Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Delete Facebook

By Silver Shield,on June 14th,2011

You maybe surprised to learn that I had four Facebook accounts. The main one was for my wife so that she could have a husband in the Facebook world. The other three were accounts I had set up for the Dont-Tread-On.Me and Sons of Liberty Academy. I never really used them,but they were there. The only high point to the whole experience was my first birthday with Facebook,when I received 40 happy birthdays from people all over the country. The reality of the whole Facebook experience is that it never really seemed real.
Despite how many “friends”you have on Facebook,the fact is,we are only lucky to have a handful of real friends in our lives. Having more superficial electronic contact with others,does not improve our lives. If anything it detracts from it as life becomes less human. LOL pales in comparison to a real laugh out loud of sharing an experience with a friend. The more LOL’s we share,the less it means. Soon or later everything is just an electronic dance of acronyms trying to fulfill some missing part of your soul.


  1. SocialmediacraziesJune 15, 2011 at 5:39 PM

    Stop with the face-book, my-space, you-tube and other electronic socializing sites and Start building real relationships with real people like neighbors, friends, co-workers, family and yes even your enemies.
    Get to know them well. Especially If you ONLY have friends on digital social media.
    When the system goes down, those who only have digital media relationships (face book, my space, etc.) will suffer the most.

  2. Facebook, my space these are NSA Cia fronts, they are used to steal your info and use it against you, Period!

  3. facebook was invented by the usa nsa cia and then given to a jew zionist to say he invented it, to get usa citzens info and use it against them in the usa nazi police state


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