Monday, June 13, 2011

Alabama Town Stops Paying Retirees' Pensions, Some Residents Destitute

A small town in Alabama, which has stopped paying its retirees' pensions, could be an early casualty in a coming pension disaster, the New York Times reports.
As public pension funds across the nation suffer from years of underfunding, and from assets that lost value in the financial crisis, experts say that days of reckoning are fast approaching. In Prichard, Alabama, that day came last year: When the fund ran out of money, the city stopped paying retirees, the NYT reports. Retirees have sued, but to little avail. The money simply does not exist.
Without pension checks, 11 retirees have died, according to the NYT. Others have declared personal bankruptcy. The rest of the 150 retired workers are struggling to get by.
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    Sarcasm! Honestly, this is horrible for the old, very young and helpless people. It seems Alex Jones's conspiracy theory of depopulation is becoming a conspiracy fact.

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  3. Why do you link to old articles and post them as if you have "breaking news"?

  4. Hey 12:37, maybe they seem even more relevant than the time they were written.

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