Monday, June 13, 2011

We're Headed For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions

Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham of GMO has published a treatise on the root cause of exploding commodity prices.

He has also offered a startlingly depressing outlook for the future of humanity.

Grantham concludes that the world has undergone a permanent "paradigm shift" in which the number of people on planet Earth has finally and permanently outstripped the planet's ability to support us.

Specifically, Grantham says, the phenomenon of ever-more humans using a finite supply of natural resources cannot continue forever--and the prices of metals, hydrocarbons (oil), and food are now beginning to reflect that
n other words, Grantham says, it is different this time.

Grantham believes that the trend of the last 100 years, in which the prices of almost all major commodities have steadily declined, is permanently over. And from here on in, humans will be competing more--and paying more--for ever-scarcer resources.

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  1. Grantham concludes that the world has undergone a permanent "paradigm shift" in which the number of people on planet Earth has finally and permanently outstripped the planet's ability to support us.

    This guy is so full of crap! They (the elite evildoers) have been pushing this lie for at least the last 50 years. If he truly believes this doom and gloom, let him lead by example and "off" himself. He could also stop driving his car, but of course he wants all the "little people" to stop driving, because, of course, the oil was put here on this earth for "special" people like himself.

    The world's resources are plenty. There are just too many greedy, materialistic leeches who want everything for themselves.

  2. 11:09 - Well stated, well stated...!!!

  3. 11:09Am Grantham is party right...Although I do agree that he wants to cull the herd a bit.

    The reality is there is a "Peak Oil Point" and all major oil fileds are in distress or about to be in distress.

    Besides just fuel even if we all rode on magic carpets is the fertilizer situation...People forget how we depend on oil not only for fuel but EVERYTHING including probably 70% of fertilizers.

    Either way history is history and when bad weather, bad crops or droughts happen by stupidity, chance or design there will be a culling of the very poor.

    I do believe they are trying to kill us in soooo many ways wars, poisons, hormones, meds, radiation, pollution, preservatives etc etc but to assume we can continue living and have no major World Wide Tragedy doesn't ring true.

    We're due for famine, war and pestilence...Oh wait we already have 2 out of 3 and this opera isn't even half done.

  4. We have all 3, 5 wars iraq, pakistan, yemen, afghanistan and libya. We have famine, 46 million americans on food stamps, to hide the food lines of the first depression, we are in the 2nd right now, and pestilence in the form of a bioengineered in germany e coli that has killed people, when the usa releases it on our population it will be game over, that day is coming soon.

  5. Where is the recovery? The united states has fallen and it cant get up!

  6. 11:55,

    do more research please. Food stamps, it's 44 million households not people, and it doesn't mean they are starving. There are people who work 80 to 100 hours a week just to prevent being on governemnt assistance, but they are worse off. If you're homeless or without a vehicle you can't be on food stamps either.

    My take on the resource problem; Americans aren't even the biggest populators. While most babies born in America are going to grow up even dumber and more violent than their dimwit parents, the real population spikes are in countries like Honduras and the Congo(s).

    The real reason a couple should have a baby is that they want to cherish that baby and spend their lives together. In these countries however, most babies come out because of a mix between rape, prostitution, poverty, and drugs. In America it isn't perfect, but the way it goes about varies.

    In America you often see couples who can't afford the first child they have go ahead and pop out several more. The reason of course is because they are bored with their other kids much like spoiled girls get bored with their dogs once they're no longer puppies.

    The result of all of this is going to be a nation filled with uneducated insensitives (not that we already aren't) whom require more and more bullcrap to entertain themselves. Though, our entertainment probably is at a peak since we can see it doesn't make people happier due to the suicide rate here being among the highest in the world.

    There are no resources that are scarce, besides a financial system that makes it seem scarce to rob people of their ability to afford stuff. Food, energy, and such being mandatory for modern economic survival will become unaffordable.

    Even though technically only millionaires and billionaires will afford the gas prices in the near future, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. At 10 dollar gas prices, with also a further devalued dollar, prices on everything else skyrocketing, and an increase in unemployment (9% is more like 25%, with 50% not working altogether), nobody in the country will drive. The ultra rich will be way too scared to head to a gas station since there would inevitably be large mobs ready to steal their stuff.

    We're all going to be sitting ducks in whatever place we happen to live at the time SHTF. Not that things can get any worse than they are now spiritually and intellectually, but things will actually get better since we'll be forced back into reality.

  7. We're stupid, pay no attention to detail; forget history as soon as it happens and eventually; I guarantee you, it will catch up with us.

    It's not the population that's the problem dum dum - it's how it's concentrated. We can learn a lot just by studying history and nature and observing what happens when populations skyrocket because times are good and food is plentiful. But; then times get lean and all of a sudden; the land will not bear the burden and you have a die off.

    Here we are - there's more friggin' people in the city of Pittsburgh than there is in the whole state of Montana ( do you know how BIG Montana is?)

    Do you know what happens when you cut down a tree in the forest? Something amazing happens;
    another tree grows up! It called regeneration
    it's called sustainable - do you also know what happens when you pour concrete over 50 square miles? new York city = nothing grows there!

    No, we have the knowledge and we have the capability - we just lack the morality and
    inrestinal fortitude to get it done.

    History shows that and so it is

  8. 1207 do some more research, I know some homeless squatters in las vegas and ALL OF THEM GET FOOD STAMPS, YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, AND NONE HAVE CARS EITHER, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT IGNORAMUS.

  9. Reminds me of a Star Trek episode where people are put to sleep once they reach a certain age.

  10. This is kind of funny, Graham declaring we outstripped the planet's ability to support us, just now that the population growth has slowed for decades and will likely cease til mid century (even without disasters).
    And we have an imploding system because everything was sized for the baby boomers and now with many more retirees than people entering the workforce this cannot work anymore. Which is kind of the opposite of excessive growth...


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