Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's All A Lie..And You Bought It

Above is a great video that deserves to go viral about how we buy the lie. It is vital to the Elite’s paradigm  that we are continuously distracted or scared. This is so that we never see the REAL cause of our problems, the Elite that own and control our paradigm. The Elite will create any lie or enemy necessary to fool us into thinking the REAL enemy is Brand X. The reality is that there is no bigger threat to our way of life and freedom than our banking system and the families that own it.

  • We were sold on cavemen pulling off 9/11.
  • We were sold on that Saddam had yellow cake uranium, mushroom clouds, and al CIAda in Iraq.
  • We were sold on man made Climate Change.
  • We were sold on $700 billion dollar banker bailouts and “too big to fails.”
All of these were distractions to get more money to keep this Quadrillion Empire of Lies to keep afloat. We have a debt based monetary system that MUST create more debt every year in excess of the debt AND interest accrued the year before. Without out new debt, the system would collapse in a deflationary deflation that would make the Hindenburg look like a child’s toy.
So how do the Elite encourage more debt? They start by getting people to go into debt in their personal lives, buying things that they can never afford otherwise and create social pressure for them to be good little consumers. This then creates demand of the consumer society that now corporations take on more debt to meet this growing new phenomenon. Given the fortuitous timing of having the largest generation America has ever had suckered into this dream, is even better for the Elite. Finally, with all of this growth of money/debt, governments spend much more on promises, to get more power, to spend more money. All the while, the banksters create more and more money/debt out of thin air.





  2. there is oft moments when we come together. if this be one is to one. established power is central to rules. it only takes one. there will be revoltion before tomorow if people knew money. great men make statements like that, each different. but i have come to tell my thoughts. people we need solitairity. we must hold together. i dont agree with much but we must work with all are hearts. if we agree with much working aline cant help us now. together we stand as one, alone we fight as many. think of it like that folks.

    - Sam

  3. Once you wake up and see the lies all around you it is very disheartening that is for sure. I wouldn't go back to ignorance if I could though. Truth is always better than delusion and being under the control of others. It just never ends though. Just about everything around us is a lie.

  4. Er... climate change is real. The evidence is utterly overwhelming. I agree with your other points though.

  5. @5:10

    Overwhelming evidence of what? A natural cycle?

    One fact for you, the worlds volcanos on average pump out 300 billion tones of hazardous shit every year since time immemorial, you think mans estimated 15-20 billion tones make any meaningful difference?

    Believe Gore/Rothschild Inc if you want, there's a word for those who do...sheeple

    1. Actually the volcanoes produce 300,000,000 tons of Co2. Man produced 30,000,000,000 tons. 51% of that is from agriculture not fossil fuels...THAT is the big lie. 1/3 of the land on earth is used for it. Profit out weights the consequences

  6. @ 5:37am

    Actually, volcanoes emit only 65 to 319 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Humans emit around 100 times this amount.

    It's nothing to do with Gore/Rothschild. It's everything to do with hard science and facts. It's you that's a "sheep" for believing the utter crap spouted by Fox News and Glenn Beck.

  7. C02 is a minor trace gas, 98% of which occurs naturally. The current level of C02 is the lowest in 600 million years. Fudged numbers plugged into inadequate computer models is not science.

  8. Climate change has been happening on earth forever. Big changes, like the Ice ages, but also smaller ones. Northern Europe in the Dark ages (around 900 AD) was a lot colder than it is today. Weather patterns shift. Ocean currents shift.

    Now, MAN-MADE climate change, that's another story. It is too early to tell. I'm all for erring on the side of caution, but within reason. Don't wreck the economy. Don't tax us to death. Also, you won't get China to go along. They are huge polluters. India will be too as they continue to develop.

    -Not Sam

  9. @ 6:14am

    "Also, you won't get China to go along. They are huge polluters."

    China has invested more in clean energy than the US and Europe combined.

  10. @ 6:14am

    That humans are causing the rise in atmospheric CO2 is confirmed by multiple isotopic analyses:

  11. Lies, lies and more lies.

    As a child of the 1960's I had all the same childhood dreams as my friends growing up.

    I wanna be a...

    Space Man
    (Insert dream here)

    This current generation of teens... Lord help us!

    They're obsession is:
    Video Games
    Video Games
    Not reading books
    Video games
    Smoking pot
    Video Games
    Math, who needs math!
    Did I say video games?

    My own son once said he would like to be a paid video game tester. He is currently in the 7th grade.

    When I was in 7th grade in 1971 we had:
    No computers
    No calculators
    No Internet
    No Cell phones
    No cable TV
    No History or Discovery channel
    No Microwave ovens
    No iPads or iPods, Steve J and Steve W were just getting started on building the world's first Personal Computer.

    In 1971 "Google" was a math term. Searching for something meant going to the library and searching though a "Card Catalog" just to see if a book on your subject "might" be on the shelf, then you would have to look for it and if you could not find it, it "might" be checked out, but the librarian would never know for sure. It could literally take hours to find a simple answer to your question. It took time and effort.

    Life back then was truly "stone age", but at the same time we were the finest generation of the century. I never became a Space Man, but I did use my skills as a machinist to build rocket ships. I was never a solder, but my skills as a machinist helped to build thousands of Sidewinder Missiles.

    As a boomer, I can see right past the lies. They are so common it's chronic, (not "chronic" as in what dope smokers call good weed).

    Blame the boomers all you want, but it's YOU and your generation that will have to fight the "elite" or be crushed by them. The sad part is this current generation has no idea who the enemy is and as long as their video game machine works, they don't care!

  12. Do I think "Global Warming" was in a way made to make a few rich old men richer?


    Are they going to use it to control us more and more through laws and taxes?


    BUT do I believe we are a virus on the earth that destroys and pollutes and through our own filth and gluttonous consumption changes environments?

    Hell yes...So kinda on the fence about this one...Hate Al Gore but the drunk sexually assaulting prick may actually have a point this time.

  13. There has been no "global warming" for over a decade now, NONE! That's despite the tiny increase us humans have contributed to the total amount of C02. There simply is no runaway global warming. That's why global warming had to become "climate change". Now, any unusual weather event can be blamed on man made C02. As for Al Gore - the longer this C02 fraud continues the more money he makes. And, by the way, warming "precedes" any increase in C02, not the other way around, as Gore would have you believe.

  14. Bottom line is we are all deceived slaves. The elite think of us as useless eaters and are always looking for ways to gain more social control and thin the herd. Whether that be through their staged wars, aspertame, flouride, poisons, radiation, chemicals; many different ways.

    If it were not for these psychopaths the world could actually be a great place. Food and shelter for all. No wars and constant strife.

    As for man made Global Warming, yes it is a scam so the Redshields can tax the planet. But even if you cannot believe that, believe this: the elite have FREE ENERGY knowledge that would make almost all the manmade CO-2 issues go away.

    The technology exists to have free energy for your car, your home, anywhere. You just cannot have it because your masters won't let the slaves have something real. Real freedom.

    Don't believe it exists? Research Nicolai Tesla and what our old Buddy JP Morgan did to suppress and steal his discovered technology. Yes, the same JP scumbag that organized the Federal Reserve.

    If you want to have a shot at changing the world don't beat the Global Warming drum - the elite created that myth. It is a moot point since fossil fuels are entirely unnecessary and only there because the elite need to control energy.

    Scarcity = dependence = control = slavery.

  15. IF it existed * (which it doesn't) "free energy"
    would be here, along with all males with full heads of hair; pictures of sasquatch; the ability to spin straw into gold; the fountain of youth and a good glass of Rum that never goes empty

    Reality really does suck


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