Thursday, July 21, 2011

The US Social Crisis

Naomi Spencer –

Notes on the US social crisis

The economic crisis manifests itself in virtually every facet of working class living conditions in the US. New state budgets include devastating cuts to basic social programs, even as the job and housing markets continue to worsen and need grows. 17,000 apply for 1,800 jobs in.......


  1. whatever, buy some fireworks and beer to celebrate bin laden's defeat. you are the nation that won against the terorist #1, you stupid, american idiots... now die and rot in poverty

  2. People are easily getting pissed. Check out the 2 examples of US social crisis:

  3. No. Seriously? You're really going to SOCIALISTS for economic news at this site now? Come on. Get real. That's insulting to those of us who actually read real economic analysts. The absolute WORST thing for this country--for any country--are socialists vision of utopia. That is, in fact, the reason we are here today! NOT HELPFUL.

  4. I'm not a fan of socialism, but we should take time to distinguish what patriots really are versus those that just call themselves patriots and may in fact be just as limp upstairs as the far left marxists.

    Take for example the Bush years, where Hannity and the like felt it mandatory to support the war. Anyone who spoke out was deemed liberal, unamerican, or had a problem with military. Come to 2009, suddenly all the republicans who defended the war changed their stance since it is no longer a right wing president in control.

    The left wing similarly doesn't seem to care much that we just started two more wars, and are probably on our way to WW3. So where did all the hippies run off to? Fact is that they only used the war protests in the Bush years to make it easier for a Democrat to get in later.

    The far left is perspicuously out to destroy the USA, but that does not mean the conservative constituents are really concerned for her. If Americans ended up eating scorpions and rats to stay alive; as long as Rush Limbaugh had his radio show he'd be content.

    We could go on with the partisan spokesmen and how inept they are at solving anything. But that would require a novel to fill even half the instances.

    Social crisis? Recently in Arizona they busted the wife of a drug dealer who had about several million dollars worth of heroin. Think about that for a second. That's one county, one dealer, one drug... how many people today use drugs then? There is a strong chance the MAJORITY of the American population are regular drug users or drinkers.

    Let's not exclude mental disorders, depression, obesity, the lack of interest in books, the obsession with mind numbing electronic entertainment, white collar crime, STDs, and increasing stress leading to pointless violence like 7:35 mentions.

    The crisis is hardly financial!

  5. "white collar crime,"9.59:

    is this a racist comment ?

    Or,an economic analysis of the criminal nature of the organised tribal white collar mob
    on wall st and at the Fed ,that engineered the great ponzi debt dollar bubble economy, complete with a permanent war machine that bankrupted America?

    The mobsters and their dual party legisative
    srong arm men debt collector enforcers ,now currently looting the savings and housing assets of a growing number of americans by money printing?

    This white collar mob demonstrated first with TARP and now the great budget compromise
    game that they sure know how to engage in Shock Theats,threatening the end of the world as they know it!

    The TTBTF protection rackets threats continue,pay up ,accept budget austerity to continue the money printing for banksters
    wars and bailouts now ,or we kill your way of life ,its credit supply and phamacare
    anti-depressant drug supply subsidies too!

    Patriotism for bankster hand outs or a permanent state of personal and national deppression, the same- same party choice is yours.
    Choose your poison blue ir red pill?

  6. Racism is a trotskyite word among whom Bolsheviks and like Trotsky, Lenin, and Magnus Hirschfeld were its first users.

    It is the primary signal that a person is a Marxist, One-worlder. The whole concept of Racism is Marxian, and is a form of "class warfare". The whole ideology needs to be understood and rejected, for the sake of peoples and nations everywhere.


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