Thursday, July 21, 2011

Europe's Contagion Effect: Prepare for a Global Economic Collapse

Nuno Monteiro, Thomas Wright

Europe is on the brink of a major financial disaster. Moody’s has downgraded Irish and Portuguese debt to junk, a status until now reserved for Greece. This in turn has led interest rates on Spanish and Italian debt to spike. Contagion of these two major economies is now......


  1. Yeah
    I'm prepared
    Have been for almost 3 years !
    Where the hell is it?!
    This "it's just around the corner " shit is just as bad as Bernake telling Ron Paul that Gold is not money.
    The whole gadamn thing is so convoluted; so perverse - as to defy description!
    But your collapse?
    I'd say - someone else is a better poker player than you are!
    And oh by the bye - that's all this has become too
    A big poker game

  2. Why did you feel the need to even type that 5:39?

  3. Some people just are bored I guess. Slow news day.

  4. You know, we all would like to be able to look to the future and guard ourselves against calamity. I wish we could have seen the financial meltdown coming and taken steps to protect ourselves. We constantly are on guard reading everything we can and educating ourselves, hoping to learn something. I don't look at the stock market anymore. It is not a gauge that I can use to determine the world's finances. I look at Walmart. I remember when Walmart was a bustling place, lots of people in there with their families just shopping away. Not anymore. If you go the beginning of the month, or the first few weeks, it is bare. What? It's bare? Where are the people? I think that the Mexicans here in Phoenix have gone back home. I don't see any of them in the Walmart here in Mesa, AZ, either working, stocking the shelves, gathering carts or cleaning. They are gone. More white workers are working there. You will be hard pressed to find someone that does not speak English working there. Okay, so that changed. But the customers, where are they? If you went to the store with me, you would find one or two lanes open and that is it. On a crowded day, there were five lanes open. OMG! The CEO of Walmart said that people don't have money anymore and they aren't going to his store to shop. I guess that the Salvation Army must be the new hot spot. Okay, what else to gauge the economy by? Go to the Food Stamp office. Here is it called "DES" for Department for Economic Security. I saw the bread lines there. The people in line, from over an hour and a half before they opened, snaking around the building, into the parking lot, snagging the vehicular traffic wanting to park. What the hell? Are these my countrymen? This is America? I was so shocked, I cry at the thought of it. They wanted food stamps and Medicaid. We just got a notice that if we lose our Medicaid for any reason, the State of Arizona will not allow you back on. It is over with. No more people will be allowed on the rolls as of July 7, 2011. We have already collapsed. It's already over for millions of people.

  5. 5:39, if you are waiting for the mainstream media to announce the collapse, then you'll have to wait until the political party that they favor is no longer in the white house. For now, they'll tell you everything is fine so as to not make Obama look bad.

  6. Why this talk of collapse? It's not going to happen! You're wasting your time and life away planning and waiting for something that will not happen!

    Go about living your life like everyone else, putting it on hold for something that will not come is foolish.

  7. Preparation for the collapse that is coming does not require one to put their life on hold. Enjoy your starvation and ignorance.

  8. Survival tip #49

    Get yourself a bicycle to get around after the fuel is gone or at $20+ per gallon. If you are older or haven't ridden a bike in many years get an Electra Townie.

  9. The only stupid fuckers that will starve are the 2nd and 3rd generation welfare bums that are too fucking lazy to plant some lettuce and tomato seeds in a pot on their window sill - having relied on Uncle Sugar for so long; they know nothing else
    It's time these parasites go infect another host

  10. Every little bit helps, but a few pots on the window sill will not be enough.

    So many think that gardening is just scratching in the dirt a little, throw around some seeds, and several weeks later, gather heaps of veggies. Not!

  11. The problem with blogger 5:39 is that this type of person expects a sudden collapse, similar to an emp attack, or a dirty bomb attack.
    Finacial social collapses are more insideous, the moral decline, is one of the inherant signs of collspse which we are seeing more and more of.
    The human suffering that occurs during a total finacial collapse will vary from person to person, depending on degree of individual impact.
    So if 5:39 is looking for images of a post appoctolyptic world, he is going to be very disspointed. Unless he is the one out of work, rummiging through garbage looking for dinner.

  12. BE OPTOMISTIC: FUK S u VOTED FOR CHANGE, AND CHANGE U SHALL BE LEFT WITH. Government can't survive with out private sector jobs. They too shall - be goin, so shall the corrupt pigs in Washington . Scum suckers they all are, banksters, Wall st. liars, cheats, money going over sea's . Bye world the way it was !

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