Saturday, July 30, 2011

US House Rejects Senate Democrats Debt-Limit Bill


The Republican-led House on Saturday rejected a Senate Democratic bill to raise the nation’s debt limit just three days before the deadline to avert a first-ever default on US financial obligations. President Barack Obama and lawmakers remained at an impasse on any possible compromise. With tensions high at a rare weekend session, the legislation failed on a 246-173 House vote that was largely symbolic. The Senate has yet to vote on the bill. Saturday’s result, however, could pave the way for negotiations on a compromise with Tuesday’s deadline on the government’s ability to pay its bills fast approaching. Shortly after the House vote, President Barack Obama stepped back into the debt-ceiling talks, calling Congress’ top two Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, to the White House . . . .


  1. I would like to see less articles here about what the politicians are doing. Anyone with half a brain know that it is all smoke and mirrors, stage acting anyway.

    They are all bought and paid for, so the outcome will be exactly what the banksters want; nothing less nothing more.

    The whole puppet politician thing, the bantering, is just for the sheeple to feel that they have a say.

  2. 8:09
    You got that right. Even our election is a shame all thank to Wall Street and big banks. And yet many sheeples think we have the greatest democratic government on earth.

  3. I have always thought it fascinating that there are those so naive that they thought GWB decided anything, or the current sock puppet either.

    Obama this, Obama that. He is nothing more than a spokesperson for the corporate elite banksters going back to the euro elite bankster families (Bank of England; Rothschilds).

  4. sometimes me thinks we need more breaks at work. managers work us hard. we drink hard. we eat hard. we think hard. we use hard. Heavy hitting is a thing called on batters that hit hard. so are we heavy hitters. sometimes i wonder what happened. You wake up to find kids all big but adults get old. you know it is time. Time is not on are side here folks. The gene pool is getting bad. rich people make monsters of colored folks. over my dead body they will.

    - Sam

  5. Rainman the troll speaks his gibberish.

  6. What did Sam just say? Anyone want to decipher it for me?

  7. with the new spending raise the doller will drop, oil up, ag commodities and the like up, market decided downgrade in months as no real cuts to debt occur only more debt added, possible more QE in some form as economy stalls with higher input costs-inflation-which won't show on gov numbers as food and fuel isn't added and housing decline keeps inflation numbers down.
    weekly you can find an article where someone somewhere no longer will exchange US dollers for goods or services or simply moving out/away from using/storing as reserve US dollers. with this show it's a sign to all that we're broken and won't be fixed, with a debt-depending on what's counted-of 90% to 200% of gdp, the other world players are doing accordingly but slowly as they'd all like it organized and calm. what to replace? individual currencies or something representing a basket or something new for the globe, won't be individual currency of a country for sure


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