Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Republicans Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling

House Republicans dealt defeat to their own proposal for a $2.4 trillion increase in the nation's debt limit Tuesday, a political gambit designed to reinforce a demand for spending cuts to accompany any increase in government borrowing.
The vote was lopsided, with just 97 in favor of the measure and 318 against.
House Democrats accused the GOP of political demagoguery, while the Obama administration maneuvered to avoid taking sides – or giving offense to majority Republicans.
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Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone 

Chinese, Mexican defense ministers hold talks on military cooperation

Goldman Sachs Reportedly Offered Qaddafi Big Chunk of Company After Investment Losses

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  1. Where were you Republicans when George Bush was increasing the deficit more than all previous presidents combined? Weren't YOU the guys in charge at the time? So now we're supposed to believe that the fox has been "born again" and is now not after the chickens any more? And you do have a bridge in Libya you want to sell me, right?

  2. How interesting how the IMF chief is arrested for sexual assault and then to weeks later his buddy Mahoud Omar is arrested for a sexual assault on a hotel maid. Highly suspicious. They done pissed someone off. Don't know who, but something big is fixin to come down here in the US. These guys were gonna spill the beans on what is really going on here in the US with the gold, etc... They had to be shut-up somehow. A 74 year old strict muslin attacking a hotel maid? I'm not buying it. Struass raping a muslim black maid. Not buying that either. Prepare for worst. Its fixin to come down.

  3. Please, NO more articles from the Huffington Post. You can do better than that!

  4. More fake news from Sorcha Faal (this one regarding Russia), yay.

  5. Sorcha Faal is a fraud. He writes fake articles all the time about. Last month he had one out about a vortex that was swallowing whole European towns!! Please don't post his crap any longer or the reputation of this blog will go down!

  6. It IS true Putin is suspicious no secret inside the KGB required to find that out!
    "What does it mean" website does run one of the internets best aggregators of world news ,that I regularly read.

    True ,Sorcha Faal is a “fraud” ,that specializes, or has a knack in connecting the dots between al sorts of wild religious fantasy prophesies ,so beloved by Americans and real and fake conspiracy theories .

    Sorcha Faaal is a well known religious prophesy nutter. So nobody expects science from Sorcha Faal any more than from the more traditional Israel Firsters of the American religious Christian right.

    But Sometimes some of the dots connected together by Sorcha Faal actually do reflect existing real world conspiracies to some extent.

    One of the biggest criminal conspiracies of the ruling elite in the whole world is the US Federal Reserve Bank that counterfeits money as national debt for the US government and taxpayers as National Debt. The level of real fraud at the FED puts the small time level of fraud of a Sorcha Faal to shame .

    Sorcha faal is often more believable than Bennie and the inkjets at least most Sorcha fantasy is mixed up with some realworld facts.

    Where there is smoke there is often fire .

    Many conspiracy theorists, not in anyway connected to religious prophesy or Sorcha Faal believe that some sections of the international elite themselves believe that the Dollar and the dollar hegemony system and a now insolvant Ponzi America is beyond saving .
    And that a more credible future New World Order in world trade and finance should be established on the basis of an IMF run special drawing rights currency ,with participating nations contributing gold as an initial backing for the SDR
    currency. Another section particulary the Anglo American financial hopes the US Fed can tough it out.
    And there is the rub!!!
    England sold off its own gold reserves at a cut rate a decade ago so does not have much gold to contribute to an IMF currency anyway.

    Does America actually own gold stored in ‘fort Knox”or anywhere else to contribute gold to a new IMF world currency either ?
    We already know America defaulted on its gold debts years ago under Nixon as America could not produce the gold for De Gaul when he insisted on changing paper dollars for real gold money.
    The US dollar is a pure paper and confidence backed fiat currency that the worlds central bankers and their oil puppets conspired to support in their own little conspiracy .
    Not conspiracy theory here but a conspiracy fact!
    If America did have all the gold it still claims to have as emergency reserves then why as it not sold its gold stocks to help the USA out in the “worst crisis since the last depression.
    Or why does it not issue some gold backed treasury bonds so the fed itself does not have to be the main fraudelant buyer of treasury bills?
    Many gold and silver ‘bugs’ believe that the gold reserves has long since been sold or leased out by the US Central bank to suppress the price of gold and silver as money to support the dollar hegemony system and government deficit spending.

    Trillions are at stake giving rise to suspicions of motive and opportunity when even the European leader of one section of the elite supporting an IMF world currency against the US dollar actually can be charged for a sex crime in the USA!

    A Conveniently timed American conspiracy indeed?

  7. Bla bla bla, stop apologizing for Sorcha Faal. When it's fake it's fake, just like this piece: fake.

  8. This is Republican economic terrorism. The world right now is more afraid of the American Republican politicians are doing and the effect it could have on the world economy, than any plot Al Qaeda may be hatching!


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