Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Brings New Problems Affecting Japan And World: Will Fukushima Cause International Higher Mortality Rates?

Over the last fifty years it has become apparent that nuclear energy is full of dangers, some of which carry repercussions even greater than those produced by a nuclear weapon.  By way of their response to the disaster at Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear industry, regulatory oversight committees, nuclear engineers, and leading scientific experts have failed the global community.  Their actions have proved that they continually underestimated the situation, and did not fully understand it before making crucial decisions.

The quantities of radiation released to date are unprecedented say the Japanese government, and they are very sorry for having withheld important information.  They will also likely claim it “unprecedented” as people across the island nation and northern hemisphere are subjected to short and long term exposure to radioactive materials emitted from the power plants 3 reactors in full meltdown.

It has been known for over 20 years that it would only take one nuclear reactor to contaminate over half of the planet.  The old criteria for measuring a nuclear accident, and acceptable levels of radiation exposure no longer apply.  There are many medical studies whose results lay in direct contrast to the statistics provided by international nuclear reports.  While there have been many other nuclear disasters, there has never been one at this scale.  There is rising concerns that fallout from testing during the 1950s may have weakened the immune systems of the youth, making them more susceptible to future biological effects of additional fallout from other disasters.
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  1. Sorry people, my apologies. I guess I shouldn't have done that radiation dance that time in order to bring on untold pollution, health problems and disease. Now I guess we are in it for the long haul. But I didn't really mean it!


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