Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Reason Why Libya Was Invaded: THE DOLLAR


  1. If the sheep ever realized that all the world's strife is cause by an elite group of dominate men their heads would explode. Not going to happen. The status quo is ignorance coupled with all kinds of diversions.

    As a giant corporation we have the morals of a corporation, ie no morals. Our purpose at this point is to be the billy club for the elite families who want to protect their banking worldwide cartels via wars.

    Once we stop cooperating for any reason the elite will discard us as useless and the US will plunge into disparity and starvation across the board.

  2. We kill, invade, torture innocent brown people around the world in order to protect the interests of the banksters. As Henry Kissinger said "military men are dumb, stupid animals." Men like Kissinger plot and plan and don't give a damn about the welfare of a military pawn.

    Too bad the military men are too absorbed into the fake heroism thing to see that they have been used as bankster stooges. Really worth losing a leg, or your life over.

    Masters of manipulation and human nature the elite know that if you give a man a false sense of purpose and pin a medal on him he'll do just about anything you want him to do.

  3. what?..these elites know no real sovereignty, patriotism? I suppose thinking in terms of countries leads to missing many profits. and it's profits that drive

  4. It's ALL about the petrodollar. If you hear news about a country dumping dollars for an alternative way to purchase oil...war and chaos follow everytime. They still need to overthow a few more countries to gain total control.

  5. Libya has nothing to do with oil, nor did Iraq. This was the brain child of Samantha Powers, who had Soros pull strings to get it done.

    Of course, it appeared Obama was concerned over the poor Libyans, as he told nobody what he was doing when he deployed our marines over there. He went around Congress, didn't discuss it with any generals, and obviously failed to announce it to Americans.

    People, the US is sitting on or within propinquity of more oil reserves than all other reserves in the world combined. With the exception of oil still bubbling inside the earth that we don't yet have the ability to extract.

    You can all keep acting clever in thinking 9-11 was some inside job to go pick on brown people, but it wasn't. Obama didn't have to blow up any of his own buildings to start a third war, he just did it. So why would Bush need to? Bush took months to finally get enough approval to declare war with Iraq, Obama only needed the select few within the UN to order him.

    Whether you want to believe this or not, there is a far more sinister agenda with Libya. Which I'm probably wasting my time here on people too interested in information coming from a communist wing, KGB run media (literally).

    Libya is all about clearing the path for the Muslim Brotherhood. This is why we've allied with Al Qaeda, while troops elsewhere (like Afghanastan) are getting blown up all the time by them. I don't think I can recall this ever happening in human history. So, a king's men fighting against another king's men, then allies with that king while still fighting against that king. Goodness!

    The Muslim Brotherhood, all of its sects, and the countries that host them will eventually form their unified Muslim nation (caliphate), wipe out Israel, and that will be the official death of the western way of life.

    For those who think Islam is some poor victim of America, know that Islam has always been as strong as the west. The Catholic factions of the Medieval Age combined were only the equals of the Islamic powers, which spread all across north Africa to the middle east (and somewhat to India, but Hindus chose death over submission).

    Nations under the crescent moon of course had differences. Some beheaded people for not being Muslim enough, while others prospered intellectually and economically. But caliphates have existed before. The strongest one, the Ottoman Empire, held Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Mesopotamia.

    Now can I ask why it is so hard to comprehend that empires come and go? Men will take power over others, even slaughter, if they are violent and greedy enough. Not everything is CIA mind control.

    You don't need to complicate this any further. I'm sure though, thanks to the conspiracy sites on the web, and mainstream media on TV and newspapers, people will dismiss the Islamic Radicals. Once WW3 begins, and this is the start of it, I wonder how many will still insist it's all just a psy-ops experiment...

  6. and thanks for your opinion.


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