Saturday, July 30, 2011

Strategic Options for Pensions and Healthcare

Chiemi Hayashi

Strategies to address the challenge of financing retirement and healthcare in a rapidly ageing world.
The ageing of society is a current challenge in developed countries and an imminent challenge in others. By 2030, it will be a major issue in most of today’s emerging economies, and by 2050, few countries will be unaffected. With an ageing population, a declining labour force, and alarming healthcare and pension benefit costs . . .


  1. Execute old and disabled people. They are a drag to a nation. The young people sacrificed themselves and went to war to save this nation. It is time for the old and disable people to sacrifice themselves for the good of this nation. Every time there are wars the youth are in front line.

  2. Talking about 2030 or 2050 seems very old. High probability that all the entities we call nations won't even exist by then. Actually, the US may not even exist just a few years from now. Probably a wasteland of starving zombies by then.

    We are a polar shift from starting all over anyway. Borders and boundaries are all there to separate us from the realization that we are all one.

  3. Twitter and Facebook will still work though right?

  4. OLD CRUSTY SHORTSJuly 30, 2011 at 4:15 PM

    @ 3:20- Say, listen here, you young whippersnapper-if it wasn`t for us old geezers starting the damn wars to begin with and leaving them for you young people to clean up and sacrifice yourselves to, you wouldn`t have any semblance of self worth. I mean, what are we here for, anyway? Let`s keep our priorities straight here! lol

  5. There hasn't been one modern war that has had any purpose other than to enrich the banksters. They start them all very easy for them to do since the sheeple are so gullible and scared. We slaughtered one million Iraqis for nothing. War crimes galore, torture, sprayed them with acids in 2004, you name it. Do amerikans feel bad about it in any way? No sir.

    What goes around comes around and we will be discarded as the bankers' bull whip fairly soon. Then we will be a wasteland. A former empire. An empty shell.

  6. the young sacrificed themselves in today's wars, and became the very disabled 3:20 speaks of who payed the ultimate price and deserve the benefits, yet they should be killed..basically 3:20 say's-I want mine-get out of my way of pursuit of personal gains-all about me...mememememememememe..waaaaaaaaa...kid never was disciplined now is a selfish mess and sounds like hitlers youth..the master race, don't dare be disabled or old


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