Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dealing with Our Coming Economic Disaster

The situation in the United States has deteriorated and will continue to do so unless drastic action on our federal, state and local government deficits is taken.  We need to trace what happens during an economic collapse.  In preparation for a collapse here is what you can do personally to avoid being swept away by the tidal wave of fear, anxiety and trepidation.
During the early stages of a nation collapsing economically, the debt of the nation swells almost uncontrollably.  We, in the United States are already there.

From the burgeoning debt loads come the setting for collapse.

While the disaster can unfold in many ways, the course for the United States is already set in motion.

Inflation will increase.  When inflation hits, citizens with limited financial resources become economic casualties first.  These citizens are part of the beginnings of the downward spiral which ultimately leads to a depression.

In a misguided attempt to kick start the economy, our government will attempt another stimulus program which will fail.  The parameters under which Fiscal Policy might work if you are so inclined to believe that it does have long been broken.  Consequences of government actions are becoming unpredictable and are having unintended consequences.

The United States began the first phase of the stimulus program with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act as well as the significant expansion of the unemployment compensation to pull us out of the recession.  Both actions were the wrong actions at the wrong time.


  1. America is a debt ridden failed capitalist Ponzi economy .

    This is an unsolvable problem for capitalism as it cannot loan to expand the economy by investing further capital as the limits of a Ponzi. Economy have now been reached .
    With a nation of debt peons in debt crisis ,now unable to keep up with its interest and dividend obligations on past government ,finance sector, and commercial and housing property debts.
    The writing is already on the wall for the . US dollar hegemony empire!
    You can see it written everywhere .
    The writing says
    America “For sale’
    Hanging on the fences and houses of its debt ridden and underwater debt peons in street after street.on signs right .to the American flags on the front lawns.

    The ruling elite class bribing with bonuses its bankster agents and its bribed and paid polical managers have already carried a “legal” financial coup to seize control pf US treasury and government national money as debt printing press After seeing the writing on the wall in 2008 ,with the collapse of the money/credit supply mortgage markets.

    Tthe elite is now using as a fresh supply of capital the bailout funds provided by government to socialize past losses ,for looting the remaining retirement savings of its working people via an inflationary money supply and by foreclosing by the millions on housing assets and for cheap buy ups .from those unable to meet mortgage payments.
    Student loan debts are greater in total than all credit card debts.
    The future value of American housing is bleak the future market will be near non-existant
    as Americas middle class youth will be unable to take out mortgage loans . They are already enslaved junior debt peons facing lifetime servitude, millions are captured by student loans debts that they are now unable to escape through bankrupty.
    These student loan debts were entered into in good faith in American capitalism ,with the expectation of future high waged employment Now in de-industralized America they desperately fight for spare time minimum wage jobs at MacDonalds and other remaining employers. They will not be able afford to buy bubble priced housing loans too!. .
    Many of the baby boomers and the lower middle class now “underwater” after speculating with their savings in the housing bubble , will not be able to sell up their Mac Mansions and down size for retirement to a smaller house.

    Cultural degeneration is huge in the now Decending stage of capitalist developmentin a country now populated by debt peons and drugged up and dumbed down functional illiterates as the end product of American capitalist individualist education and its “me me”now bankrupt on consumer credit culture.

    See for example reports @

    Business Insider reports that Nearly Half Of Detroiters Can't Read

  2. 522
    you are an idiot but you already knew this.
    thanks to fools like you ill be rich beech.


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