Saturday, July 30, 2011

When Does A Great Recession Become a Full-Fledged Depression?


Economists have their standard definitions. They work their numbers and proclaim when we are in a recession, out of a recession, when an economic recovery is taking place, and when that recovery is merely hitting a “soft patch.”But really, who but the media, government officials, and economists themselves take these definitions seriously anymore when it comes to reflecting reality as experienced by most Americans? These days, not many people. For most Americans, the recession didn’t end two years ago, economist definition notwithstanding. A recovery did not begin then. And the “soft patches” that have been occurring regularly in the last two years are not natural and unavoidable dips on the road back to traditional American economic well-being.


  1. Without Jobs, the economy will continue to slip. Jobs are the main factor in any economy. Its that simple

  2. Oh Boy ! Another date !

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