Friday, May 27, 2011

The Door is About to Shut for Americans

Anyone aware of the US Government's real financial situation knows that time is running out. The Government has $15.5 trillion in admitted debts but those debts, when calculated under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), or 'honest accounting', is over $70 trillion. $70 trillion divided by 300 million+ Americans works out to $233,000 per person in US Federal Government debt and obligations. Or nearly $1 million per family of four.

That does not included personal debt, state debt or municipal debt.

This debt plus an economy that has been completely hollowed out by the Federal Reserve system ensures that there is no way the US Government can ever pay off this debt. And, everyone knows it.

The indications that the US Government is moving very quickly to enact any legal measure or fine against Americans and to make it nearly impossible for any American to escape payment to pay for their sins are everywhere.

We recently commented on how It Is now Easier to Enter the US Than It Is To Leave. Customs agents and cash sniffing dogs stand on guard at most international US airports checking to make sure no one has more than $10,000 in cash without declaring it. The standard response to this is: "They are only making it difficult for criminals to move about and to transfer money".

Well, the problem is, the US Government is moving very quickly to make it so almost everyone is seen as a criminal in the eyes of the US legal system.

Now We Are All Criminals
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  1. This Economy is in the toilet.
    Search: Layoffs 2011

    You will see that, things are not getting better at all.

  2. but..but..the G-8 said just now that increased economic growth would enable countries to pay down and decrease debt. they did however say that headwinds are possible so...

  3. I just got laid off this week. Life sucks!

  4. The article on the Pope's advisor says it all.

    Way too many people on this planet have no decency in their hearts; having had their morality stripped away by an upside down
    way of life where no work gets you a handout
    and hardwork is out of vogue.

    And then to top it off; when something like this is found out, the molester is surrounded
    by a wall of lawyers hell bent on making sure
    he is free to pursue this grotesque lifestyle.

    Which, of course he is, and will continue and it will only ever stop when people start taking
    it upon themselves to get involved - until then
    staus quo and every month it gets a little worse
    and a little worse

  5. About decadence and a lack of involvement:

    I sometimes wonder about the "safety" in using the internet, and what role it is playing it destroying us further.

    While the internet is filled with 99% garbage, misinformation and scams, it wouldn't be possible to have people realize important truths. I would have no way of finding out the economic peril we face, and with only the TV I would think we are still at 9% unemployment and everything will be okay at some point.

    But comparing the net to only a few years back, it is interesting to count at least several lies on every website with pop up scams begging for your attention. On youtube, when you wish to watch just one video, thousands more try to force their way into your sight. How can anyone concentrate on the single task they went online for these days?

    Forums likewise, seem like a nest of insecure people with too much time on their hands to start week long, segmented arguments where every person poses as an expert handing others poorly supported viewpoints.

    A further degenerate condition is the dwindling education that the internet promotes. Note how children don't like reading (most). Instead, they like looking at pictures or have adults read to them. People have come to substitute the real education received through books (non fiction) for the illustrated youtube videos that usually don't contain any facts.

    This latter example is the same in programs on the history and discovery channel. While videos can be a simple way of absorbing a concept, they do not train people to be critical thinkers, how to analyze material, do advanced math, write, focus, etc. Many people today, as a result, make a habit of reading headlines and nothing more! Might as well go watch the CNN or FOX tickers all day.

    The final piece is how the internet makes it so convenient for people to order items or download electronic entertainment that many corporations aren't useful any longer. This only equates to joblessness.

    In other words we're seeing the start of a one world market, that bypasses people and places the consumer and the object within lightspeed of each other. While this might have to start somewhere, just as the earliest guns did, there is no possible way jobs will increase. Many sham schools of course try and grab money from gullible people by lying to them about how business will be transformed by the internet. The simple truth is that the internet is steadily gobbling up all businesses that are not manufacturing products. And the more advanced it becomes, the less it takes to operate it.

    It is easy to grow comfortable with the ease of access that the internet gives you over the world. But it won't be pleasant to find out in a few years how many have grown stupid, lazy, devoid of sensitivity, attention deficient, and seeing little else to do in the world.

    How could people get active when the only world they know is the front page of yahoo, and all the hours they waste surfing through endless links and websites? How many do this, and not realize the food production is no longer suffice in keep everyone fed?

    How out of touch with reality are we that the leaders in America let this shortage go to waste by sending it to Egyptians or those in the Nigerian 419? How about the Chinese and Danish governments burning up their food to stop "global warming?"

    Humanity is screwed...

  6. Pope’s Adviser On Pedophilia Scandals Arrested on Pedophilia and Drug Charges ? Really ?
    May 29, 2011

    The headline you bring regarding the pedophilia scandal in Italy is a scam.
    This headline has been taken originally from .
    Since I reported the headline scam Mr. Kevin Flaherty, the editor of the blog. Has changed it intothe following: Priest in Archdiocese of Pope’s Adviser On Pedophilia Scandals Arrested on Pedophilia and Drug Charges

    The e-mail I sent to Mr. Flaherty

    Dear Mr. Flaherty,
    The headline you had last May 27th, “Pope’s Adviser On Pedophilia Scandals Arrested on Pedophilia and Drug Charges” is not just false but not even in line with the content of the same article you cite. Card. Bagnasco has not been arrested on Pedophilia and Drug Charges !
    The scandal of don Riccardo Seppia is certainly a serious one but he is not and he has never been a “Pope’s Adviser On Pedophilia Scandals “.
    That has been and is the role of card. Bagnasco. Investigations are still going on and no final verdict has been issued regarding don Seppia, a priest of the Genoa diocese headed by archbishop, card. Bagnasco. However no accusations of any sort have been brought against the card. Bagnasco and there has been no cover up by card. Bagnasco: he suspended don Seppia immediately.
    One can argue, contrary to what implied in your headline, that card. Bagnasco has been rather a victim of the scandal because this has happened in his diocese and has cast a very dark image even on those who were not at all involved or even aware of what the investigators have revealed.
    Of course one might also argue that the Pope’s Adviser On Pedophilia Scandals should have been more vigilant in his own diocese but that is a completely different charge from what you made. Nonetheless it would be fair to counter argue as well that in any organization there can be a black sheep, even in the flock of an extremely vigilant shepherd.
    If card. Bagnasco needs to find ways for being more vigilant, you, Mr. Flaherty, should be on your side more vigilant about how you report infamous news on anyone who, according to all reports, is completely innocent in the specific case.
    Don’t let your prejudice and your clear spin against Catholicism – and religion in general – carry away towards a complete falsehood. It’s even counterproductive for your own anti Catholic, anti religion agenda.
    You are doing a fine job at the coming depression but you should be yourselves more vigilant on what you report from other sources.


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