Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nationwide? The Massive "Linda Green" Mortgage Fraud

We found those two words are saving some people from foreclosure but putting other homeowners at risk.

There's a Linda Green signature on one of Bob's mortgage documents and on one of Marie's and on all these documents from mortgages on other people's homes. 
You can see they're all the same name - but they're not written by the same person.
"So what does that mean?"
John O'Brien, Register, Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds
"It means as far as I'm concerned, they're fraudulent documents."
"So every single document that has this signature is fraudulent?"
John O'Brien, Register, Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds
"I don't think they're legit!"
These different-looking signatures can be traced back to a company in Georgia that lots of banks and mortgage companies hired to create and sign documents. 
Investigators believe different employees signed the name "Linda Green" to thousands and thousands of Massachusetts mortgage documents.
So far, the Registry of Deeds for just part of Essex County has found 22 DIFFERENT versions of Linda Green signatures on paperwork from 33 DIFFERENT banks and mortgage companies.
If one of those phony signatures is on your mortgage paperwork - it puts the ownership of your house in question.

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  1. Linda Green? This video is late...
    Video: 60-minutes: Linda Green (Apr '11)

  2. i think linda GREEN may be an allias of GREENspan after all the Wizard was the biggest supporter of passing out cheap mortgage money to create a property bubble and for his fiends flogging of sub-prime and other dud bonds .

    Perhaps greenspan was just doing a bit of after hours moonlighting ?


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