FED's plan to reduce the monetary base. He never said what number is the goal.
Here is his testimony to the House Banking Committee in February 2010. It promised an exit strategy.

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  1. I agree. Something definetely is up if they are holding a press conference

  2. I've been shouting this as loud as I can for at least the past 4 months. Yet obliviously we continue. Not a single one of my friends understands that Money is Fake and that in one swoop the whole financial game could be put under proper pressure.

    Imagine if he just plain comes out and says Interest Rate must go up 2% !!

    Or how about lets bin the Current Dollar and make a one.

    Sad but true, the day is coming very soon.

  3. heeyj people. relax time. Nothing gets better until problems are of past. if you all ask me id tell you go and try out latest fed run on hard soil. Thats only cause they got bullet blasted in the head'. Uh, i took a shot off to the living dead. See how Fed papers it stole ya. The words as best i can remember on Rage against machine song. but if you could count it as bible symbols we might get spirit from it. Listen to the funk' uh. Fed is doing its best to print money and give out the cash. Cash is what the people want, cash is what theyll give us baby. Go Fed, go senaters, go america, go global peace, go mankind. now its time to show the fat cats whos boss sucker.

    - Sam

  4. Sam spam,
    a rage against the machine troll
    program for speaking like an average groovy
    american loony tunes intelectual!!

    Go America


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