Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Americans are Preparing at Unprecedented Levels

Do you have enough larder to feed your family and some friends if grocery stores ran out of food? How about several assault rifles and a few thousand rounds of ammo? Solar panels, a water filter, medical kits, bug-out bags, fire starters, tents, sleeping bags, some junk silver and reserve gasoline?/div>
Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
It’s becoming apparent to many Americans that depending on our local, state and federal governments in the event of an emergency, catastrophic societal collapse or widespread disaster will not be sufficient to meet the needs of your family. Residents in Colorado (and likely the other 49 states) are stockpiling in droves and preparing to live off the grid if it comes to that:
Four families in Yoder are building a sand bunker and stockpiling ammunition and weapons.
A Black Forest resident has erected a geodesic dome on her 5-acre spread to grow vegetables, keeps horses for emergency transportation, in case she can’t get gasoline for her car, and plans to acquire chickens and goats as food sources.
A husband and wife who have a cabin on 100 acres of secluded land in Park County have weaned their property from the electric grid, acquired a three-year food supply and taken other measures to become self-sufficient.
While there’s little threat of the earthquake and tsumani that rocked Japan last month in landlocked Colorado, other epic crises on the home front are possible: A flood or fire. A terrorist attack. A nuclear weapons launch. World War III. Or an apocalyptic-type scenario.
An increasing number of people say they are getting ready.
“More people are getting into the survivalist mode. I’ve been in business 30 years, and I’ve never sold so many assault rifles as now. The last year was the best we’ve ever had,” said Mel Bernstein, a Class III weapons dealer and owner of Dragon Man’s shooting range east of Colorado Springs.
Israeli gas masks, helmets and sand bags also have been selling well, he said.
“People are putting stuff away in case something big happens,” he said. “I think it’s superstition, but it’s been good for business.”
Interest in the survivalist movement has been heightened, many say, by global turmoil.
The ongoing strife in the Middle East, the lingering possibility that the Obama administration will enact stricter gun laws and the sustained economic downturn, coupled with political unrest in Libya and Japan’s nuclear catastrophe, have made people uneasy.
In addition, doomsday prophesies by Nostradamus and the Mayans pinpointing 2012 are distressing for some. There’s also a group of Christians who say they’ve determined that the end of the world will begin on May 21.
“People are afraid, and they want to be able to protect their families,” Bernstein said.
Y2K — the dawning of the third millennium — brought forth a fury of survivalist instincts, as many believed the nation’s network of electric connections and computer systems would crash.
The terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, raised concern among even the complacent.
But this time in history feels more urgent, say those who identify themselves as “preppers” — people preparing to have all they need to sustain a catastrophe.
“There’s a distinct possibility that some other country could wipe out our electronics and computers, and the U.S. infrastructure is not ready — it would take six months to rebuild a transformer,” said Bob, a retired engineer who said he designed airplanes, power plants and aqueducts for the government.
He asked that his last name not be used because he shares a philosophy common among preppers: the desire for anonymity. Not everyone understands why they’re doing what they’re doing, Bob said, and there’s the possibility of others looting their stockpiles.
“Preppers will give someone a pound of rice and a bowl of soup, but we’ll defend ourselves against people who are going to take everything we have,” he said. “We’re doing this to make sure that we can live the way we’ve been living and we’re not going to be out there scrounging or stealing food from others.”
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  1. It does NOT matter - pay NO attention to that man behind the curtain! The annointed one WILL
    be elected for a 2nd term!


  2. im a 14 year old girl and my parents arent as enthusiatic about getting prepared as i am. I have a big family and thatmakes things worse. I am stockpiling necessities such as soap and cndles and a bunch of other stuff in my room. I have a bunch of canned foods and some bags of rice. I have almost100 bottles of water. I have eight silver coins and will immediately use them to by a gun when evrything suddenly falls apart. My only skill is being able to sew by hand. SOmeone please reply and tell me if they think that skill is useful. I can sew nice outfits by hand. But im scared cause we live near a tough area, and ruthless gangsters will do anything to take our stuff.

  3. Troll retards above.

    Waiting for an intelligent comment.

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  5. The point is not whether Obama was born in Kenya or an American empire colony Hawaiii recently updated to the status of a State, but the words and meaning of natural born.
    The wording of the special, unique requirements required for a president of the united states ,as commander in chief of the military etc

    Particularly the phrase “natural born”not born in america must be seen in the context of the legal meaning and intent of the framers of that requirment
    AT THAT TIME. The accepted international legal Authority on citizenship and national legality at that time was Vatel
    The intention of “natural born”with BOTH parents being American citizens was to safeguard the recently won independence of the united states , to exclude those who may have claimed a dual allegiance.
    To avoid the possibility of say a Mathew Arnold with a secret allegiance to the monarch becoming president having executive powers and commander in chief of the military of the united states..
    America had just fought a war for national independence against the British monarchy.
    Before that ,Americans in the original colonies considered themselves as British subject but claimed british common law rights, with an primary allegiance to the british monarch who claimed personal sovereignty over the lands and had personally granted the corporate “charters” for permission to set up the colonies .
    The king reserved the right to control American trade through his East India company a privately owned corporation ,a main shareholder being the King with a corporate charter granted by the kings ancestors. Hence the “tea party”fighting the EIC taxes.
    The monarch ,the “Crown’ controlled the American colonies AND THE MILTARY
    and foreign colonial affairs ,while the British parliament was in control of the purse and law internally in Britain itself ,after the establishment of the Constitutional Monarchy that overthrew “the divine right of kings” So parliament was also trying to assert its own authority to control and tax the American colonies ,
    The colonies were not set up by the British Parliament and the allegience of Americans was not to that parliament even though they at first had claimed the rights of a voice in that parliament “no taxation without representation”.

    During a financial coup for bankster bailouts was made over Treasury led by BUSH the perceived party of big business. The coup received Bi-partisan support despite the clearly exspressed opposition of the American people to the TARP coup bailouts .Demonstrating that there was no real differences between the left and right wings of the political set up.
    With the right discredited for its dumb wars and presiding over the collapse of the financial system after ‘tax cuts to the rich” etc
    Now I happen to believe (NOT BEING A CONSPIRACY THEORIST ) that the Obama ‘left liberal ” Presidency was a creation of the CIA on behalf of the ruling elite.

    There was a need by the elite for a “left “candidate able to manage the bailouts “fairly “ Someone able to rally the liberals as an anti-war candidate and promising to protect the poorer people ,the unionists in the government sector , the pensioners and those on welfare both black and white , one able to get out the Black vote so as to restore faith in the American politics. The bait was peace and universal Medicare.

    While some CONSPIRACY THEORISTS suspect that Obama might be serving the international Anglo /American financial elite ,The Rothschild’s .Rockefellers etc
    This view has been seen to have some basis in the revelations that a lot of the TARP bailout funds were not just directed by the privately owned FED to the American TBTF banks but for socializing the losses of foreign banks too.

    Hence the still valid concern over Obamas dual allegiance.

    Obama with his great expert respect for the constitution says any constitutional law concern is “silliness”
    If so why were these documents sealed was he unable to produce a real LFBC years ago?

  6. Your right 5.06

    Classic trolling above by the proverbial 14 year old living in her mothers basement!

    The intention is to create the impression that any person seriously concerned about protecting themselves in the developing economic crisis ,a survivalist, has the mentality of a scared ,frightened 14 year old girl.

    Anyway , hand sewing may prove to be a useful skill ,but personally I am in favor of learning knitting skills.

    During the French Revolution the Jacobin working women hand knitters of Paris ,took their work along to maintain their living while enjoying the circus, the Guillotining of financial and other rich criminal elites of the aristocracy .

    Learning Pitchfork skills may also prove to be a useful skill around Wall well

  7. We are not a country. The United States of America is not a land mass but rather a Corporation owned by the Euro elite banksters.

    Like other corporations that are failing we will have our restructuring. This will include a culling of employees that have proven to be unprofitable.

    Our owners will use the same strategy with us that they use everywhere else. Divide and conquer. They are not intimidating by an armed American populace. They are counting on us to do the culling for them. They then come in after the fact.

  8. sorry.
    The above reference to Mathew Arnold should of course have been to.

    Benedict Arnold
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Benedict Arnold V (January 14, 1741 [O.S. January 3, 1740][1][2] – June 14, 1801)

    was a general during the American Revolutionary War. He began the war in the Continental Army but later defected to the British Army. While a general on the American side he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it to the British forces. After the plot was exposed in September 1780, he was commissioned into the British Army as a brigadier general.

  9. 4:56,

    I'm not too much into the government agent theory being people who troll sites posing as someone else. But I find 4:56 a little odd myself.

    14 year old girl who has the money to load up on all of that? Silver coins too? Your father hasn't taught you to shoot yet but you're somehow interested in shooting?

    Nope. Girls at that age would only be curious about guns if their fathers got them into it. Other than that no teenage girl would randomly pick up the desire to shoot (few exceptions). Unless they grow up and move out, then feel nervous and want to defend themselves. I can't see why a child today would even pay attention to the big horrible criminals down the street and how much crime is in their world. Kids don't start realizing how bad the world is until they get into their 20s.

    You seem awfully ambitious for a girl at that age, and considering your parents have no say in the matter just throws away your credibility. Elderly, wiser parents today can't even convince their 30 something year olds about what's taking place. But for whatever reason you just decided to look into the end of America and what to get ready for, stopped texting your bff, quit watching MTV, then started using your allowance money to buy bags of rice and water?

    Doubt it.

  10. to 8:35, I thought the Constitution says that if one parent is a U.S. citizen, then his or her child is also a citizen. So all this crap about Obama's birth certificate is just the usual Republican diversion from the real problems we have.

    When I was 13 I was interested in guns because I had a uncle who was a gun enthusiast. It's not the age that's important, and I don't know why you're picking on this kid as a troll. I collected all sorts of stuff as a kid that my parents had no interest in.

  11. Sticking It to Progressive SharonApril 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    7:48 - Sharonsj is yet AGAIN up to her usual BS posting - bashing Republicans. That MENSA mind is indeed a PROGRESSIVE, ONE TRACK mind!!

  12. In the great scheme of life I'm not so much shocked if Obama is lying about his birth certificate...What I am shocked and pissed about is how lazy and useless he's been.

    How he rolled over for the banks, takes upteen vacations, travels up and down with an army and spends like a f*cking idiot money we don't have.

    Even that douche GW didn't spend like this guy...We are going to crash at this point...The train has left the station with no brakes.

    I think they know it and are looting what they can before it all goes south...Setting themselves to control what will soon be a broken down third world nation.

    We are the new Argentina.

  13. got a niece around 14, have given her silver for christmas b-day etc, so yes someone at 14 can have PM's and depending on where they live may have an interest in hunting, fishing, imagine a girl, young or old, who fishes, hunts, backpacks in grizzly country..well it does happen. aside from that in poor countries(where we are headed to a degree) the kids will re-sole shoes, sew/knit/patch jeans and make from scraps various clothings and many other things etc to sell so any useful skill or knowhow is good and like as has been said when others are down a nice dress for the kid, makeup for a woman, bottle, chocolate, any like thing goes along ways and can be valued. whether the above poster is true or not who cares, guess some of you haven't a broad range of experiences and or people you know and different area's of the world yet.
    I know, hard to imagine america where things are hand sewn not bought from oversea's, grown local, slaughtered local, produced local...hmmm..happened in the past but isn't considered now a sign of a prosperous, prosperity is buying imports!

    ever known an old timer who recounted saving buttons, scraps of clothing, metal scrap, even reused nails and used lumber, sawed through logs rather then had a chainsaw, all sorts of things...people eventually just won't go out and buy everything at a whim and be willing to wait in lines for gas and will have to physically work again. oh well, we crash, some will shine, others will falter., best weight lose program is necessity of work needing done

  14. sharonsj said, to 8:35, I thought the Constitution says that if one parent is a U.S. citizen, then his or her child is also a citizen. So all this crap about Obama's birth certificate is just the usual Republican diversion from the real problems we have.

    sharonsj, why did it take Obama over two years to release his long form birth certificate?

  15. 10:16 AM: sharonsj may claim to be a MENSA member, but ya can't fool all of the people.

  16. This is 10:16.


    sharonsj may claim to be a MENSA member, but she can't fool all of the people.

  17. I have an idea, how about we simply conclude that Congress, the POTUS and the SCOTUS are nothing more than a Mafia? The only way they can be stopped is by violent force.

    Any more ideas?

  18. Sharonsj is abused as a “Progressive”,a partisan liberal Democrat by someone who takls as a new neo-conservative Republican ‘traditionalist” opposed to the “welfare" sector of the economy consuming value ,seemingly at the expense of business and the hard working taxpayers.

    Yet, Progress was a principal ideological justification of American capitalism ,that stealing Indian lands or exploiting slave labor and then cheap labor immigrants allowed accumulation of capital that would develop the productive forces, build up America with
    more productive agriculture and industry . True while the rich got richer the ordinary people would improve their living standards trough a trickle down effect! And for a while many did.
    But now, the conservative supporters of capital in an insolvent ,bankrupt bailed out by taxpayers capitalism have abandoned the concept of “progress”and throw it it in too hard basket, and often infer that its is somehow now only a Liberal Marxist ideology!

    They believe that government deficit spending money for re-distributing wealth should only go for welfare to the banksters and capital and not the “lazy” working people whodeserve only Austerity till profitability somehow returns .

    While shoronsj imagines that the American working people are still actually producing profits for capital even after the deindustrialisation of America. With its conversion to a services economy ,with consumption fueled by a foreign credit supply of the savings of the rest of the world under a globalist system of production and wealth distribution.That since this Ponzi economy went belly up, that and working people are only being deprived of welfare and cheap credit supply by some sort of dirty trick by Republicans out to selfishly pocket more than their usual share of the national wealth. That working people deserve by human right.

    Capitalism of course recognizes no such human rights only the right to having free workers in the marketplace.

    Within the capitalist system as America developed the working people competed first with robber barons and later monopolies and still later with globalised capital for a share of the wealth and for shares in the government redistribution of wealth.More subsidies for industry ,tax concessions for the well off ,or more for improved welfare and higher waged living standards .
    Politics pandered to that division between capital/big business and the working people creating a (Social)Democrat and Republican (business)wing to fight over shares in any government as revenues as pork for the taking.
    Both wings of the political set up supported the system as the bi partisan American way to "progress".

    There can be no progress in America today because saved accumalated capital and government deficit spending is no longer being invested to develop American industry and improve productivity of real wealth, but to pay off past debts to capital with hope and prayers
    tat the old Ponzi economy will somehow fly again. Even though credit supply and the dollar hegemony system is running out of puff
    But having made their profits in free trade and by de-industrialization
    and from foreign credit supply the American capitalists have lost even the institutional memory of how to increase profits by improving industrial productivity.
    The fight between Democrats and Republicans ,the party politics in congress and in bloggers comments is only over what sector should get government welfare bailouts and pork business or welfare not progress .

  19. 8:50 pm: There are people who are tired of the partisanship displayed by sharonsj. They see what both parties have done to the nation.

  20. Anonymous said...
    April 27, 2011 10:44 PM
    The great culling of American workers that you speak of is already taking place.
    2007-to present.
    Once the elites have determined the exact number of serfs needed to run the economy for the elites,
    then the Mass destruction of human life will take place, they will take us to war: most likely target will be Iran (the Persians).
    A Calculated cold and exact measurement of population reduction is at hand.

  21. we need to be prepare for everything. Right now the world isn't in its best shape and the best way to do something about it. It is to be prepared for the worse.


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