Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama Pushing US To Economic Disaster: Google Founder

The eccentric and frugal billionaire college professor who helped Sergey Brin and Larry Brin develop Google has warned that US President Barack Obama is pushing the U.S. towards a path of economic disaster.

Stanford University’s David Cheriton, who is worth almost $2-billion according to Fortune magazine, believes that innovative and creative American entrepreneurs are being driven out of the country by Obama’s fiscal policies.

Cheriton told BBC: “When you look at, say, Larry and Sergey of Google, they made billions of dollars, but they contributed many more billions of dollars to the US economy. And so we should be empowering these people; we should be cultivating more of the next generation of those types. And yet, I think there’s almost a hostile attitude towards people who have been successful in this country.”

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  1. Yes, Anglo American style capitalism and its taxation system is disgusting at creating new opportunity for billionaires as the billionaire professor says, based on his examples and life experiences of benefiting from intellectual property rights .

    “David Cheriton, who taught Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford University in California and became a billionaire as Google grew, said that America's innovators and investors were being driven overseas in search of opportunity.”
    Some say that these billionaires should actually contribute to society with taxes too.
    That is clearly theft and a socialist plot.

    Why , US billionaires of companies like Microsoft and Goggle are being forced to move to low tax havens like Ireland in search of low tax “opportunity” ,but even some UK millionaires like Bono and his U2 band are still forced to flee the UK and Ireland to avoid taxes.

    Billionaires like Gates and other benevolent millionaires like Bono only wish to help the poor and starving of Africa by sharing the loot withn the worlds poor.

    As the purpose of all economies is to create more nice billionaires dispensing wealth to all in a trickle down effect, these western economies are truly failures.

    Even if they do try and help Africa by socialising the losses of the TBTF international elites now .
    Even so, opportunities for billionaires to turn into multi-billionaires are now just too tough as the experiences of Google billionaires in the last decade proves.

  2. I do not believe POTUS is a evil man! He seems to be a good father and loyal husband. That said, while we may not agree with the way the country is headed let us remember that any POTUS has 100s of advisers who are all on a mission to benefit themselves. We also have CONgress to thank for the mess we are in along with previous POTUS. A good look in the mirror might help as well. If you cannot go down to your local bank and pull out $500 cash when you are fully employed, your have more plastic in your wallet than 1$ bills and you owe everyone in town who is to blame for that? The American people, local government, state government and federal government have all be on a drunken spending spree for decades and now the bill collector has come to collect, it is very simple really!


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