Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SWAT Team Launch Dawn Raid on Family Home to Collect Woman's Unpaid Student Loans

A father was dragged from his home and handcuffed in front of his children by a SWAT team looking for his estranged wife - to collect her unpaid student loans.
A stunned Kenneth Wright had his front door kicked in by the raiding party at 6 am yesterday before being dragged onto his front porch, handcuffed and led to a police car with his three children.
He says he was then detained for six hours while officers looked for his wife - who no longer lives at the house.

Mr Wright was later told by Stockton police that the order to send in the SWAT team came from The U.S. Department of Education who were looking for his estranged wife to collect defaulted loan payments.
Speaking to ABC News 10, a visibly shaken Mr Wright described what happened when he was woken by a banging on his front door.
He said: 'I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers.
Dressed in his boxer shorts, Mr Wright says he rushed downstairs and was about to open the door when it was kicked open.
An officer then grabbed him by the neck before dragging him out onto the front lawn.

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  1. This is called transitioning from living in a clandestine empire where slaves believed they were free to knowing they are not.

  2. Who cares anymore? I don't. I'm totally neutral to everything I hear I now.

    This isn't caused by politicians or bankers by the way. This is caused by the people. The people brought this on themselves.

    They all enjoyed sending their children to trashy public schools for all this time, and still don't care since they just want to be free of their children. The kids are in danger at these prisons but it's better than having them hang around you.

    From the 80s to now the increase in youth violence, drug use, ignorance, mental disorders, suicides, bastard babies, and venereal diseases should be a good indication that the Department of Education might be doing something wrong.

    They were brought in to purposely bring those conditions about, and of course hand out grants to intellectually unqualified students all so they could acquire futureless debt slaves. If the student may be dedicated and graduate, and is not a party obsessed drug addict loser like most college kids, they still won't have anything to look forward to career wise.

    Universities have always worked with the ruling class of imperialistic cultures. The only real benefit they have is training scientists. Pretty much all the other technical fields are there to produce useless droids to tend the establishments of billionaires.

    Keep it alive America! Make sure your kid is given the Depakote he needs as prescribed by the brain dead psychiatrist. Americans deserve every bit of what's coming their way.

    I'm not going to feel bad for this shit face. Fuck this country! FUCK THIS COUNTRY!!!

  3. Welcome to the new USA of Nazi America, get used to it, it is going to get alot worse.

  4. Yet another liberal bleeding hearts article.

    Its very clear his wife was a Debt Slave an over educated financial terrorist attempting to criminally evade her financial responsibilities to the education system ,the bankers government and the taxpayers of America.

    How can the government afford to support the bailouts for the insolvant financial sector when these people are avoiding the consequences of their irresponsible student loan debts.?

    With the growing unemployment and house foreclosures it is clear that these morally bankrupt people with criminal tendencies are avoiding paying their contracted
    debts to society.
    Property and responsibility for freely entered Contracts laws, lies at the heart of the American legal system and its law and order.

    .Even from the start of the old Constitution, respect for the property rights of the top founding fathers to their property rights to slaves was enshrined in the constitution ion as the “Rights of Man” .

    Its been downhill ever since for the USA .

    The swat squads should not be forced to engage in this sort of increasingly every day court ordered behavior.
    It looks bad.

    The quicker the FEMA camps are opened and debt slaves put in their proper place to work of their debts the quicker the promised economic recovery of the finance sector will happen.

  5. 634 did you eat paint chips as a child? It sure looks that way, you should be first in the fema camp.

  6. "US Government Shaking Down Dual National Foreigners"

    This headline seems to have reversed the reality of the main game.

    What with Soros and other dual nationals(? )
    of the banking sector currently shaking down America for bailout money.

  7. "Moral bankruptcy"

    I'd bet there isn't a single person in the entire United States that isn't morally bankrupt, and if you say 'I'm not' , I'd bet your a sinner and a liar. Prove me wrong O righteous one.


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