Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who is ultimately to blame for the American economic crash?

Lani Rosales
Is the finger pointing resolved?

The highly anticipated and already contentious Federal Crisis Inquiry Commission report has been released after a lengthy investigation into the economic collapse in America. The 600 page report concludes that Wall Street, especially at the executive level, is to blame. It is rumored that the rejection of these findings is the conservative movement who assert the government regulated us into this mess while supporters of the findings note that executives knowingly led banks into the slaughterhouse.

Although many looked to the FCIC report to be the final stamp of decision on the matter, it appears to have only made the issue more divisive.
The fingers are pointing every which direction:

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  1. this is easy didnt have to read

    the senate congress and the last 5 presidents
    are guilty of sedition treason

    sold out americans jobs gave away the technoligy
    opened the borders with unfair trade agreemeants
    and created a police state to take over in the collapse thats happening.

    dont worry the sheeple are so dum they love it.
    and the miliatary think they are serveing freedom
    hahahahahahha suckas

    people are so dum thanks makes it easier for me to make a living on the collapse
    now move along nothing to see here

  2. 1157 agree, the govt gave bread and circus and they sheeple ate it up. Fluoride, Aspartame, High Fructose corn syrup, dancing with idiots and american idiot, plus texting, twitter, facebook have dumbed them down so bad, they will accept their fate.

  3. The congress forced banks and other lending institutions to make loans available to people who formerly did not qualify. Should the banks have defied congress??? This article looks like a media attempt to white wash what the Democrats pushed through congress in 1999.

  4. 11:57 is correct. This calamity before us would have never taken place if it were not for the Washington politicians' crazed vendetta on regulations, and signing off most of our industrial base to third world rat traps. To put it "very" mildly, this bunch has certainly been a very poor steward of America.

  5. 1244 they are the best congress money can buy, if you take money out of polictics all these shenanigans would cease.

  6. Congress is merely a “Tool” of the PTB…by corrupting our Congress and Senate people like the Rockefeller’s, Li’s, Windsor’s and Rothschild’s controlled every aspect of the financial demise of the USA. The combine intellect of our political deviants in DC is woefully inadequate to initiate such a calculated and disciplined destruction of the USA. The elite (PTB) have been plotting our demise for years through financial stranglehold and politics, practicing on countries like Brazil and Greece. We know this to be true as so many HR Resolutions were written by outside forces (PTB) not by representatives. Our demise was initiated with the Jekyll Island conference and Fed act in 1913…as stated this had been a long term plan…the PTB are patient and calculating…

    So we can blame Congress and the Senate…but the real blame should be placed at the top, where the true “Puppet Masters” reside!

  7. brain dead liberal who calls everyone jesus fuckerJuly 14, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    you can blame ronald reagan for this mess. is that to much for you republicans to handle you jesus fuckers. The TSA was created by Bush, now get used to it. How do you like the fact that Obama stopped Bin Laden? your fake religions keep you all happy. so go fuck your imaginary jesus. hahaha.

  8. It was all Ronald Reagan really. He allowed the banks and rich to get this far. Obama is doing the best job he can as far as I can tell. If he was given more support maybe he'd be able to get the job done.

    I don't see inflation up ahead, most likely deflation. I've been selling jewelry to Muslim men before letting them butt bang me.

    I want to kill capitalists. I like Muslims though.

  9. 1 14 i disagree the senate the congress the president should be locking up thousands
    of bankers politicans army law inforcement
    corprations guilty of sedition
    its thier duty until this happens we are done

    yes martial law not for us but them

    unfortunetly the american public is so dum
    they will blame themselves

    1154 was right
    treason is what stands in goverment
    justice = treason in this goverments eyes

    obama blameing the rich is a joke

    if i was president half of congress prior now
    clintons bushs would be in jail

    treason !!!!!!!!!!

    i would send them to china .
    to serve thier masters how do they like thier new masters.

    tariffs bring the jobs back home
    cars refrigs phones computers

    we have lost the edge.
    the military and law enforcement
    how do you live with yourself supporting
    benedict arnolds

    also corprate media all fox and cnn cnbc would be in jail.
    timmy ben greenspan have threw thier masters destroyed america

    treason has been rewarded in america under the guise of patriotism

    now move along nothing to see here
    be a good sheeple
    go out and salute everyone

  10. Sharonsj WatcherJuly 14, 2011 at 2:31 PM

    Phony Sharonsj, you ALMOST had me! Pretty funny!

  11. Obama stopped Bin Laden

    cia killed cia front man bin laden 5 years ago
    throwing a frozen body into the ocean doesnt prove anything.
    playing wag the dog
    except the suckas who beleive it hahahahahh

    next they will roll out hitler
    and say they got him but then shot him into space.

    yes yes america has it coverd
    we also got skeletor and saved he man
    obama has no bounds when it comes to bs

  12. Conservative Idiot who always calls ChriShitstains Jesus Fuckers and who always complains About a Legal Procedure called Abortion says

    Get used to the USA becoming Like Nazi Germany, Hell it already is, look at the TSA sticking their hands down you pants and saying papers please, thank Raygun who started outsourcing jobs when he was Presiduce, Enjoy your Servitude Slaves of the United Slaves of America.


  14. Greece to default in August 20th weekend? Read more at zerohedge dotcom. I'm just wondering about the timing.

  15. Well Hell; with all the great knowledge posted here; you'll fix it all in no time at all.


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  17. Now hold up ya all I am black, yeah I like my facebook page, I like to tweet when me and my homies are in town. Yeah man, I like my high fructose iced tea, so whatcha yall gonna do bout it? Huh? You aint gonna do shit! Youall scared. Hiding behind your monitors. Youall aint got no life. why you all waiting for the sky to fall me and my homies are busy taking your sorry ass jobs.

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  19. fake sharonsj and brain dead liberalJuly 14, 2011 at 6:26 PM

    "Is the finger pointing resolved?"

    Evidently no... it has not even begun yet!


  20. sharon sj gets boned in the ass and brain dead conserashee said

    the finger is pointed up a hypocrit fake religious conservabot like bachmann

  21. OK, so the racists want to blame the collapse of the country on "the nigras". How about you all stick your dicks in a meat grinder so you can't reproduce and continue to poison this planet. By the way, I'm a white guy.

    The facts are clear. The economy will collapse and not even Superman and Batman working together can stop it.

    90% of the population, perhaps closer to 95% have no idea the collapse is coming. The MSM will never tell the truth and just like my 85 year old mother believes, "if it's not on the news (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) it can't possibly be true.

    Those same 90-95% continue to pay $100.00 a month for their cable and cell phones. They have HDTV's in every room of the house. They are addicted to their favorite programs and schedule their lives around them.

    They don't know the train is about to crash into their homes...

    They debate who will win the next Super Bowl or Stanly Cup, yet have no idea what the going rate is for a ounce of silver.

    They camp out at Hollywood and Highland, hoping for one of those bleacher seats at the Academy Awards, yet they have no idea what the Dollar Index means.

    I saw them on the morning of the last Super Bowl. A couple at Sam's Club, they each had on a game jersey that easily cost $75.00 or more each, that's $150.00 for "his and her's". The cart was full of beer and junk food. They had no idea that if one year earlier, had they bought silver instead of Game Jersey's they could have doubled their money.

    This 90-95% are clueless, a victim of the lies, spewed by the Main Stream News Media and their addiction to television.

    This same group of people are completely unprepared for the coming collapse. They have no stored food and water, what is in the pantry is all of it. If their water supply is cut off, they will become dehydrated in a matter of hours. They will be shocked (how could this happen!) and angry (why didn't they tell us?).

    I live in Orange County California. You have seen them in many movies. The former Marine Corp, Air Station (Helicopter) in Tustin, CA is home to the two largest free standing (no vertical support) structures ever built, constructed to house Airships during WWII.

    This former military base is huge and all the buildings are still there. All of the barbed wire fencing too.

    Shortly after the collapse, here in my part of the country, announcements will be made over the TV and radio and directly to cell phones, telling people to report to the Tustin Air Base, where food and shelter will be found. Naturally these foolish people who had plenty of time to see the collapse coming and prepare for it, will be the first in line at the FEMA camp, formerly known as the Marine Corp Air Station, Tustin.

    Welcome to the Hotel FEMA California, you can check in anytime you like, BUT CAN NEVER LEAVE!

  22. 6:57 Welcome to the Hotel FEMA California, you can check in anytime you like, BUT CAN NEVER LEAVE!
    Yeah But you forgot to sing
    "their living it up at the hotel FEMA California!"

  23. 33 Degree Mason Illuminati is squarely to blame.

  24. Allen Greenspan at the FED is the main culprit! Next are the social programs started by FDR. I know many of u blame the bankers. I disagreed because without the FED providing cheap monies the bankers would not gamble.

  25. 9:06 - not to blame, but they have been used as the best professional liars on the Planet. Their sworn death oath to hold a secret until the day they die. FYI, all of the Apollo mission astro-nots were 33s.

  26. A little over 500 people to blame Congress senate supreme court n president thats it. They made all the laws rules n regulations that has caused this collapse

  27. Americans are conditioned to believe that capitalism works permanently ,automatically and that if the system is not functioning ,that is profitably, it must be only the result of criminality ,big government ,banksters plots or whatever.

    America was living on credit .
    No real profits were being created in de-industrialised unproductive America.
    but, If it delivered good times in the past surely it should still now!

    The fact is, we live in a failed, because unprofitable capitalist society that has used up all its credit. But it is hard for ideologically conditioned people to accept the reality of admitting parasiteism.

    So, external to the economy reasons are often advanced to explain the economic crises ,the collapse of a “perfect” system.

    One can be a doomsayer of this or that religion or sect and claim everything is as prophesised, foretold. End times stuff.
    This kind of religious prophesy has been around for centuries and the “signs” are made to fit the times for example some sects thought WW1 was the end times. Then WW2 then the cold war etc.etc
    One can even believe it is the Satanist usury illuminati, or the illuminati elite in league with the Jew usurers ,the finance capital
    bankster elite ,or the Vatican , that have carried out a long term plan to take down America, using the “niggras” muslims ‘chinks” or whatever “other race” taking advantage of the Whites because, "they hate american freedom of access to easy credit .

    This was not a secret conspiracy.
    Just a failed capitalism in a debt crisis.
    The aim of the elite,or anyone with capital is maximum profit ,more wealth and the power that comes with that .
    That is not a plot but an economic system.

    High waged America could not compete in world trade ,bigger profits could be made by exporting capital and industry to the third world. That was the plan. And for a couple of decades it worked .Trillions of dollars worth of wealth were transferred back to America, investing in Americas debts.And trillions in profits were made by the finance sector in loaning that money to America with fractional reserve banking.

    The financial sector except for the shyster element that knew better, mostly believed that they had solved all the problems of US
    capitalism and the good time profits would continue forever.That “The fundamentals were sound” even though America was now the worlds biggest debtor!

    But reality was different. By using the dollar hegemony system , unproductive of profit America had been converted to a Ponzi economy fuelled by foreign credit and deficit spending. America had ceased being a profitable productive manufacturer of real wealth power, but a consumer of wealth society of services workers and industries extracting a living or a profit by gaining a cut in the imported capital circulating , by selling each other services. But consuming the savings of the rest of the world .

    Great Ponzi bubbles of fictional values were created based on expected future incomes that could in the end no longer be realized. The inability to continue to keep up dividend payments in a strong dollar exposed the nature of the Ponzi and America is now in bailout mode, forced to print its profits and into fake accounting to keep up the illusion of real profits going a little while longer.

    While not planned ,the elite have had their own losses socialised and turned their political control of the handout system to their own benefit . So their profits and expanding asset wealth is running at record levels as the value of the savings and housing assets of Americans are devalued and looted by using cheap interest free money from the banksters own Fed bank.
    They never let a good, even if unplanned for crisis ,go to waste.

  28. You higher thinkers never cease to amaze me. Your constant clamorings about mindless bullshit
    that somehow justifies why it is that "your right" amazes me further.

    I hate to tell you this; but this ain't nuclear fusion people. Since the beginning of man - the same exact shit has be going on - and I mean exactly.

    Nothing has changed; including differing mindset
    Nations and nationbuilding, empires and empire
    building, classes and class warfare ; religons and religious warfare yada yada yada

    Blah blah blah - same ole fucking bullshit; different century. None --- ever survives entirely intact --- None

    It raises up
    It grows
    It reaches the absolute highest levels of incompetence
    It declines
    It dies

    It is reborn as --------
    And the cycle we call life starts all over again
    Only this time it's called Phonecian, I mean B abylonian, I mean Persian, I mean The Huns, I mean Egyptian, I mean Assyrian, I mean Roman
    I mean

    Fuck man, this woe is me shit goes back a million fucking years - face it; that;s life

    here's a quarter; call someone who gives a fuck
    cause nothings changed man - nothing
    ain't nuthin' new under this sun NUTHIN

  29. What exactly is your argument, 10:33? You are opposed to people having intellectual discussion and using "higher thinking"? Who is the cry baby now? At least using reason helps shed light on the essence of the situation. If nothing ever changes, why even bother commenting? Are you expecting to change something here? Or are you just complaining? Maybe we should all just silence up and accept the winds of fate as they come.

    And sorry, your grasp of history is lacking. I would say ponzi schemes and ruthless regimes of empire have only dotted a small portion of human existence, and only now has it reached truly epic proportions.

    But enjoy your nuthin is new, anti-thinking philosophy. I happen to think 5:32 brought up some pretty relevant points myself.

  30. And "your right", this is not nuculare fu-shun. Nuclear fusion usually occurs in stars, or when nuclear weapons are dropped on your head and go boom.

  31. The truth of the matter is that all of us who didn't keep our eye on the ball, who bought into fads and easy money schemes, who let us never forget our differences and who never knew that we are a fellowship are to blame!

  32. I've read through most of the comments, and wow...

    The mooching "nigras" (or any other minority that happens to be poor), Alan Greenspan, our coming "prisons" like in Tustin, CA, the Jesus Freaks who hate everyone else, the corrupt Democrats in D.C., the corrupt Republicans in D.C., Obama, the Chinese, NAFTA, capitalism, the $75 jersey-wearing blind American consumers at CostCo, etc.

    That's a lot of possibilities... IMO - Yes, there are nuggets of truth here and there amid all of that. However, the sum of the diverse answers here points to a bigger suspect - "Everybody else but me" - and the missing suspect is the man in the mirror.

    In other words, the one and only thing that would really make any difference at all in this increasingly crazy world: TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES, CHANGE WHO THEY ARE FIRST, AND LIVE AND TEACH BY EXAMPLE.

    That would mean swallowing their pride and forgiving others. That would mean saying they were sorry and feeling empathy for others. That would mean being kind to others, even when they crap on you for it. That would mean taking responsibility for your finances. That would mean everyone (including our children) studying more core subjects again, instead of living off of a fast food diet of pseudo knowledge, trivial junk and one-sided, partisan, poisoned soundbytes from news station mouthpieces. That would mean people humbling themselves and finding faith in long-lost religious tenets again, because without that foundation in people's personal lives, they are like the man that builds their house on the sand because it's the easier path in life, and when the storms (life trials, evil men, etc.) come, their house gets easily swept away...

    Until the majority of American citizens are willing to do those things on a personal level, nothing else man can conjure up - laws, regulations, punishments, governmental actions - will ultimately help the USA recover from its ills and remain strong. It's happened in the past over and over again - empires rise up through hard work and pride, and then later fall because of internal corruption - and the USA isn't anymore immune than its predecessors.

    Here's to hoping that we have it in us as a country...

  33. Bring it to light? You have got to be shitting us right? That's exactly my point Mohab - you bring absolutly nothing new to light - nor will you. You waste an inordinate amount of time an effort; better spent on other things too numerous to mention in trying to establish a new understanding of something that is already well established, well understood and not about to change in any way, shape or form.

    My grasp of history is lacking?

    You mind numbed progressive slug; Do not attempt to teach a 34 history professor about the human attrocities from the moment we came out of the tree's. It has been one big bloodbath scheme from the getgo.

    Entire civilizations have been wiped from existence for salt, textiles, gold, women,
    land, oil, timber, fish, buffalo, religion.

    Your so damn smart - you name a century that has NOT seen a MAJOR bloodbath

    I will set you straight - since 1700 their have been 37 MAJOR wars for most of the reasons listed above - wnat to take a stab at how many people died in these conflicts??????????????

    Then you can go pre 1700 and study The Ottoman empire and the fall of Constantinople or how about the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in the early 1500's? or of the Inca's ? How about the French wars of religon in the late 1500's?

    Study the early Chinese conflicts ! These were often brutal beyond modern day belief
    Bring it to light? I doubt it Pilgrim - I really doubt it - like I said - NUTHIN' new under the sun NUTHIN'

  34. If you're really a professor, why is it that you continually say "your" instead of "you're", you conservative ape? I know you hate higher thinking, which is understandable considering you lack that very capability, but tell me then how is it they let you in the door there to start with?

    Do you really believe that human beings started aroudn the time of constaninople, the ottoman empire, or the aztecs and the french? How dense are you really? Oh I get it, you let the bible do your thinking for you. That makes sense. Human beings never existed before Adam and Eve, and that was only how long ago? Wow they sure are picking them these days at the Academy.

  35. "Higher learning"... And he thought they said "Hire Lemmings".

  36. By the way, try studying cultures other than your own and you might learn something. Try learning about other time periods as well. There were no "major bloodbaths" in Australia before the white man came, nor in America, nor in South America. Before the rise of empire in those places too there were no "major bloodbaths". You see, "major bloodbaths" are a product of the mid to late Neolithic period that came with the rise of agriculture and empire, wars, and slavery. That's when big evil men rule entire regions and take what they want. Understand? The same thing you think is human nature and that is okay because it's "just the way we are" (innately sinful, I'm sure). I guess your history is not as good as you thought.


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