Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When Honest Americans are Cast as Criminals

There are those who feel some of the leadership of America has sold us down a river of ruin.  After all the bailouts, corruption and malfeasants that has brought a financial catastrophe to America, not a single financial elite has been indicted, let alone gone to jail.  Crimes have surely been committed, but it appears the U.S. Justice Department has turned its back on prosecuting anyone. On the other hand, the government is putting more and more pressure on common citizens who are looking for a peaceful change to get the country back on track.  Giordano Bruno (aka Brandon Smith) from Neithercorp Press is back with an essay on everyday Americans being categorized as homegrown terrorists by the government that is supposed to serve them!  There is a bit of humor and a whole lot of truth to this post.  Please enjoy!
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  1. yes great work.
    because the FEMA CAMPS ARE FOR YOU!!!!!!!

    WELCOME your work will set you free.

    sedition is not just for the masses but for the elite that destroyed america

  2. I'm a domestic terrorist because:

    - I write my Congressional rep and remind her that she's a worthless piece of shit and should do the country a favor and quit.

    - I have an American Flag and a Gadsten Flag
    - I have a 12 gage shotgun
    - I know the 1st Amendment contains five Rights
    - I have a Constutional Right to keep and bare arms.
    - I have food and water stored enough for 3 months
    - I care about the future of the country. I don't see much for my new grandson to look forward to.
    - I am all in favor of term limits for Congress
    - I believe a servant should never get paid more than their master, so members of Congress should be paid minimum wage and no benefits, including no pensions.
    - I believe 9/11 did not happen the way the 9/11 commission says it did.
    - I admire Ane Barnhard and her firm stance on islam.
    - I do not believe Obozo was born in Hawaii
    - I do believe Obozo is a Marxist/Socialist and is no good for this country.

    Therefore, Mr. J Nap of the DHS says I'm a domestic terrorist and proud of it!

  3. Im a domestic terrorist because
    I have an upside down amerkin flag on my car
    I hate how republiCONS have ruined this country under a false presidunce bush, who cheated to win and who never served his country
    I have bare arms, no hair on them
    I like to eat food
    I care about the countty the politicians are ruining and see no future for the children
    I believe congress steal enough money and deserve a pay cut
    I believe if they passed healthcare, they should be made to have it also
    911 is a lie, a govt cover up no doubt about it
    I believe obama was threatened into doing what the powers that be tell him
    I believe obama is a fascist as have the last 6 presidunce were as well and all are leading us off a cliff, on purpose.
    I beleive that the tsa is slave training the public so they will submit to anything


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