Friday, June 24, 2011

Ignore the Noise, Pay Attention to 'Growthflation'

Jack Bouroudjian

Folks, we talked a little yesterday about Growthflation—this once-in-a-lifetime global growth story that’s coupled with inflationary pressure on the demand side—and I wanted to pick up on that more today. I believe that if we tune out the day-to-day noise—Greece, the Fed press conference, the pullback in oil this morning—and take a macro view of the world, this is the scenario that will drive the markets higher for years to come. Let’s look at some more evidence, shall we?

Growth. Here in the U.S., we tend to be a bit myopic. We think the world ends at our shores. But for proof of a global growth story, let’s look at the World Bank’s GDP numbers in China and Brazil over the last decade (2009 was the most recent data available).

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  1. Absolutly! Been saying it for better than 2 years
    there is always money to be made & this is a global market people - these countries want what you and I take for granted - I have agreed with Jim Rodgers for the last 2 years and have made good money on ALL commodities - those trades will

  2. 644 your an idiot
    jim rogers and soros are traitors that sold out america
    enjoy eating steak as people riot around you and kidnap your kids
    jimmy boy is in another country laughing at you
    as obama talks about shovel ready jobs hahhaha

  3. 6:44 so what you are doing might be profiting on the suffering of other people all around the world.

    You better be careful often those above you will use you as a financial shield for the mobs to attack. Read history.

  4. So; let me get this straight - this guy ( 6:44)
    is making money on the global market trading commodities and believes that they will continue to rise in price.

    And your calling him an idiot and he is also somehow connected to the suffering going on
    in the world?

    What the hell people - are we all supposed to be broke and destitute so we can be miserable
    together? You seem to think that there is this promised utopia out there where everything is shared equally.

    What planet are you from? It ain't this one. I
    have a scrap steel business and my business
    suffered for years & now it's doing well; thanks to the unbelievable demand from China and India. I too think that these commodities
    will continue to rise as the standard of living is increasing in these countries - is that a bad thing?

    10 years ago when I was busting my ass 14 hours
    a day separating steel by hand and still losing money; nobody showed up at my front door offering to lend a hand - that's called life man
    you suck it up and carry on; but when it's your turn to reap the rewards - I'll be damned if I'll feel sorry for turning a profit.

    And I don't know Rodgers & have heard of Soros on GB program - but; your always gonna have these people --- always' I mean now we're back to adam and eve ain't we?

  5. This article is really misleading. The author is a total clown too. HE IS THE ONE MAKING NOISE!

    The only people with money or with the ability to make wealth (today) are those who have already been billionaires and are now trying to prepare for REALITY which most millionaires are clueless to.

    That's why they've now turned their investments to farmland is it not? Why would these boys be focused on such primitive trades if modern society was doing fine? The truth is that western society (Europe+North America) is only doing good on facebook and myspace.

    In the end of course, the farm idea won't work. It never worked before. Every empire that approached death (like we are now) had corrupt aristocrats try and make emergency escapes like this. You cannot control a food source. No group of soldiers/mercenaries would stick around guarding it for them since they won't have any way of getting paid!

    And I personally wouldn't want to be on a farm. That makes you a target. If you have 20 people with you that have guns then that might work out better, but still. Paranoia isn't fun.


    you bring up a good point about Mr Rogers. This bastard has been seeing this coming for a while. Whatever he tells the public to do, people would be wise not to do it. He's been making his grandkids learn Chinese.

    So if he had such confidence or concern for America he would make a stronger, prouder effort in reviving the country. Why would he just lay down his arms for the Chinese in order to secure future prosperity? So in other words why is he getting on TV, giving advice anywhere about how to make a recovery if he's so quick to conform to what China needs him to be? That's not only a sell out, but that makes him a coward and someone who lacks the knowledge he professes to have.

    As for languages to learn, why Chinese? I mean face it, China is only temporarily "stronger." There is misery and suicide all over that country. They have a government that must kill people for petty things in order to maintain order. They can't sustain that for long.

    I'm in the southwest, and I've decided to learn Spanish. Why not? It will make me more useful as a white person. In case there are Hispanics somewhere along the line after SHTF who can't speak English and need a medium.

    Anyways, I bet it will be shocking to find out in a decade or so how many of these fat cats blatantly lied, or how far their lies went (like this article), which kept people optimistic about the current monetary system and made them fearful of a collapse.

    The reason they desire that is to possibly keep it going. Their vision is that everything can keep riding along in steady intellectual, moral, social, and financial degeneracy while they hang on to their wealth and have the masses forever anticipate a recovery that is not possible.

  6. Forget everything you know, go to Ron Paul's website and look at the 257 Foreign Free China Trade Zones, where they will hire only Chinese, use Chinese Military to Guard these Zones and Pay no Tax to the USA. We have been sold out and have no Future. Your Kids are Literally Fucked!

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  13. The have nothings (with nothing to offer): 10:22, 10:41, 2:16, 4:23, and the typing challenged idiot, are the reason we are in this pickle to begin with. Stoopid people that don't know how to make it on their own so they take pot shots at the successful while bemoaning their own status. Boo fuck you hoo... You and your kids are fucked because you focused on the wrong things: wwf, reality (lol) tv, overextended on credit and homes, no savings, no morals, no core... You were distracted and now you will pay the price; until this ship is righted. And if we're depending on numb nuts like you, well, then we are truly all fucked...

  14. With Morons like 807 anony mouse, no wonder the usa is fucked, these are the morons that caused it to happen

  15. Yes 8:40, don't worry about me. I'm set and laugh at stupid fucks like you. The simple pleasure of just watching people like you monkey fuck each other. Blaming successful people for your lack of skills or work ethic isn't going to cut it. That is the reason you're fucked; nothing more, nothing less.

  16. A lot of you on here posting your comments are in your 20′s and 30′s and are way too young too remember how our parents were very concerned with the price of food, energy, gas, cloths, and education and yet they provided for us somehow.
    For those of us blogging on this site in our 50′s it was our parents who were descendants of some very difficult times in the United States when it came to providing for their families yet somehow they did. We had clean cloths on our backs, shoes on our feet and food in our tummy and shelter over our heads.
    Yes we the baby boomers had been very well taken care of despite the hardships our parents had faced.
    But this time it will be very different hard times, not because most of us are going through it now but because we are now collectively experiencing a tightening of the once ever so loose credit system that drove our boom economy.
    We are now going to be the generation of careful shopping, watching how much gas we use and how long the air conditioning and heat stays on, skipping the night out at the restaurant, the occasional concert or movie will all be a thing of the past.
    Get ready people this time around it is going to be much harder on us then it was for our parents.
    It is going to be one hell of a wild crazy ride with one exception and that is this time we Americans are never going back to prosperity.
    We as Americans are going to be the worlds very poor, yes as sad as it sounds, a third world country, we will be looked on as the poor of he world, the eye sore, we will come to know and feel the shame of poverty that others in the third world countries have felt all their lives.
    The days of our youth are gone for good and will be remembered as the good ole days.

  17. Because of morons like 859, your children are doomed to a life of no jobs, no money and no quality of life. It is the snobby attitude of idiots like him that have caused this to be.

  18. Some say money and profits has no smell.

    Others say it might tickle your concience a bit
    that the rich world commodity and currency manipulating speculators are say controling world food grain supplies as monopolies,or by shorting this and that , dictating prices to the majority of this worlds $2 a day people claiming they are being "unethical".

    But thats a traditional business for subsidised American agro business farmers and Monsanto too.

    what gan be wrong with that under free trade globalism?
    The $2 a day people have the right to compete and to buy, or not to buy!

    These speculators like Soros or rogers in singapore are productive of profits an inspiration to all.
    And just remember all those impoverished battling American small farmers working for the banks in america too.

  19. 4.23 says
    "Forget everything you know, go to Ron Paul's website and look at the 257 Foreign Free China Trade Zones, where they will hire only Chinese, use Chinese Military to Guard these Zones and Pay no Tax to the USA. We have been sold out and have no Future.

    Well thats only the advantages flowing from
    free trade globalism.

    Americans had no concern when cheap labor free trade zones were set up in China by american capital to provide cheap goodies in Wall* Mart for the benifit of americans.

    If it was good for the chinese goose why not the american goose too should you be so lucky to get a job!

    wall* mart might even go back to selling "american made"

  20. Yes, the 20 something crowd that loves to post their progressive leanings on here are about to
    get set straight.
    Life is not fair - in any way, shape or form -
    get over it; cause that's the way it will always be.
    If you have such a problem with a disadvantaged
    family in the Congo; don't whine to me about it
    I didn't breed the bitch - hop on a 747 ( built
    by the minds of venture capatialism) and get your ass on over there & help them out.
    If you have such a problem with these large multinational corporations and you really are as smart as you pretend to be - well then; don't buy their products! And then make your own
    As 8:09 points out - these progressives want all
    people who have made good on their lives to pony up and shell out to all the progressives
    who sit around all day and " think things thru"

    Sorry m/m progressives; in the end you lose cause that ain't the way it works and when this
    sonofabitch comes crashing down; which it will
    you wikll find out once again; it's the people who can get things done that will put it back together; not you fuzzy thinkers who want to send my money to the fucking Congo ( because of course you have none ! )

  21. @1130 PM Worry got you up late? Envy and his cousin jealousy too? Some evil emotions holding you back... And yet, there you are. I drive by people like you (in my fully paid new SUV) every single day. You're, in the greatest country on the planet, and you can't make it. It is so easy but you can't figure it out. That's one painful mofo ain't it? And that goes for the rest of you. You wasted time and money on a worth-less degree or you never had the work ethic to begin with so it's easier to snipe at the rich and successful.
    No, not everyone can aspire to the heights of Gates, Ellison, Jobs, Rogers, Soros, Paulson, Sinclair, et al... And yes, some may have made it by having an advantage (grey or otherwise) that we aren't privy to. Wow; won't be the first time, won't be the last. Get over it. Figure out what YOU can do to be a success, as you define it, and move on. Stop those emotions that are holding you back. Turn off the TV, cancel Cable/Sat, find what makes you happy and you WILL be a success. Instead, here you sit, negatively reinforcing your situation. It wasn't supposed to be this way... Either put up or shut up and suck; something tells me, you will continue the latter. Shameful...

  22. 1057 I got up late, It's Ok, because I am (set) as you like to say. Did all I had to do yesterday and am Enjoying the 80* and 10 MPH Breeze. And here you are indoors on such a beautiful day. I am outside with Wifi Enjoying much of it. I too drive by people in my fully paid Hybrid Suv, One Difference between you and me, I don't look down upon them because they don't have what I have. I look at them and wonder why they don't understand that they have been played like a pawn in a chess game.

    I try to wake them up, but they have been so anesticized by Tv, Facebook, Twitter, American Idol, Bieber, Flouride, Lithim, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Arcenic, Mercury, Aluminum, McDeath, China Mart and the like.

    I am Self Employed for over 25 years so the Degrees are meaningless for me.

    As for Gates, Soros, Paulson and these other Eugenicists, I would never aspire to be like them, they are merchants of death. I do not look up to them, I like being me. I am content. What I dont like is Murderers and Profiteers like them, using Non Awake Citizens as Chattle for their Fake wars, Banking Scams and outright Theivery.

  23. 1159 No, there isn't a tone of superiority in your post at all. Wow, a hybrid SUV, how trite. Spent all that money to 'save the planet'. LOL Now I know your full of crapola. But nice try... You can try to front success but your sophistry gives you away. Oh those evil capitalists. If only our citizenry could awaken from their drug induced stupors that are foisted upon us by the evil china man.

    But let's play along; what kind of "Self Employed" work do you do? And what are you doing to relieve your fellow man of their plight? Are you donating to US causes? Or, as is more likely given your Hybrid comment, are you sending your money abroad to the poor folks in Ethiopia or some other such wasteland? Remember, your own countrymen and women are facing austere times right here and right now. However, I suspect your a poser, nothing more, nothing less...

    Now, I will get back to grilling those dry-aged steaks, enjoying a nice 21 year scotch whisky, thankful that I am insulated from people like you.

  24. Not superiority but skepticism, a hybrid Suv is Correct, Paid for Completely in 2 years. Toyota Highlander Suv Hybrid. 38 MPg and I love it, have already put many miles on it. In the shop now, due to Deer. Not to save the Planet, I just love the Torque on the car, It's performance is great and I love Toyota's after my Camry, I now prefer to drive only Totota's.

    Not Foisted upon us by China, by our own Greedy Govt giving the jobs away to China, basically selling this country down the river. And with the new FTZ's This country is toast. Keep thinking you are insulated, you are not. The poeple of New Orleans, Joplin, Fukushima, Afghanistan, New York, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Omaha, North Dakota, Pakistan and Hundreds of others thought they were insulated too, now look at them and look where you could be.

    Nice to be in dreamland like you are. Keep that like of thinking, it's just what TPTB want.

    Self Employed Paparazzi Photographer for 25 years, living off the Residuals. It's Nice! Also have large collection over the years in Hollywood, Keep some, Sell Some. Works out great for Me and Mine.

    What I do for others. Donate Food and clothing and Health products to Homeless Shelters in Las Vegas. Good Enough for me.

    Now I will be back to my Blueberries, Blackberries, Cherrys, Pomegrantes, Scrambled Garlic Eggs and Bananas. Don't Drink or do Govt drugs. Eat a Steak Maybe 3 times a year if I feel like one. Enjoy your Steroids and Antibiotics. One of the dirtiest foods you can eat.


  25. Haha our kids? Those of us in our 20s will never have kids, we already owe a mortgage payment for our worthless degrees that we can never pay back. We can't afford to get married or have families.

    The only people that can afford to have kids are the welfare society. The thugs and criminals and their baby mommas who live on the government dime. The rest of us are pretty much finished. America in 20-30 years will consist of nothing more than a bunch of thugs...similar to what is happening in the UK where the slut culture is rewarded with free housing and government money.

    This is the natural result of extremely high taxes and over-leveraging young people. When you systematically destroy the middle class, all you have left are the poor as everyone gets dragged down into insolvency. The rich will just move on and raise their children elsewhere, as I'm sure many of the rich Europeans had done when America rose and their countries fell. Or maybe they'll just sit in America and just never work another day and their kids never work another day either, just living in mansions and abusing everyone else.

    This is the future the sheeple consent to!

  26. Oh quit fucking whining; pick up a gadamn rake
    and go sweat fro a couple hours.
    Oh boy! There's a novel idea !
    Actual Labor !
    Fucking progressive pricks think that they are entitled to a 100k a year job just because they spent 4 years of casual sex and exotic drugs and
    now; they can't get a desk job where they sit on
    their asses all day surfing porn and sucking down 5 dollar lattes
    Go sweat mofo = the rest of us are

  27. Economic declineJune 26, 2011 at 5:52 PM

    Anonymous said..
    10:40 PM
    "in 20-30 years will consist of nothing more than a bunch of thugs...similar to what is happening in the UK where the slut culture is rewarded with free housing and government money"....

    Very smart observation, UK went through a similar economic decline throughout the 1970's
    The result was not pretty, for those who are interested in history listen to the song "hang Fire" by the Rolling Stones, then look up the song on Wiki, you'll see what the US is going through now and what our outcome will most likely be.


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