Sunday, May 15, 2011

College Conspiracy: College education is the largest scam in U.S. history!


  1. If you think education is expensive

    try ignorance

  2. Education is something acquired by living, by doing; not by listening to some Professor drone on about their limited life and professional experience. 4:57 sounds like a water boy/girl for the establishment. Live, Do, Succeed...

  3. The US education system was a Ponzi too.

    Partially funded by government deficit spending for student loans.

    The students ,aiming to join the middle class took out the loans/Debts thinking once they had a degree that would guarantee a high paid job income to pay back the loan and then they would be able to achieve the American dream house with a mortgage also financed by the US government deficit spending.
    Subsidising the Education system by creating national debts for the future!

    Before the collapse of the dollar hegemony system supplying credit for americans from the savings of the rest of the world , that worked fine and provided demand in the housing market fueling the property bubble.

    With growing underemployment and unemployment paying off the student loans is now difficult and for many impossible, let alone paying off a Mac Mansion mortgage debt too.
    The aspiring middle class students have been converted into Debt peons with a life sentence of servitude.
    With tens of thousands of $ in debts already ,the next generation of middle class housing mortgage demand will be low ,further crashing house prices
    Who will buy the millions of foreclosed houses ?

    As America is no longer a profitable industrial commodity wealth producing economy, the remaining industry being mostly armaments or defense related industries for building war debts ,all also paid for by subsidized by government deficit spending.

    The current crop of graduates are not educated with skills suitable for a productive industrial society ,but for marketing work in the old Ponzi sevices economy.
    Mostly they have degrees in providing various services for a services economy of consumers dependent on credit supply.

    Graduates with degrees for providing a level of high waged services now at a cost greater than what the American Economy can not now afford to absorb.

    Some say they have degrees in impractical ignorance that passes for American education

    An article at SLATE points to interconnection of the twin Ponzi economy bubbles .Education And Property.

    Is College a Rotten Investment?
    “Prices for the two goods spiked about the same time, too. The average sale price of a new home was $155,600 in Sept. 1995. It peaked at $329,400 in March 2007. The rise in the price of new homes tripled in comparison with the rise in the price of everything else. The same happened for college tuition, whose spiraling costs bounded past the general rate of inflation. The average price of tuition at four-year colleges, in constant 2007 dollars, climbed from $8,552 in 1980 to $20,154 in 2009.
    There was no logical reason for these price escalations. Neither college educations nor homes had become less plentiful in relation to the size of the population, justifying a dramatic increase in price. Nor had a four-year education… or an average new home improved significantly, at least not enough to justify the extraordinary costs.
    Irrational exuberance had seized both markets.”

  4. No, 4:57 sounds like a 16 year old internet troll living with his parents who came by here just to upset people.

    The video threatens his view that all he has to do is go to college for a few years and he'll come out making 100K. The truth is that a degree won't get you anywhere. Real careers you'll be starting as a gopher making 20K, after a few years you might get a nice spot making 40K, and if you stay with it for long enough you may eventually find yourself on the top with a great salary. That is an unfortunate reality young people can't tolerate who wish the former were true. And today I don't think there are many hard workers in this generation, so careers and corporations might actually fall apart altogether by this in the coming decades.

    Back to the main point. Yeah college is a scam. 50 years ago colleges in the US allowed young people who were intelligent to go in, get a degree, and come out with a decent job. This does not exist anymore.

    The Department of Education is the main cause that we rank as low as Turkey in education. Our schools, with Turkey, are the worst in the world!

    Notice how the Dept of Education portrays itself as a group helping financially weak families, supposedly the minorities, in getting their kids into a university?

    What comes with this apparantly are swarms of students in each university whom as freshmens read and write at a 3rd grade level, many if not most can't do Algebra, all have to pay 200 bucks to rent a text book for three months where you could buy a much better book at a bookstore for 20 dollars, the vast majority of kids enrolled at a college seem to have a passion for getting intoxicated, the kids who drop out or graduate alike will end up back home with loads of debt stacked up from grants and credit cards, and those that graduated seem to have no more intelligence than those without degrees.

    It's fair to extrapolate from the above that a group of people manipulated us. The elites obviously desired many to go to college so that they could end up debt prisoners. Debt is wealth, since debt equals slavery. Secondly, the elites pushed for youth to be interested in parties and drugs. Generation X demonstate how this mentality carries over (grown adults who are too busy smoking pot to raise their kids). You can only imagine how deranged Generation Y will be when they get older. (That is of course, if it goes on that far.)

    Obviously that's all convoluted. In short, these bastards bread us through TV, schools, fake science (mostly existential philosophy posing as psychology), and fallacious statistics to:

    1) never be happy with what we have,
    2) be afraid of others,
    3) believe being a genius is for crazies,
    4) take grants, loans, and credit cards,
    5) scoff at love and fidelity in relationships,
    6) feel you have no connection with Spirit/God,
    7) think there is no right and wrong,
    8) look only at technology and come to view this as progress,
    9) be feminized - i.e. to falsely believe women want men to be spineless, immoral, and not have chivalrous values,
    10) think we need military, work, and schools.

    They've done well in killing the USA through these measures. Enough said.

  5. Wow! If you think eduction is expensive, try ignorance.
    Unbelievable how you jackass know it alls jumped the bandwagon on that one.
    I am Gannon Apha Phi Delta 1981 - I will retire from GE Nuclear next year with a 175K a year
    pension; I have saved well over a million dollars over the last 30 years which I have invested wisely in strong currencies like the frank; commodities like corn, sugar gold silver
    and emerging market real eatste. Without my education; I would still be in Hoboken, working the docks for 20 bucks an hour and all I could steal.
    Don't tell me it's a waste of time and money - if you apply yourself; it will reward you. If you screw off
    Well, there you have it

  6. Well their you have it,5.59. preaching to the young with success stories from economic conditions and an economy of the past.

    "I am Gannon Apha Phi Delta 1981 - I will retire from GE Nuclear next year with a 175K a year"

    And saved megabucks to boot.
    This Nuclear industry made profits by transferring environmental costs ,including the cost of dismantling old plants and the strorage of its spent fuel to future generations.

    He expects that the next generation DESPITE LIVING IN ENFORCED AUSTERITY WITH TENS OF MILLIONS ON FOODSTAMPS IN A FAILED CAPITALISM as well as those burdened by student loan debts will be able work and to pay taxes in order to keep him in clover forever on a 175k PENSION.

    TEPCO The nuclear comany at Fukishima Japan is bankrupt and will have difficulties paying out on its promised pensions.

    Dangerous GE nuclear Plants were installed at Fukishima and in America. That will have to be dismantled and spent fuels safely stored.

    The cost of fixing the mess in japan and in america could easily send GE bankrupt.

    Will GE pensions survive a bankruptcy ?

    And if they do will the pensions payouts be transferred over to government ?

    What is the maximum yearly limit that the government rescue mob will pay out for bailing out dud Pensions?


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