Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ron Paul: Inflation To Hit 50%

Texas congressman Ron Paul on Friday predicted that inflation will hit 50 percent in the next couple of years, thanks to the massive debt the country has accumulated.

Paul, who spoke to admirers and Republican activists at a Manchester house party, said the inflation will act like default.

Social Security checks will still be cut and interest payments will still be made, but the inflated dollars will allow the government to repay borrowed dollars with devalued money, Paul said.

“They cannot pay the debt,” he said. “I don't think that means you shouldn't try and work things out, but with the size of this debt it never gets paid.”

The national debt is about $14.3 trillion.
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  1. homes will go down another 50 percent ron paul is correct 50 percent indflation
    just to keep the system going!
    not and will not solve many probloms
    people are so blind it will come overnight !
    this isnt fear monegering !
    this is reality
    its so sad so many stll have thier heads in the sand
    this will be very messy

  2. exactly, caught be surprise and suffer more because of it-most. therefore easily folded into the offered solution..starting with higher taxes and fee's as one, then lower payments, 401's to fund treasury, another tax for WB to fight some global warming(as nat disasters will increase aswell and be harped up in media as the reason for the need of taxes to fund fight against global warming), restrictions on near everything to "save us-and save the world" and other solutions, this won't stop the crashing..things will get very bad indeed along with added wars, and bigger ones-thus eventually they'll agree to a global currency, a global panel to oversee global trade and finance and all nations will sign onto the agreement as to not do so would mean...well as seen now drones are easily flown huh..and the most masses will willingly fold/fall/agree and accept their mark. ever wonder how/why the most masses would accept such a system? bad times coming indeed, and people do many ills for continued lifestyle and money and when that's threatened and their backs are to the wall most will sell out, even sell their souls because they don't believe such things.

    heard that china has biometriced some billion of their population already and india is busy and almost finished with theirs, nigeria is going cashless, euro with it identity cards, seems america is/was supposed to have national identity cards already but the states refused as many spoke out about it-good, but the world is moving (in some ways) towards things faster then we are, we with our refusal to be stamped and numbered and biometriced, gun ownership, property rights, freedom of can they overcome this freedom loving people? crash the pride and independence from them and when their broke and afraid they'll cave? after all, when it's all said and done, it comes down to so many here's god is money, devalue money, devalue a sense of hope, take away pleasures, ease of life..the cost of ill placed faith huh.

    notice even with the articles on what's really going on how it's much oriented towards money, how to invest in a crash, make profits, how to protect your wealth, gain more even, gold-gold will save us, as if we can take it with us, as if it's all that's important. nothing wrong with wealth at all-like it myself, but we've no balance, and it's become our true hearts treasure with many, perfect tool to use to force them into the box.

    now, lets go watch some TV LOLOLOL

  3. 50% inflation isn't too bad. I can live with anything under 100%. Weimer was waaaaay worse than that.

  4. 12:13 - You're an idiot.

  5. 2:13 - You're an idiot.

  6. It is sad that mankind must endlessly repeat the mistakes of it's past. Our country and it's culture are a brief test of an idea put forth by the forefathers and our constitution which was purposefully written in vague terms so it would be adaptable to different times and circumstances. Each individual within our culture and country must remember that they are a player in this context. If we all in mass, use and abuse the freedoms we were given, they will be taken away, often by necessity. This is where common decency and morality come into play: not through a dialetic of religion, but through the simplest of mandates... do unto others, as you would have done to you...

  7. 3:09, please explain your attack on 2:13. Considering how dire our situation is, is it really THAT bad to have to pay $1.50 for a can of soup in 2 years that costs $1.00 today? That is is getting off EASY. Study your history. In Weimar Germany, it took a wheelbarrow full of money just to purchase a loaf of bread. Their inflation rate was literally 1,000,000,000,000 percent. Is that what you would prefer, idiot?

  8. 3:09, you're a bigger idiot.

  9. The US is a bankrupt Ponzi economy that does not even have gold reserves just a huge national debt in fiat paper currency.
    and perhaps an odd bar of hocked tungsten.

    Americans are a nation of debt peons in an insolvant de-industrialised unproductive of real profits failed capitalism .
    #With a ruling elite intending a final looting of the assetts and savings of the middle class as their only remaining and last chance to make a profit.
    The dollar is being devalued by money printing.

    The Dollar hegemony Empire system is dead in the water, swamped in a sea of debts and the cost of permanent unwinnable wars.

    Even if a new world order currency was set up by the IMF the US could not contribute gold in order to be a voting shareholder of the IMF currency.Therefore only beggars rights to a charity loan like a third world country.
    background ;
    Is the Fed really in control of US finances or the Treasury operating a secret ESF
    slush fund .
    What I have been afraid to blog about:
    The ESF and Its History .

  10. Don't worry, salaries will continue to plummet.

    Inflation doesn't help the average indebted college graduate or homeowner. It's not like their employer is suddenly going to give them a 50% raise. This country is doomed because the greedy elite want it to be. They are so shortsighted they would rather destroy the country than ease up on their greed.


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