Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monetizing Silver: Instant Prosperity

For well over a year, we have been forced to listen to “economic experts”, media talking-heads, and government “leaders” yammering on and on about “currency wars” or “trade wars” – and all because people who know nothing about economics are wailing about how the value of their money isn’t falling fast enough.

In this insane world, serial inflationists like “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke are deemed to be the “winners”, since they are destroying their national currency the fastest. For those who are sickened by continuing to listen to their own governments lament about not destroying our wealth fast enough, let me recommend “taking a vacation” – in the real world.
In the “real world”, people don’t want their money to be worth less and less and less (and eventually nothing), they want it to be worth more. In the real world, it is considered a tremendous advantage for one’s currency to appreciate in value.
Over the past several months, Hugo Salinas Price has trumpeted the growing “political movement” in Mexico to partially “re-monetize” silver – as a parallel currency to the current banker-paper (i.e. the peso). Indeed, commentator Ben Davies speculated that this factor alone would send the price of silver soaring higher, as yet another incremental source of demand (in a world where silver stockpiles are gone).More Here..

IMF Says Next U.S. President Will Be The Last 


  1. Pigs can not fly no matter how much confidence they have .

    But Who says heavy precious metals cannot fly up to value heaven ?

    Perhaps it must have something to do with gravity ?

    As the inflated fiat paper $ sinks from loss of confidence as bubbles burst the PMs rise .

    Ben is trying to get his paper flying again by acting as confident pilot in flying his kites ,
    claiming his $ that look like pigs will fly again as as he creates even more confidence.

    He thinks he is Einstein inventing new laws of monetary mind Physics of value.
    that the greater mass of paper he prints the more the value of the ink on the paper will grow.

    Or king kanute ordering the tide of inflation to retreat at his command.

    But the more he prints the more the PMS fly !

    Pehaps every action in the fiat paper printing world creates a re-action in the PM world that is equal and opposite?

    Dead dollar hegemony as PMs fly and Treasury bubbles burst!

  2. April 29, 2011 at 8:14 AM

    Ok so jpm is but one tentacle of rothschild Inc, what do king max and SLA going to do about the underlying criminal cabal behind jpm etc a bridge to far? So what is whole point of the max/SLA crusade if the real banksters remain, except of course making a bundle out of silver


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