Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tracing America's "Too Big To Fail" Crisis: An Infographic

Most call it one of the biggest financial crises in living memory. Others call it one great big Ponzi scheme. Whatever you want to call it, a bunch of people lost a bunch of money and the world of high finance may never be the same. But don’t worry – that doesn’t mean that we’ve fixed all these problems or punished the people responsible. It just means that next time you can’t get a loan or a higher credit limit, the banks will have an excuse.

Our “most unwanted” list includes guys like Martin Feldstein. He was an economics professor at a little school called Harvard (maybe you’ve heard of it) and served as Ronald Reagan’s Chief Economic Advisor. He was a major architect in Reagan’s deregulation scheme (which is either the best thing ever in the world to some political views, or the worst thing in the world to others).

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  1. The baby-boomers of the western world are well off. They live each day in la-de-da land. And they could care less about anyone else. And they also control the western governments. So, they could care less about you....

  2. The first step will be to ignore all academics. Higher Education is the biggest ponzi scam of them all, and this economy will never recover by saddling the entire younger generations with mortgages for it.

    Is there anything more worthless than a professor?

  3. Yes, a Politician!


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