Sunday, July 24, 2011

Practical Solutions to Surviving Collapse

David Martin

I just finished reading an article – and have read many others – recommending sending what money you have off shore, moving from the United States if possible and obtaining a second citizenship in some country “likely to maintain the rule of law” when the dollar collapses. This article did not suggest where to go, but I suppose the author was thinking of a place where “the rule of law” is currently observed and was assuming it would continue to be when the people in that place have no food or fuel because the dollar collapsed.

I wonder how much it would costs to travel around the world looking for a suitable country? Certainly many thousands of dollars. If you are not independently wealthy, you would have to arrange time off from work and spend precious resources looking for a safer place to move. If you did find a place you wanted to go, wouldn’t it be imperative that you spoke the language? Won’t a dollar collapse create chaos worldwide? Won’t indigenous peoples attack foreigners first?

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  1. it is truly hard to accept what is really happening, and that it is really here and now.

  2. "I wonder how much it would cost to travel around the world looking for a suitable country?"
    Real answer - nothing. That's what Google is for...
    The document suggests collapse will lower mankind to a very primitive level which is extremely unlikely unless the crash will destroy all technology too..
    Where to go ? Well, somewhere that isn't clamping down on immigration, and that's most countries , so you'd better move fast !
    Somewhere that won't be affected by a western world implosion and that's no civilised country.
    Directly or indirectly through fear of contagion, they'll all suffer.
    Somewhere you can still buy semi-auto weapons and that's where ???
    Best bet is to buy your own island or fund it in a group purchase. They can be had for a few million. Best to go to the southern hemisphere away from all the potential problems in the northern one.
    Out in the middle of an ocean far far away from the troubles of mankind is you best bet.
    Time's running out - we've got around 1 year max before both Europe and the USSA go down.

  3. I picked Belize.

  4. Change is painful but in this situation I see no way to escape it.

    There are very few places that won’t be affected and if you do find a place can you adapt to it enough so that you can live a reasonable life?

    I think the best solution at least for me, is to evolve and adapt to the changing times in a place I’m familiar with.

  5. I think all the good xian's should stay in America.

  6. Getting out of Dodge is a smart move and will buy you another ten years. While here it will turn into a giant internment camp with most starving to death.

    Paraguay would be a good choice.

    The Bush crime family is escaping to there with their pay offs for helping to destroy Amerika. I am sure B.O. will be well taken care of also.

    GWB bought a huge water-rich parcel with what could be described as palaces. They also are set up with solar, etc. They aren't doing this because they want to be environmentalists!! They know what is coming and plan on living in the lap of luxury. Off the grid. No worries or cares.

    The criminals that helped the bankers fuck us over will be rewarded nicely while the sheeple starve with a boot on their neck.

  7. I would have liked escaping to Sweden to fall in love with a soft spoken, fair skinned elf. I would be introduced to her parents who are the king and queen elves. Then we'll take shelter in her house which is a wooden tree.

    No but really, there is no reason to escape like a bitch billionaire. The majority of Americans have become brain dead, sissified, fat, lazy, doped up, and directionless. These people are hardly American.

    No matter how bad that is I'm not running away, even if I could. I'll eat dirt for 60 years until I'm old if I have to. I will live to see the obscurantists and corruptionists of mankind put to an end, that is all I know.

  8. Good luck trying to emigrate to a different country. You need lots of $$ and a job before ANY country will take you.

  9. You are correct. I checked into moving to New Zealand and it is just about like that. Submit a business success record and a plan, etc.

    The truth is the USA is going to go down the tubes in the next two years so all you really need is a Visa and a reason to extend it. By then, if you could even come back it would be Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. All boarders closed, etc.

  10. To each his own.

    I don't wholly agree with this article. The complete opposite is true for me.

    I've lived in a total of five countries, happy with a job in the current one. Pick up a few languages, ain't too tough. For those who can adapt well, it is EXTREMELY easy to pick up and move around the world. Your lack of self-confidence and personal growth will prevent you from doing so.

    Now, the tougher thing for me at the moment would be setting up shop as described, with the ammunition, guns and all.

    I do not think things will become Mad Max. If they do, as some in my church say, we look to God to watch out for us. For as every bird of the field is fed, do you not think you yourself will too? There is nothing to fear but God Himself.

  11. I forgot to add to above post, I live in a country where certain pockets are raging with drug violence, so don't think that expatriating is any sissy manner to go. Heck, I had my house ransacked the other week (nothing much taken as I'm not inclined to leave much of value there). I still prefer being here with far less things to worry about than in other places where the police state is much further down the line. The only time I had to stare down the barrel of a gun was in urban USSA.

    Ultimately, there is no place to hide. The iron curtain be coming down worldwide.

    Poster 253

  12. Amongst the financially aware we see a growing loss of confidence in the future of the dollar hegemony empire and the American dream of progress in a growing economy.

    Thoughts and plans turn not to rebuilding industry and a productive America but only to individual and family survival as the debt ponzi economy grinds down to to its insolvent end.
    The American dream is dead !

    The means of production in America is now the printing press creating trillions of dollars of national debt in counterfeit dollars to subsidise the TBRF.
    Crazy economics !

    Bailed out American capitalism, now running a corrupt Corporate State under semi –monarchs of the Bush and Obama type with executive orders and patriot act wars backed by politically appointed court judges , no longer give confidence in the old constitutional , democratic ,republican , rule of law.

    The official explanations of the 9/11 false flag are no longer believed or doubted by most sensible americans .
    But there is no real or proper investigation of the facts of the controlled demolitions and of the real criminal terrorist organisers .
    Just the old 19 fanatic Muslim Arabs armed with box knives supermen bin laden sent them story .

    The US military turns to drama theatrics in its unbelievable bodiless assassination of Bin laden on a clapping ,cheering ,armed seals victory show, in an attempt to restore confidence in the military and CIAs American justice. system.

    Even the Obama banksters puppet pleads as President and commander in chief of torture . renditions and bin laden assassination shows, claims an inability or power to close down the empires military torture shops like Guantanomo as “promised” during election time .

    But does claim the ability to make and finance congressionally unauthorised expensive attack wars against Libya .

    It is natural then to suspect the purposes of FEMA camps and think about a way out of the growing American corporate State that has turned the American dream into a horror story with a cast of millions of debt slaves in a failed capitalist Ponzi.
    The ancestors of a nation built by immigrants increasingly consider re-immigration and have lost confidence in the future of the value of the dollar and the credit worthiness of the USA and show their lack of faith by speculating against their own countries once mighty Dollar, by buying gold ,while looking for a way out by escape to a new bankster free land.

  13. For some of us who have half a brain, it's not too hard to figure out that the world economy is going to collapse! Wake up people -- come out of your comotose state and see what is happening here and around the world! It's been happening for a very, very, long time. I'm so sick and tired of seeing all of these self-absorbed lazy-assed people who don't care, and just go on like all of the wonderful amentities that they are enjoying, like their vacations, traveling, cars, boats, and all the endless crap they shop for at all the Targets, Walmarts, Kohl's etc., etc. are going to be around forever! Soon, no one is going to be able to afford anything but the basic necessities such as shelter, food, water and a few clothes on your back! This is a matter of survival and it's pretty darn scary . . . Thank God, this country was founded on the principal to bear arms! It's time to take care of yourself and your family and friends and get the guns loaded and prepare to take a stand to protect yourself from what's to come. I never thought I would see this in my lifetime. I feel such sadness and heartache for my grown sons and their families . . . I feel such sadness for all of the eldery people who struggle at this time with their health and the terrible struggles they have with Medicaid and now soon to be defuct - Social Security. I feel so sorry and sad for all of the people and little children who are already living on the brink and struggling with their health, illness and hunger. The Washington elitists, Wall Street, our congressional politicians, the credit card companies and Good ole "Banks of America" have really screwed up this country!!! Back and forth Congress banters to come up with a solution to pass through the Senate before "August 2", and unfortunately -- there is no long-term solution or quick fix! This is it... We will have to all learn to live on very very less. The only thing that will keep most of us going is our faith. I pray for those who see this message and have young children. Wake up and take care of yourself and families. This is going to get ROUGH and very ugly . . .

  14. This is not a time to do anything but prepare to come out on top. I'm not a sheep I'll do better than most 'cause I got the smarts to do so, plus I have people behind me. I'll support them and they'll support me. And all you people who think that the elderly are just going to lay down and die are stupid.


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