Sunday, May 15, 2011

Preparing for Economic Collapse

How can I prepare for an economic collapse?” is one of the most common questions I get. It usually takes me a second to start to explain how complex such a question is. It’s like asking an auto mechanic, “Say, how do you build a car?” or asking a computer engineer, “What’s all that stuff inside my laptop?”
I do have some first-hand experience in this matter, though. The economy in my country, Argentina, has gone through various crises, but none as large as when the economy collapsed in 2001 after a decade of apparent prosperity. The currency devaluated, and Argentina defaulted on its USD$132 billion debt, the largest default ever. The middle class took to the streets after bank accounts were frozen, and the president was forced to resign, escaping the presidential building in a helicopter.
What I’ll do is, provide five quick foundational steps, based on what I know, for you to follow so as to be better prepared if something like what happened in my country ever happens in yours.

Step #1: Secure a percentage of your savings in bullion.
Five years ago, even the most paranoid person claimed you would never see “nationalized” banks in USA. The gung-ho survivalists claimed the entire country would go up in flames and open revolts would start before something as insane as a $700+ billion bailout to save the "too big to fail" rich elite was laid on the backs of the American working class. Yet here we are.
When I try to explain this very important issue to my American friends, they tell me that banks would never steal people’s money because there are laws against that in the USA. Their money is insured. We had those same laws in Argentina, but still it happened. We had a constitutional right to private property. Yet the constitution mattered little during the collapse. Go right ahead -- sue the government of the United States if something like that ever happens. Maybe you’ll get some of your savings back in a few years. If they feel like returning it.
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  1. All you skeptics and O'tards that think this will never happen here should buy a gun right now so you can use it on yourself as you finally become aware enough to see it happening as you watch your savior and the rest of the govt heading to their hidey holes and leaving you to die. Good Luck.

  2. You are a racist!!!! None of this is Obama's fault. He is the savior of the world!!!!

    He needs to destroy the constitution in order to implement his vision for America. Anyone who disagrees with him is a member of the KKK.

  3. LOL! When all else fails use the racist card...

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  4. All jokes and racism aside, let's not forget one very important thing.

    You may be all prepped up and ready for the long haul. Stocks of food, water, Jack Daniels, guns and ammo.

    What are you gonna do if you are not at home when the caca hits the fan? Do you have food, water and weapons in your car for your drive back home to the fort?

    Naturally the best choice is to keep a gun in the car anytime your butt is in it, but that too, comes with risk. A cop stops you for a bone head violation and then finds your gun. A car crash leads to a tow truck and before it's hooked, you have to somehow get your gun out without anyone seeing it.

    I have a very heavy walking stick that will definitely break bones. A large survival knife will not cause any issues from cops.

    My best options (outside of a firearm) are my crossbows. My small crossbow will fire a 6" arrow (bolt, for you hard core archers) and it can be cocked with little effort. I have a nylon lens case with 100 bolts in it. The large crossbow would require me to be outside the car to cock it, so it's not as practical.

    Anyone who has ever seen the LA Riots 1992 videos, you know that many people in cars were in a really bad position where thugs broke the door windows or tried to open the car doors and pull out the driver or passenger. If you find yourself face to face with a thug outside your car, you have few choices

    - Shoot him with the small crossbow and then jump on the gas, you won't get a chance to reload.

    - Pepper spray may work, but you could end up spraying yourself.

    - Use of a long stun gun. They are generally 12-16 inches long and will put your thug on the ground. If the dumb ass trys to take it away, he'll get zapped from the electrodes on the barrel.

    - The long blade of your survival knife will stop or kill your thug.

    - A fog horn in the face will deafen your attacker and they will naturally cover their ears. Jump on the gas!

    You have to be able to get home and stay there! Do not feel bad about phucking up someone who wants to stop you. NO ONE will help you.

  5. 4:12
    Waytabe Rambo - you forgot the fucking pungie
    sticks though!

  6. 412- California has strict gun laws. Only criminals can carry them. Any one with half a brain is leaving CA. for good.

  7. Yeah, unfortunately the Democrats have done a good job of empowering criminals in many states. There is nothing a Democrat hates more than an armed citizen.

    I feel for those who live in states like, CA, NY, NJ, MA, IL, MD, HA. Actually, I don't feel for you. It is your fault for electing these cretins in the first place. Please leave your voting habits behind when you move to a free state.

    In the meantime good luck dealing with the angry mobs when they come to steal your food and women. You eunuch liberal males will wish that you were armed then.

  8. The economic collapse and defeat of America

    Continual deficit funding for wars for the profits of the Military Industrial Complex and the mounting cost of the dividends for the bondholders owning the national war debts as treasury bills ,was the main thing that bankrupted the American Government .
    Now it can only survive by printing money creating even more national debt.

    America and the West in the dollar hegemony Empire claimed victory by outspending and bankrupting the state capitalist USSR in cold war armament competition.

    The last remaining superpower still standing !

    But the debt cost of this cold war militarism and the continuing wars later is still on the books!
    The cost of militarism!
    America is now bogged down in Permanent unwinnable wars against poor third world peoples ,desperately trying to save its oil backed dollar hegemony system .

    Underemployment and unemployment and tens of millions on food stamps as the end result.

    The USA had claimed ,with non state capitalism ,that it was better able to provide commodity wealth to its citizens than the USSR Put in the end was running on Ponzi credit from empire.

    The American ‘Free world” is now collapsing into debt crisis insolvency just like the state capitalist USSR weighed down by its old and new debts for militarism.

    And the American free market itself is non existent with its finance sector only surviving on handouts and government bailouts in americas own form of corporate State Capitalism.
    The american dream?
    The government now holding the bulk of the
    morgages, the biggest landlord in nationalised housing finance america with the tennants underwater prisoners to debts owned by government.

    But with its own commodity industry now exported to the Third World especially to state capitalist "communist" China .

    And the winner is???

    A Pyrrhic victory ( /pɪrɪk/) is a victory with devastating cost to the victor; it carries the implication that another such victory will ultimately cause defeat.


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