Thursday, June 16, 2011

Are We Running Out of Silver?

(Excerpt from the Casey Research 2011 Sil­ver Invest­ing Guide)

Sil­ver has been on fire over the last three years — sub­stan­tially out­per­form­ing its spotlight-grabbing cousin, gold.

Because we believe this bull run is far from over, we advise investors to always main­tain expo­sure to the pre­cious met­als mar­kets. Even if you haven’t yet par­tic­i­pated in the run-up of both gold and sil­ver, I’m glad you’re ready to take a look at the invest­ment poten­tial of silver.

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  1. New ridiculous USA Today story:

    More credit card debt might be good for the economy

  2. USAToday is merely taking advantage at the growing number of mentally ill people in the USA.

    At this stage most Americans have become so dumbed down you can't explain something very simple about the real world without having their eyes looking up and drool coming from their mouths.

    So about 12% of 12th grader perform at the 12th grade level? Wow. But the criminals in the Department of Education won't have any problem dumbing down the college entrance exams for the other 88% while helping them get grants for 30K.


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