Saturday, June 4, 2011

There Will Be Blood


  1. Yes, there will be blood.... IN THE STREETS

    As soon as the economy collapses this marxist/fascist government will be overthrown.

    The blood of Tyrants and Patriots will flow to stream levels...

  2. The only thing to remain is our REPUBLIC - does everyone remember what that word means? NOT a 'Democracy'!

  3. Oh great, now we're fighting each other over the left over scraps while the elite laugh.

  4. 11:50 exactly correct. That is how the elite defeat their enemies. They turn one faction or class against one another then sit back and enjoy their theatre.

    There are a lot of ignorant people who think the elite are frightened by an armed American with million of guns at the ready. Wrong. They are counting on it. Let us turn our guns on one another until all the ammo and militia types are all dead. Then, when everyone is starving they stroll in and take over. Iraq, for example. All that factions fighting were all orchestrated by non-Iraqis aka the CIA.

    Same 'ol, same 'ol, works like a charm.

  5. 4:29 Tell me your not really comparing the USA
    and her citizenry to a bunch of camel humping towelheads with minds numbed by thoughts of
    1,000 virgins for the next atrocity committed
    in the name of allah.

    Most of those millions of guns are owned by
    people who are one helluva lot smarter than
    the elite you like to mention so often

    Thruout history; when real revolution comes -
    who actually survives? The governments? The
    ruling class? The elite ?

    All are forced to flee or risk the obvious -
    yes, in time they return; but again, it lets you know just who is resilient

    And who is irrelevant

  6. Unions are all that is left to help people with just a high school education.
    With unions people can earn a good wage with benefits. Companies love to pay people very low wages with no benefits so they have to work two or three jobs just to make it in life. Without unions companies can make millions and billions in profits and crap on their workers. What a shame it is that people are so jealous of union members that they are cutting their own throats by not wanting one and for not supporting people that belong to one.

  7. Ok lets look at the facts, union members just make a good wage, they are not getting rich. Why is it a crime now days to earn a decent wage with just a high school education? Tell you what lets just all live in poverty and make corporations rich beyond measure. We can all sit on the floor eating bread crumbs making poverty wages and cheer to the success of all the corporate ceos making billions. Last, corporations give millions to republicans to fund their election efforts, many millions more then unions give the democrats, no wonder why unions are under fire by the rich. Wake up people, they want us all to live in poverty and fight each other while they buy a new home on an island in the pacific.

  8. Same old leftist worker rights bullshit. Jobs are like any market. Subject to supply and demand. Unions merely serve to artificially inflate wages for low value work. Want a good wage practice providing value . Go to school become a doctor or architect and stop blaming the successful for youri own failure/uselessness. corporations compete for labor like employees compete for wages. Unions are part of the Marxist plague destroying traditional. Society and the free market in the name of "civil/human rights"
    . Shove your unions they are actually making it impossible to create jobs and running the few we have left overseas.

  9. You tell the brain dead union member that didn't watch the video. It clearly stated this is NOT about corporations but public sector union bleeding the tax payer dry. Try watching the whole video before you run off at the mouth.

  10. I watched the video, your the one that is brain dead. You must be a scott walker fan. Keep everyone in poverty except the wealthy. Before you build a house you must have a foundation and you cant start with the roof first. The middle class is moving faster and faster towards poverty and its starting with people like you.

  11. Unions are the epitome of democracy in action. Members vote for their leadership who negotiates in good faith at the table with management. Business has the chamber of commerce, union of manufacturers and contractors, and the even the GOP to represent their interests. Why shouldn't workers? United we stand, divided we fall.

  12. The Democrats abandoned working people decades ago. This is the result. Our only hope as a nation is for democrats to abandon EVERY single culture war issue and embrace UNIONS and working people. Otherwise we will become a 2nd or 3rd nation.

  13. Unions and the gov't have driven thousands of jobs overseas due to 2 factors, wages and gov't overwhelming regs on businesses. Unions play an important role to keep corp mgt in check as to worker rights, but they got derailed by greed and power and forced wages/pensions for union workers to get to ridiculous levels. If the US is in a world trade environment, union wages and govt regs make US companies leave this country in droves for lower wage/less reg areas. That's the way it works. So until the US decides to reduce the massive regs and attract business back to the US, and Unions get realistic as to wage/pension levels, this nightmare will continue for decades, or until there is a world currency/societal collapse. Only then will there be hope for a reset to rational levels of wages/pensions.

  14. You're blaming the Unions 7:21!? Wake UP!

    Read up on NAFTA, that is the cause of our jobs going overseas. NAFTA created a "race to the bottom" in wages destroying USA jobs.

    NAFTA is a strong tool that benefits corporations and investors. The little guy didn't have a break once this went in to effect.

    THE only thing left now to the little guy is what’s left of the unions. It’s the little guy who puts money back in the economy. The big guy doesn't invest here...he's putting his money into the stream NAFTA opened up.

  15. We have deregulated the market place; US workers can’t compete with third world wages. Unions didn’t destroy America, political leaders did.

  16. We didn't deregulate the market place. We have plenty of regulation in place: it's all designed as barriers to entry and to keep the big corporations in power.

    Look at the licensing required, the taxes, the reporting requirements, the rules for what you need to have to start a business. We know the big corporations don't pay the same amount of taxes and are not prosecuted at all for lying or cheating. The elites write up the rules, pretend they don't like them, then laugh as all the competition is wiped out because of the rules they wrote...which is of course the intention.

    A true free market has no bailouts and doesn't require people to have licenses and pay licensing fees. It doesn't make it illegal to sell one substance for being harmful when it's perfectly legal to have far more harmful substances if you're the major corporation making it (cigarettes, alcohol, McDonalds). It doesn't bailout financial institutions with sweetheart deals while screwing over the public.

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