Sunday, June 5, 2011

More Americans Believe Economy Will Never Recover

The mixed signals regarding the economy's health are taking a toll.

About 10 percent of Americans say they never expect their spending to return to pre-recession levels.

Americans are growing increasingly doubtful about direction of the US economy, according to the latest survey from business-advisory firm AlixPartners.

In fact, an increasing number, some 61 percent, say they don't expect to return to their respective pre-recession lifestyles until the spring of 2014, if ever.

What's worse, a full 10 percent said they expect they will never return to pre-recession spending.
That's a more pessimistic view than last year, when those surveyed expected that they could be back to pre-recession spending levels by the middle of 2013.
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  1. It doesn't matter, it's not like anybody will have money to spend anyway. The government is intent on taking every cent away from working Americans in the form of new mandatory fees and taxes. There's the healthcare requirement and then a driving tax, on top of everything else that exists.

    The obvious goal is to reduce discretionary income to nothing. The idea is the status quo will be maintained by keeping our elected officials businesses in power and competition impossible. If the government removes choice in what you purchase, you'll never be able to pick based on quality and thus the current structure will never change.

    Now this has been backfiring and continues to backfire as the government just pisses away that money and these companies still fail anyway, but that won't stop anything. The only way we fix this mess is if there is a revolution. The American sheeple are too stupid for that to happen though in all likelihood.

  2. funny, it seems alot with many different issues covered, even by those journalists in the know, that they still have a ways to go..the question seems phrased-when do you expect a recovery, to-GET BACK TO SPENDING LIKE're doomed. is that what it's all about-getting back to spending like before. who gives a rats-ass about spending like before, spending what should be saved or borrowing on credit to spend on silly useless items imported by the same company that used to employ our grandfathers and fathers. maybe try this idea on-a consumer based society should not be...LOLOL
    seems the person asking-deciding on the question doesn't get it either.
    ever hear about the person who had the average or below yard, average house and old car with no bling who dies and they find the person had million in the bank. didn't fall into the lie that one HAS to keep the yard at it's best to impress the neighbors, buy every 3 yrs a new car with the shiny wheels and a house with so many rooms they never barely enter them, won't take it with us either way but could leave it to kids huh, and a person CAN choose to not spend beyond means and even choose to not care about making a bling bling impression, the point is the indoctrination that we must..have...the bestest, newest, keep up with jones', expectations built company's payed by corps funded by banks who gov to drain the wallets of the people and then convince them to borrow to further the run to gain shiny and new trinkets, to be the envy of the neighbors. a consumer society consumes the end user.

    now..when can I get back to spending like before...LOLOLOL

  3. america will recover
    we will be flying a red flag and speaking chinese
    why eles would congress sell out america
    get back to work slave

  4. Wite Power! Wite Power!

  5. He's calling all the Clans together. Wow...., I was hoping the Glenn Beck would use his pulpit to call for a march on Washington, D.C. and carry protest signs.

  6. The poll says :

    "In fact, an increasing number, some 61 percent, say they don't expect to return to their respective pre-recession lifestyles until the spring of 2014, if ever.

    What's worse, a full 10 percent said they expect they will never return to pre-recession spending."

    So, EA it seems showed great economic foresight and understanding in setting up this website to inform the American and other countries peoples on the economic reality of the “Coming Economic Depression”.

    Truth does not always lie with the majority opinion or the political parties collecting 51% of the vote.

    Truth is often found with a minority but can be later accepted by the majority as reality/truth requiring action not complacency.

    Over the last couple of years many comments from believers in the MSM bullshit that have ideological based faith in
    the permanence of the American financial system prosperity and the property bubble have been skeptical of “doomsayers” articles on this blog.

    Now we see that the economic reality of life is starting to be reflected in public opinion.
    And the systems traditional paid
    apologists ,the "respectable" economists have been lying through through the teeth about green shoots and the virtues of a jobless recovery via more debt creation and money printing .

    Pubic opinion has now no faith in that!

    Many now believe that the Ponzi economy game is coming to a depression ending ,that
    an unavoidable national insolvency credit crisis, or even a complete crash is increasingly

    No wonder this website is growing in popularity.

    The poll figures are a vindication and proof of EAs foresight .

    Thanks to EAs work in spreading truth many people will now be more prepared for the Coming Depression.

  7. "42 Armed Texans Head To Nation’s Capitol, Intentions Unclear"

    Remember the Texas Republic ,the Alamo and that the alimony must be paid in the American way!


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