Thursday, June 16, 2011


by Toby Connor

Don't let the perma bulls fool you, this is not a normal correction, and it has nothing to do with Greece or Spain. This is the beginnings of the next leg down in the secular bear market and the start of the next economic recession/depression. And this time it's going to be much much worse than it was in `08.

For months now I've been warning investors to get out of the general stock market. I was confident that once the dollar put in its three year cycle low the next deflationary period would begin and stocks would enter the third leg down in the secular bear market.

Well, the dollar did put in the major three year cycle bottom in May and stocks almost immediately started to head down.This won't end until stocks drop down into the four year cycle low due sometime in mid to late 2012.

Let me explain to you what is unfolding so you don't listen to Wall Street or CNBC and get sucked down into the next bear market.

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  1. I am an eternal optimist; but even I have had my eyes opened over the last 2 years & when you start folowing somebody like Gerald Celente who always seems to be right; you start really questioning the people in this country who are in positions of power.
    It seems Gerald is right there too - they rarely
    fix anything - as a matter of fact; they usually fuck it up beyond repair.

    So it is with this latest fiasco; but this time around as the article states; everything and
    everybody is in a much more weakened state & when the hammer drops all hell is gonna break loose.

    I feel at this point with what;s going on here and China, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Ireland,
    and the amazing mess we have going on in the mideast

    The Genie is out of the bottle & there;s only one way to get it back in.

  2. If they don't stop this freefall soon, the stock market is totally finished. It seriously will not recover this time. They have been propping it up as much as possible and the numbers are all good in terms of earnings too...the companies are actually all the healthiest they've been in over a decade.

    The real economy is in shambles, but the fake corporate economy is doing great so if it crashes in this state it's the end of the party. It's not like most companies even need the US anymore, most of the major companies get the vast majority of their profits overseas.

  3. Profits are what 6:13 ?

    It's the grandaddy of all Ponzi schemes - because all the worlds paper is the same

    Worthless - it is backed ny NOTHING

    Therefore these warmongering, fearmongering, meadia controlling, population controlling,
    politician stuffing corporations and the elites
    that run them; can kepp this engine running for quite some time.

    Most people that read this blog do not understand this - they cannot grasp the fact that fiat money can and will be printed into oblivion if necessary; because ALL nations great and small are drinking out of the same pitcher of kool-aid

    Ain't it great ! What a plan - now get the hell back to work and seat for those useless dollar

    SLAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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