Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This Is Going To Be The Greatest Wealth Transfer In The History Of Mankind


  1. This guy is the perfect example of why I want these rich fucks dead. What is he concerned with? Not the misery and destruction from everything going to hell, but how to make a profit from it. Any anyone who invests with these bastards should go to hell with them.

  2. Sharonsj, if a video on gold and silver--which is actually quite objective--is going to make you this angry, then you really shouldn't watch it. Also, weren't you telling us just recently you've been buying silver jewelry for investment purposes? Aren't you being a little HYPOCRITICAL? But then again, LIBERALS like you are HYPOCRITICAL by nature.

  3. EA - Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fantastic blog. For those of us who've been reading your blog for even a short amount of time AND invested in gold and silver, we THANK YOU. Days like today in the PM market are why we sold our worthless dollars and bought REAL MONEY.

  4. re sharonsj

    In a way I understand you. This world we live in HAS to change. The rich has their fun now. Now its time EVERYONE has a good time! See Zeitgeist Moving Forward, best documentary every, in my opinion, talking about all this...

  5. Liberals/Progressives pose as lovers of humanity and equal rights but their roots are strictly skin color prejudiced against non whites, the hatred of homosexuals and feminism, and religious groups like Jews. All of this still secretly exists in their minds and hearts today - as well as in their agenda. It has only been hidden by the deception of the media and how they've rewritten our history text books.

    As you can see, Sharonsj wants to kill people just because they discuss investing in gold. Who doesn't she want to kill then!? But if you go back to her era in the 60s and early 70s you'll see that same exact emotional disturbance playing out in the "revolutionaries." No wonder they label humans as parasites and compare us to bacterias that have no right to be here.

    Crappy schizophrenics like Sharonsj couldn't change their minds even if it killed them. They've selected their antagonist/protagonist and wouldn't be able to alter their perception and viewpoints no matter what facts you present to them. And I bet you she came from a broken family.

    Watch how so many liberal actors and actresses, and even pop stars seem to desire polygamy and despise family values. Strangely, they usually had drunk dads or divorced parents. Since they didn't get to have a well bonded family they insist no one should be allowed to.

    That's their mentality! Redistribute the wealth to everyone so we can run on an economy that produces nothing except money spent on stuff. And as Sharonsj explained - if this doesn't occur and we do not get the money from those who have it, then we must kill them and take it anyway.

    I'm not Republican either. To those Conservatives who feel the solution is to get a Conservative House and then have everyone go get jobs at McDonalds, Walmart, or bussing tables somewhere for five bucks an hour let me ask you a question. Why do you believe man's existence should permanently revolve around jobs that mean absolutely nothing? And don't respond, "We have to work to eat." That's already been given as the reason we work meaningless jobs...

    And for those seeking gold and silver as a means to survive and thrive, let me pose this. Who will you go to with your precious metals when there will be no law and order, no enforcement of an official evaluation of their worth? Won't you be scared the person you would randomly try to bargain with would just kill you for your treasures? Any new centralized social establishment will take another 100 years to bring about once we sink here...

    As far as my vision of our situaton goes, I don't see gold and silver helping anyone. The Atomic Mind was supposed to be explored 60 years back, but we continued fixating on the outside world. We were supposed to tap into the wells of the inner planes but never did. Now the Atomic Mind is turning in on itself in mindless chaos. The only solution left is to cultivate the Way.

  6. Sharon try to remember you cannot hurt someone's ability to get "rich" without hurting your ability to become rich. Let's say he does what he has to do to profit from the destruction coming and you choose to be destroyed by it so your not one of those rich fucks. Who is going to be able to help others who like you are too ignorant to plan?

  7. get rich, or do well enough. matters of the heart isn't it? pursuit of riches will make the heart sick.
    that old rocka 'feller guy being so rich wrote he was at times the most miserable man alive, having all yet driven, driven to gain more.
    seeing the rich many are envious, themselves driven for more gains, discontent, leading to their anger...wars on a smaller scale. have all u need? be content, guard your hearts

  8. 1:49 there were no laws when Columbus discovered (or whoever did, it's in dispute) America. Gold seemed to work then as well as biblical times and during the Roman Empire COLLAPSE. So, what's going to change now?

  9. 12.14 you sound like a bitter LOSER to me.Hard work inituative and insight pay off in spades in the long run.Just cause your a failure dont take everyone down with you.
    BUY Gold and Siver now
    Bring down the banksters!

  10. 1.49
    What a lot of hot air.yOu must be and academic with tenure

  11. Conservatives, Republicans are the biggest hypocrites, they hate abortion, but love it when it is a black baby, or like they call them in the south, Slave babies, biggest hypocrites on earth, repukes have that one nailed down tight.

  12. 3:48 your retarded

  13. 3:48 - Yours is truly one of the stupidest and most racist comments I've read on this blog in a long time. EA should delete the comment.

  14. Hey 3:48, do black Republicans feel the same way? Do you even think before you type? Moron.

  15. do the world a favour delete 3.48 who appears to a victim of brain matter depletion.
    Then B U Y S I L V E R !!
    Put JP Morgan and Company out of business and bring back an honest monetary system.

  16. Save the United States
    Remove the banksters from our monetary system otherwise we are going to be more screwed than we already are.Can you say Hyperinflation!!!!!.
    Thankyou Mr Bernank

  17. My Dear Friends,

    I am writing to you from the Irving Farm Coffee and Internet cafe in Millerton NY. Our internet carrier went down today and is showing no promise of revival in the near future. I have a great coffee and a raisin bran muffin by my side so overall I have no grounds to complain.

    Gold linked to the dollar today certainly has taken down $1444 for the count on three taps. That lights up Angel $1521 as the next to be captured.

    Expect the Round Number Effect at $1500 for gold, but less severe than the battle at $1400. Angel $1650 is quickly coming into focus.

    If we have learned one thing, it is not to get short term focused on this market. Stay focused on what is important and not the noise.

    Think for a moment if Armstrong and Alf are right on gold. That would mean the following prices are coming:


    Those prices are possible because the balance sheets of the entire western world financial entities are based on false assumptions yielding valuation that pass auditing (FASB) but will never come to fruition. It is the mark to maturity method that not only used the BIS but other institutions that give comfort to the masses that are not looking at self protection here and now.

    The financial system of the entire western world is FUBAR and there is no intention anywhere of fixing the problems at the level of its cause, OTC derivatives. The EU outlawed naked credit default swaps which is a clear comment on their ability to work if put under pressure. This is regardless of whether they were margin or naked in my opinion.

    To say this is it is to be very late to the game.

    Realize that the system has already failed.
    Realize that there is no champion in a power position with the will to fix it.
    Realize that even if there was a true fixer there are absolutely no tools to apply that would not in a short time cause more severe pressure than before applied.
    Realize then that there is no PRACTICAL means to get the western world financial economy back on its feet
    Realize that since the entire western world financial entities are based in sand there can be no sustainable economic recovery anywhere in that group.
    Realize that a third war of any degree is madness.
    Realize that our actions in the Middle East will cause increased hatred of the West.
    Realize that the problems in the Middle East are not pro West or pro democracy.
    Realize that gold is going to some degree make my long term price objective, given you ten years ago, look so low it will be silly.

    Hold on to your insurance because you need it now. Pity the anti gold hedge funds short gold and gold shares based on, in my opinion, egomania, for they are very short lived now.

    It is not a question of if we will prevail. We have already prevailed. Now our holdings are on the march to discount the hyper-inflation that is already written for history books to come.

    Respect the fact that the same forces driving gold have historically driven equity market in past similar historical situations.

    Respectfully yours,


  18. the usa is giving libya and egypt to the brotherhood of all muslims, count on it, our criminal govt is and has always worked with the terrorists.

  19. I agree with what sharonsj said. It's the rest of you people who are the fools! Jesus said "Money is the root to all evil." Why? Money is not real it's counterfeit and manipulated by the powers that be. (Federal Reserve)Jesus also said that the devil will go out and deceive the world. We see that happening now with this fake monetary system that the powers that be has enslaved us in.

    sharonsj said...

    This guy is the perfect example of why I want these rich fucks dead. What is he concerned with? Not the misery and destruction from everything going to hell, but how to make a profit from it. Any anyone who invests with these bastards should go to hell with them.


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