Monday, April 18, 2011

The Shock of a New Paradigm

I wanted to revisit the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme because I feel that there was a very important lesson in there. The day after Bernie Madoff was exposed, hundreds of very wealthy and connected investors faced a new paradigm. Everything that they knew and relied upon turned out to be a lie. Americans, for the most part, passed it off as, “poor billionaires have to live like us now.” I want you to get past that initial reaction and see how they reacted to this new paradigm.
Retired British Army Maj. Bill Foxton was known for his sharp wit and red hair. When he found out that his entire life’s savings were wiped out in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme, he calmly sat down on a park bench near his house and blew his brains out.
An HSBC banker, Christen Schnor hung himself in a 5-star hotel room in West London. He was staying at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel while his apartment was renovated. A hotel worker found Schnor naked and hanging by a belt in the closet. Christen managed $1 billion in funds that were wiped away by the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme.
Magon de la Villehuchet, 65, was found dead at his desk in New York on Tuesday, both of his wrists slashed and a bottle of pills nearby. Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet saw his fortune and his loved ones’ money disappear along with his clients’ when he lost $1.4 billion he had invested with Bernard Madoff. The Magon de la Villehuchet family traces the origins of its wealth to the 17th century. The family was so rich and prominent that it loaned money to Louis XIV.
These three were very sharp, educated, and well connected men. They could have very easily have still have lead a very comfortable life with their knowledge and connections. I believe, in the end, the shock of a new paradigm far out weighed their financial losses. The fact that they were suckered and that they were complicit in the bankruptcy of their friends and family, was too much for them to bear.
“The whole government is a Ponzi Scheme.” -Bernie Madoff
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  1. That much money is evil - it will rot you to your very core. :ife is mostly about balance.
    Enter the new paradigm - where such things now move at incredible speed

  2. They should have just picked themselves up by the bootstraps and rebuilt everything, since they are so much smarter and better than us that they could overcome any obstacle without any capital.

    Fuck them all. Madoff was a hero. The rich steal from the middle class and poor all the time, and this guy stole from them. Hell, he even actually redistributed as much of it as he could to his loyal employees before they hauled him off.

  3. I'm walkin' on sunshine, whoa-oh!
    And don't it feel good!

  4. they throw you a small fish like madoff, while the whales steal the country away with bailouts to the tune of trillions

  5. why is this article using a picture of Prince Frederick & Princess Mary and young family???
    Another typically useless blogger who doesnt bother to check what theyre publishing!!

  6. why does this article use a photo of the Danish Royal Familys' Prince Federick and Princess Mary and children. Another blogger who doesnt bother checking what theyre publishing!

  7. Regarding Danish Crown Prince Frederik and his family, Mr. Schnor apparently managed one of their funds. So perhaps this is a blogger who really does bother to check things out. Refer to the comments on the article posted on this website:

  8. 304 another paid shill, who is hoping for the demise of the usa

  9. This thought struck me today like a high-powered laser to the middle of my forehead.

    Analogy: the hive has gone mad. Collectively too many of the bees no longer produce honey for the good of the hive. More and more insane bees flying about aimlessly, disoriented, unaware even of their queen's importance in its overall role in survival they are now causing untold damage to all. Too many bees for themselves as it were. And the ones left that have kept their sanity, their perspective, their balance, have begun to withdraw from the hive leaving only the insane ones.

    This is the best way I can describe the present human condition and how I see things unfolding.

    We, the last remanants of a once relatively productive and sane hive, the overall human hive, may indeed need to build a new hive because it is becoming every increasingly clear that the one we have now is corrupted and polluted so far within that no honey can ever again be produced.

    I think we're at that point.

    Sadly I don't think this analogy will be proven wrong from here on out.

  10. interesting to notice how money was placed within each of their hearts, to lose all money therefore end your life? sad. choices, they made the choice to what, worship money? and their god died, so they must too? nothing wrong with money or riches, but what does your heart and mind do with it and those desires. seems some are sort of happy about somes downfall because their rich...why? because your not? you want and cannot attain therefore you strive and hate. envy. such as it's ever been. I suppose if one doesn't like rich people because they aren't, they could get out of the system of paper riches, there are other things in life besides paper money or money itself. guard your hearts

  11. Be true to your vision: what you don't acknowledge is the paradox that the hive mentality is the insanity to begin with and what has lead to its own destruction. Humans are neither bees nor ants. We are devoted to false kings and queens. Take away that paradigm and you remove the fantasy/insanity and reveal ourselves for what we are: free individuals with potentially free minds.

  12. Here's something you didn't know: When the global collapse occurs there will be leaders of govt, military, banking, corporations, and even clergy that will not get their meds and they too will go nuts only they have power so their bad decisions during the craziness will affect millions of people.

    Not only will the peasants be crying for meds but all those who hold some power because millions of people of all ages, societal position and creed are on meds and those will be the most dangerous of all because some of these power brokers will be holding the keys to nuclear arsenals, biological & chemical weapons, bank accounts, and all sorts of nasty killer bombs. I'm sure the highest connected leaders will get meds but how to control the underlings who won't have access to them..?

    Oh crap!

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